Washing machine no power no lights mean you are in a big problem when lots of dirty clothes can’t get washed. In most cases, you are able to troubleshoot this problem by yourself without calling an experienced plumber. So, how to fix a washer with no power and no light problem? Here we have compiled a guideline below that will save you lots of money.

washing machine no power no lights

No Power Solution

If your washer doesn’t get power check the power source. Check whether your washer is plugged in or not. If it is plugged in then check the circuit breaker is on or blown a fuse. Check the breaker and replace it or replace the fuse as it is necessary.

Is the socket connected with power where the cord of the washer that plugs? Check the module with a voltage tester to ensure that there is power. If no voltage is detected, fix the line. Also, ensure the earthling is properly ok.

If you are not familiar with fixing wire connection of your house, don’t try ignorantly. Rather, unplug the washer and plugin where any other appliance is getting a connection.

No Light Solution

The electricity connection of your washer is ok but it doesn’t show the necessary lights like wash cycle light, water level light or cycle completing light. You can’t consider it as a silly matter. You can’t deserve performance that it gave you before as it is malfunctioning.

Is the lid or door of washer closed properly? If not, check it and close it accurately. Some washers have a door lock system. If your washer has already belonged to this system, lock the lid or door after closing it. Now check and you will get a light signal that indicates your washer is ready to use.

How long are you using this washing machine? If you are using this machine for many years, then there might have problems with connection between the motherboard and any electric circuit displacement caused by vibration. Just open the washer following the manual and if you find any circuit displacement then place them properly.

Final Words

A Washing machine may malfunction like other appliances. Washing machine no power no lights is a common problem. But there is nothing to be worried about. No expert is needed. By following our above-mentioned tips, you can easily fix your washer problems without cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Whirlpool washing machine no power no lights – how solve?

A: Generally Whirlpool washing machines don’t face problems like this. If your washer faces this problem, you can solve it by following our above instructions. Besides, you can follow guidelines from the manual or you can directly call their customer service for a solution.

Q: Why my Whirlpool washer does not start?

A: It mostly occurs for blowing the fuse. Use a multimeter to check whether the fuse is OK or not. If the fuse is OK then check all other commonly defective parts before replacing the timer.

Q: How to solve Samsung washing machine no power problem?

A: If the wall socket doesn’t get power, it causes no power and no lights problem of Samsung washer. So, check the wall outlet switch and ensure it is getting power. If it is getting power but not passing to the washer, your washer’s power cord may be defective. Before replacing power cord, check washer’s switch with a multimeter to determine it is working accurately.

Q: Do washing machines have a fuse?

A: Yes, all of the branded washing machines come with fuses. Washing machines need a heavy power supply. It protects them from power surges. If there occurs overheats or power surge, it won’t start until the fuse is replaced.

Q: Do washing machines have a reset button?

A: Some washing machine comes with a reset button to reset its motor. You can reset a washing machine by unplugging the washer and then plugging it back if it comes without a reset button.

Q: Does unplugging a washer reset it?

A: Sure, unplug and wait for a minute then plugin it back to reset.

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