Washing machines are an essential appliance that most people use on a regular basis. They usually operate quietly, only making a constant humming sound, and never rattle about.

So when your washing machine starts shaking like crazy out of nowhere, it can be a cause for concern.

There are several reasons why you may find your washing machine shaking violently.- from improper installation to running uneven loads during wash cycles.

Damaged shock absorbers and clogged-up pumps can also create a ruckus. To prevent this shaking and rattling, place your machine on an even surface and run balanced loads.

Securing the connections in your stacking kit and installing vibration pads can help as well.

Since there are many fixes for when your washing machine rocks a lot, it’s easy to get confused on where to begin. So to help you out, we’ve listed all the common troubleshooting methods in order of what to check first below.

How Do I Fix My Violently Shaking Washing Machine?

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake Like Crazy

Ensure That The Transportation Bolts Are Removed

If your new washing machine shakes violently right after installation, you need to check whether or not the protective styrofoam and transportation bolts are removed properly.

The transportation bolts are found at the back of your washer and hold the drum in place during transfer. These bolts can be extracted easily by pulling them out.

As for the styrofoam, you can remove it by taking off the strip of tape from under the washing machine’s front side. Remove the styrofoam that falls off.

Balance The Load In A Cycle

Another reason for why washing machines to shake violently is running an uneven load. If you’re washing absorbent/heavy items like blankets, large towels, and rugs, it’s best to pair them with another bulky item in a load.

Likewise, don’t wash a single pair of jeans- throw in a couple more clothes or some sheets.

Adjust The Height Of Your Washing Machine

For a washing machine to function efficiently without shaking too much, it needs to stand at one level, and all four feet must be balanced. To check whether or not your appliance is balancing on all feet, try rocking it from side to side just a bit.

If it moves too much, then the machine is unevenly placed. You can use a spirit level to check the balance as well. 

Most machines can have their feet adjusted if the balance is off. Find the nuts on the lock present at the uneven foot, then loosen it. Turn the legs clockwise or anti-clockwise till it’s firmly touching the floor. Afterward, tighten the lock and nuts.

Check The Shock Absorbers

This one is for when your front-load washing machine shakes violently. All front-load appliances have shock absorbers whose main function is to lower the tub movement during spin cycles.

If these are damaged, then you’ll find your machine moving around a lot and creating banging sounds. Shock absorbers need to be fixed or else they can damage other components.

To inspect your washer’s shock absorbers, unplug your machine and remove the rear panel (the front panel needs to be taken out for some models).

Now look for broken attachments, leaking fluids, or wearing on the components. You can refer to the user manual to find the shock absorbers. If they are damaged, have them replaced by a professional.

Clean The Pump Filter

Tried everything but still questioning “why does my washing machine shake like crazy?”. Well, there’s one last fix to try- there might be a hard object lodged in your machine’s pump filter that’s causing the unusual vibration.

This filter is present to catch items like coins and buttons and prevent them from flowing down the drain hose. 

You can clean your pump filter by opening the cover and dislodging the items. The pump filter is usually present at the bottom right corner of the machine.

Afterward, rinse the filter and inspect the filter cavity, wiping it clean with a damp cloth. Do note that pulling the filter out may cause water to rush out, so it’s a good idea to place some towels around it.

How Do I Prevent Excessive Shaking Of Washing Machine?

Now that we’ve gone over all you can do to fix a shaking washing machine, let’s discuss ways to prevent excessive shaking in the future.

Install The Machine On A Sturdy Surface

First things first, always place your washing machine on a sturdy surface. If the floor boards aren’t strong and there’s a crawl space underneath, it’s advised to add floor support.

If you can’t afford to fix the shaky floor, place the appliance elsewhere. Remember to adjust the feet like we mentioned above after you do so.

Always Run Balanced Loads

If a top load washing machine shakes violently, it’s usually due to an unbalanced load.

Simply ensure that you spread bulky items over the entire tub and run them in a wash cycle with other bulky items on the opposite side. Avoid running really light loads.

Secure The Stacking Kit

In washing machines with the washer or dryer stacked on top of the other, there’s a metal frame mounting the upper unit on the lower one. If that’s the case, make sure all the bolts and connections are secured tightly.

Fix Anti-Vibration Pads

Our last tip is to install anti-vibration pads. These are an economical way to run quieter loads. You can get a small pad for every washer foot.

The bottom of the anti-vibration pads securely grip the floors while the feet slip into the pocket inside. These rubber molds are effective for noise cancellation.

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake Like Crazy


Is My Washing Machine Broken If It Rocks A Lot?

If your washing machine only keeps rocking and doesn’t have any other visible damage, then it’s likely that the appliance isn’t broken.

You can follow our troubleshooting guide to fix this problem. If the shaking doesn’t stop after trying every fix, contact a repairman.

In case the frequent shaking is paired with other signs like banging noises, leaking water, and no drainage, then your appliance may be broken and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Why Does My Washing Machine Spill Water Even If The Shaking Stops?

It makes sense for washing machines to spill water while shaking, but if leakage continues to happen long after the appliance stops rattling, then there is some other problem.

It could be a result of broken seal or door latch if you own a front-load washer. A broken drain hose can also lead to spillage- first tighten the hose. If water continues to leak, replace the pipe.


To summarize, if your washing machine is shaking like crazy, there’s nothing much to worry about. You just need to make sure the appliance is well-balanced and the loads you’re running are even.

Occasionally cleaning the pump filters is important to prevent shaking as well. Lastly, if you want a quieter experience washing clothes, you can install anti-vibration rubber pads too

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