A washing machine makes your lives easier by keeping your clothes clean, fresh, and smelling good. In fact, it is one of the most commonly and frequently used equipment in the house.

Due to this, your washing machine will require periodic maintenance in order for it to keep running smoothly. 

It has multiple moving parts, and filters to segment the dirt and small fibers referred to as lint. After filtration, they are separated from your clothes via the membrane in the filter.

Unfortunately, these moving parts and filters are exposed to wear and tear over time. Not only will the filters become clogged but it will also affect the overall operation of your washing machine. 

A washing machine with clogged drain pipes and filters will not be able to clean your clothes the way it is supposed to. This is precisely why you need to look after your washing machine.

If you’re worried about your washing machine getting clogged or if it is already clogged, do not worry. 

Here’s a detailed insight into how to clean LG washing machine filter effectively. 

Cleaning The LG Top Loader Washing Machine Filter:

Top loader washing machines generally require less maintenance and look after compared to front loader washing machines. But, despite that, you still have to clean the filter of your LG top loader washing machine after every 3 or 4 months. 

This is because, in a top loader washing machine, the lint is often flushed down the drain. This gets clogged in the drain pipes and will result in a poor flow of drain water.

If you own one of LG’s top loader washing machines, here’s how to clean its filter. 

DIY Steps to Clean LG Top Loader Washing Machine Filter:

Here are easy steps to follow to clean the filter of your washing machine. Make sure you unplug the washing machine from the electric socket and follow the steps in the precise manner. 

Steps to Clean LG Top Loader

How To Clean LG Washing Machine Filter
  1. Find the filter located under the backside of your LG top loader washing machine. Keep in mind, there are two types of filters in the top loader washing machine. One is removable, whereas the other type is fixed and non-removable. There are different approaches to cleaning them, which are mentioned as under.
  2. When you locate the filter, slowly remove it from the filter slot (if the filter is removable). 
  3. In the case of a removable filter – Grab a paper towel, and gently rub it on top of the filter. This will help remove the lint from the filter. Make sure you get every spot of the filter since lint can get into unreachable spots in the filter. 
  4. After cleaning it with a paper towel, let hot water run through it. Hot water will help remove the leftovers from the filter. For better results, you can also let it sit in hot water for a few minutes and then rinse it again.
  5. In the case of a non-removable filter Grab a toothbrush with hard or medium bristles or any scrubber and clean the filter using this. When you’re done cleaning it, rinse it with hot water to remove the leftover lint. 
  6. Examine the placement holder of the filter and see if you can find lint there. It is possible for lint to get stuck in the holder and you will have to remove that as well. 
  7. After cleaning the filter, disassemble the screen from it. Add a little water and vinegar to a small bowl, just enough to cover the screen containing the filtration membrane.
  8. Let the filter sit in it for at least 10 – 15 minutes to further remove the debris and lint from the screen. After letting it sit in the vinegar, you can use a toothbrush or a paper towel again on the screen because the leftover lint will now be softened up and will easily be removed. 
  9. After following all of the steps above, you need to reassemble the filter and make sure it fits in the desired spot. Let the washer run with clean water and see if there are any leaks or if the filter requires to be re-adjusted. 

How to Clean LG Washing Machine Filter Front Loader?

How To Clean LG Washing Machine Filter

A front loader washing machine is different in contrast to a top loader washing machine, and due to that, its cleaning process is also different.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some easy steps to clean the LG Front Loader Washing Machine filter: 

Find The Access Panel:

Your Front Loader LG Washing Machine will have an access panel that will allow you access to the filter of the washing machine. It is usually found either on the front or at the bottom of the machine.

If you can’t find the access panel, you can go through the instruction manual that came with your LG washing machine to find out the location of the panel.

When you find the access panel, you need to simply pull it open. Keep in mind, there might be a screw to hold the access panel in place, and you may need to remove that to open it. 

After opening the access panel, you will find the filter attached near the water hose. 

Drain The Filter From Excess Water:

Once you have located the filter, you need to drain it in order to get rid of the excess water that may have accumulated in the filter housing. To drain the hose, look for a plug and pull it out.

A good way to do this is to get a cup and place it under the hose to ensure you do not wet the internals of the washing machine or get your clothes dirty from the excess water. 

Keep in mind that it is a slow process and may take up to 10 minutes to drain all of the water. 

Remove the Filter:

After draining all of the water from the filter, you need to remove the screws that are holding the filter in place. After unscrewing, rotate the filter anti-clockwise and slowly pull it out.

However, this rotation can also be clockwise based on the model of the LG Front Loader washing machine you own.

So, you need to go through the instructions manual if you can’t figure out which way to turn the filter. 

Remember, there are certain orientation points on the filter that marks its position. The filter and the filter housing need to be perfectly aligned when you’re reassembling it. 

Proceed To Clean The Filter:

Once you have removed the filter from its housing, you need to grab a brush and remove the lint on the surface of the filter.

Afterward, run hot water through it to soften up the lint, and then remove the leftover lint with a brush or a paper towel, again. 

Reinstall the Filter

When you’re done cleaning the filter, reassemble it and make sure it is aligned with the orientation points marked on the filter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the filter of my Top Loader washer?

The filter of your LG Top Loader washing will be in one of the following spots:

  • Around the hose drain.
  • Along with the agitator.
  • In the access panel.
  • Near the drum.

How can I access the filter in Front Loader washer?

To access the filter in the front loader washer, you need to open up the access panel and then unscrew the filter from its housing. 

Can you use bleach to clean your LG washer?

Yes, bleach can be used to clean your LG washer. Bleach can effectively remove all of the dirt and scaling. To clean your washer using bleach, you need to use only 250 grams of bleach as adding more bleach will damage your washer. 

What will happen if you skip filter cleaning?

Filter cleaning is a must-do process when it comes to the look after of washing machines.

If you skip filter cleaning, your washing machine will run at a much lower speed since its drains and filters will be clogged. As a result, your clothes will not be as clean as they are supposed to be. 

In addition to this, it will also increase the risk of wear and tear in your washing machine and lead to corrosion in the pipes due to the buildup of dirt and lint. 

How To Clean LG Washing Machine Filter

Wrapping Up How To Clean LG Washing Machine Filter:

When it comes to the maintenance of washing machines, people may consider this unnecessary. However, even the sturdiest washing machines like top loader and front loader LG washing machines require periodic maintenance. 

In case of no maintenance, the washing machine’s efficiency will drop, and may not clean clothes the way it should. But fortunately, this can be fixed with a quick solution. 

All it takes is cleaning the filter, by locating it in the access panel and simply brushing off the lint accumulated on it. You only need to do this process every 3 or 4 months to ensure your washing machine is working optimally. 

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