Maytag is one of the most popular home appliance manufacturers. Like their other products, Maytag‍ washer has already gathered the confidence of consumers. There are various models of this brand. Bravos is one of them. Actually, Maytag has designed this model to last for decades with the least maintenances. But it is a machine and it can face problems like others. It is the most disgusting matter when you have lots of clothes to clean but the machine doesn’t respond accurately. Luckily, I have some troubleshooting tips to solve your Maytag Bravos washer problems. Just go through the solutions and solve the problems without spending a penny.

Maytag Bravos Washer Problems, Troubleshooting & Repair
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How to Troubleshoot Maytag Bravos Washer Problems

Don’t be panicked at the problems with your washer. Apply these mostly used solutions before scheduling a repairman.

Washer won’t spin or agitate

  • Lid Switch Assembly: Maytag bravos is a sophisticated washer. It can detect whether the lid is open or not. If the lid is open it won’t spin or agitate to prevent unwanted accidents. If the lid is defective, it fails to spin also. Take a multimeter and test the lid switch assembly for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace it to solve the matter.
  • Drive Belt: Yes, drive belt is another component that should be physically good in condition to spin a washer. If it is worn out, loose or broken, your Bravos fails to spin or agitate. So, check the drive belt and replace it if needs.
  • Motor Coupling: A motor is necessary to run a washer. It is connected with motor coupling to the transmission. If you overload the washer, motor coupling fails and protects the motor and transmission. A broken or worn-out motor coupling works behind not spinning/agitating. So, check for any broken or worn-out motor coupling and replace it if you notice.
  • Door Latch: For extra security, you must latch shut after closing the door. Your washer will only run if it is latch shut properly. A defective door latch results in not starting the machine. A door latch can be failed mechanically or electrically. So, inspect the door latch properly. Take a multimeter and test it for continuity. If you don’t find continuity when it is activated, you must replace it. On the other hand, if door latch is physically damaged or doesn’t close properly, replace it with a new one.
  • Motor Control Board: It is the main controlling unit of a motor that sends signal to the motor to start or not to start. If the motor control board has a problem, your washer won’t function properly. Also, a burned-out component works behind the defective control board. Use a multimeter to check the control board whether it is sending signal to the motor or not. If it fails to send signal then it is defective. So, you need to replace it.

Bravos Washer is making loud noise

  • Bearing: Tub bearing is located in the middle of the outer tub. It is necessary to make the inner tub spinning smoothly. If the bearing becomes worn out or broken Bravos washer will make a loud sound. You need to disassemble most of the parts of the washer to replace the tub bearing. So, if you need to replace it, I suggest you replace both the inner tub and outer tub bearing.
  • Drive Pulley: A crack or worn-out drive pulley works behind the loud sound of a washer. So, if your device makes a loud sound, check for any damaged or cracked drive pulley and replace if you find.
  • Drive Belt: With the time growing a drive belt can be burnt out or cracked that makes a loud sound while the machine runs. That’s why check cracked or burnt out drive belt and replace with a newer one if you find.
  • Motor coupling: It is used to connect the motor with the transmission of the machine. It saves the motor and transmission by failing itself when the washer is overloaded. Apart from that, normal wear results in motor coupling failure. So, check and replace if it is broken.

Washer not draining

  • Drain Pump: It drains out the dirty water with the help of an impeller. If something is caught in the drain pump, it fails to perform its duty properly. Check the drain pump for any kind of obstructions and clear them. If you notice that the drain pump is noisy then the problem is with its pump. You should replace it.
  • Clogged Hose: Drain hose has a chance to be clogged with a small piece of articles or socks. If the hose is clogged, drain pump fails to drain water. So, remove the hose firstly. Then remove any obstructions if you notice.
  • Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly: Bravos is a modern washer. It only runs when its door is latch shut properly. If the door lock or switch becomes problematic your washer won’t drain. Manage a multimer and check the lock and switch for continuity. If there is no continuity, change them.
  • Water Pump Belt: Your washer fails to drain if the water pump belt is worn out or broken. Latest Maytag washer comes with a direct drive system instead of the water pump belt. So, you should check them if your washer belongs to it.
  • Drain Hose: A kinked, twisted, or bent drain hose works behind for not draining problem. That’s why check the hose and straighten it out.

Vibrating or shaking problem

  • Shock Absorber: Washing tub vibrates during its operation. But shock absorber reduces shaking absorbing the vibration. If shock absorber becomes worn out or broken, your device will shake violently. So, check for any broken or displaced shock absorbers. If possible correct or replace them.
  • Suspension Rod: Your Bravos washer is equipped with some suspension roads. They reduce the vibration of the washtub while machine operates. Your washer must vibrate if one or more suspension rods are broken. So, check for any broken suspension road and replace if necessary.
  • Counter Balance Spring: Counter balance spring balances the washer tub by absorbing the movement while the washtub operates. With the time growing this spring has the possibility of break down. If your washer vibrates excessively, check the counter balance spring. So, look for any broken spring and replace it. But I suggest you replace all of the spring to avoid future problems.
  • Suspension Spring: Like the counter balance spring, suspension spring also dampens the vibration. If the above-mentioned solution fails to stop the vibration, also check for a broken suspension spring and replace if needs.
  • Rear Drum with Bearing:  Rear drum is equipped with bearings to keep the inner tub movement smooth. A defective tub bearing results in excessive vibration and loud sound. Depending on your washer model, you may find bearings separately from the rear drum to replace. If your unit doesn’t support changing bearings without an outer drum then you should replace both.

Washer fills slowly or will not fill at all

  • Water Inlet Valve: Your Bravos is an automated washer. Its inlet valve lets water enter when machine needs. If the inlet valve is defective it fails to do its job accurately. At this time, your washer will fill slowly or won’t fill at all.  So, clean your washer’s inlet valve screen properly. If your washer still fills slowly, replace the valve.
  • Low Water Pressure: Your machine’s water inlet valve will only work insufficient water pressure. First of all, check your home water supply pressure and confirm that it is at least 20 psi.

Maytag Washer leaking water

  • Drain Pump: Behind this leaking problem, drain pump might be the main culprit. It may not function perfectly if it is cracked or damaged. Due to broken bearing, it also fails to perform it’s duty properly.
  • Tub Seal: Due to manufacturing error or time growing washer tub seal leaks water. It finally creates bearing failure. So, if tub seal leaks replace both tub seal and the tub bearings. But you need to disassemble most of the parts of the washer. So, it is better to look for other issues behind leaking problem before changing tub seal and tub bearing.
  • Door Boot Seal: Like tub seal stated above, door boot seal might be torn and leak due to time growing. So, look for a torn door boot seal and replace if needs.
  • Drain Hose: A drain hose may leak and flow your room. It mainly leaks from the back part of the washer where the hose is connected. So, inspect this connection properly and fix it. To avoid leaking from the drain hose, you should not rub it pushing the drain hose against the wall.

Bravos washer won’t start problem

  • Timer: Due to a defective timer your Bravos washer fails to start. But it is the least defective part. That’s why check all other commonly defective parts. Take a multimeter and check the timer for continuity according to your washing machine diagram.
  • User Control and Display Board: Your Maytag washer won’t start if its control board and display becomes defective. Test the control panel by pressing some of the buttons. If some of the buttons respond but others are not then the control panel and display board is defective. Additionally, you can also check the power connection of the control panel and display board. If you notice that control board and display are getting power but it is not functioning then replace them.
  • Line Fuse: Home electric outlet panel is equipped with fuse for security purposes. It can be blown away due to overload or issues. Take a multimeter and inspect the fuse for continuity. If there is no continuity on the fuse, replace it. Also, check other commonly defective parts like wires, motor or drain pump for won’t starting washing machine.
  • Main Control Board: Every function in a washing machine is controlled by the main control board. If it becomes defective, you can’t deserve smooth performance. But good thing is that the main control board is the least defective part in a washing machine. So, before checking it, you should check all other commonly defective parts.
  • Thermal Fuse: It is used for safety purposes. Due to overheating, thermal fuse blows away and saves your washer. For this reason, your machine fails to start. Take a multimeter and test it for continuity. If there is no continuity replace it. Before starting the device, solve all other problems which are liable for thermal fuse blown.
  • Incoming Power Problem: Your washing machine won’t get power and start if it doesn’t get power from the home electric outlet board. That’s why confirm that the outlet board has an active fuse and the home electric circuit breaker is switched on. You can also check the board plugging other appliances.
  • Door Lock: For security purposes, your washer won’t start even after getting power until its door is closed properly. Also, a defective door lock prevents a washer from starting. Door lock functions mechanically with electric power. That’s why it can fall electrically or mechanically. Test the continuity of door lock with a multimeter. If it doesn’t have continuity, replace it.
  • Power Cord: If your home electric outlet has power but your washer doesn’t get power, your machine will fail to start. It happens when you use a low-quality power cord. So, use an original power cord or try to collect a power cord that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Washer overflowing problem

  • Water Inlet Valve: Your washer may overflow if its water inlet valve becomes defective. To identify a defective inlet valve, switch off the power while it is filling water. If the machine still fills water, its water inlet valve is defective. You need to replace the valve to solve this problem.
  • Pressure Switch: It shuts off power when the water reaches a certain level. If pressure switch becomes defective, it fails to shut off power and the water inlet valve continues to fill water that results in overflow. Before changing it, confirm that the air tube of pressure switch is out of debris and out of leakage issue.
  • Low Water Pressure from House Supply: Water inlet valve needs 20 psi water pressure to function properly. If your home water supply line fails to provide this water pressure, water inlet valve won’t work accurately that causes overflow. So, check your home pressure and ensure a minimum of 20 psi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Maytag Bravos a good washer?

Maytag targets consumers of all levels. They offer a straightforward user experience on a budget. You can also enter into the club of satisfied customers of Maytag Bravos washer.

How long should a Maytag washer last?

Maytag is a renowned brand in the world. Their washer is made with top-class parts that should last at least 10 years.

Is there a filter on a Maytag Bravos washer?

Definitely, Bravos brand washer comes with a built-in-lint filter. You can easily access it to clean.

Final Words

The above-mentioned solutions of Maytag Bravos washer problems are very much practical. You can easily troubleshoot/repair your machine without having any prior experience. You just need to pay for parts if it needs.

If the problem seems complicated to you and it needs to disassemble most of the parts of your washer then you should look for an experienced one for better assistance.

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