Now a days, it is very rare where there is no washing machine in a house. It is one of the widely used appliances in one’s house. Modern washing machines are equipped with various technologies. Generally, a washing machine is supposed to work in low noise. It can only work smoothly when you set it on an even floor and put the load accurately. Among the problems is off balance. When your washer faces this type of problem, it creates a bad sound and starts vibrating. It is something to be worried when your favorite washer behaves like this. Luckily, some easy and simple steps can back your washer to the track. Here you are going to get steps on how to balance a top loading washing machine drum.

How to balance a top loading washing machine drum

Remove Shipping Materials

Washing machine is a costly appliance. To protect it from any type of shipping damage, it is packed well. If your washer is new and the problem starts after installation, maybe shipping materials are left in the drum accidentally. For safe shipping purposes, shipping bolt is placed in the center of a top load washer that works as a fastener. Generally, every top loader has three shipping bolts, spacers and metal clamps.

You may get some models that come with more shipping materials. Follow the installation guide, and remove shipping materials when you install it. Confirm that there is no shipping materials in the wash drum before you start your machine. If there is any sipping materials inside the machine, your washer will face problem with spinning and it will be off balance. Apart from that shipping materials inside the drum can cause physical damage.

Check for Coins

Sometimes, a small coin gets caught between the inner tub and the agitator. It not only unbalance your washer but also creates loud sounds. So, check the pockets for coins or other small items every time when you load clothes into the machine.

Level Your Machine

You must level your machine to get the best performance from it. If it is not leveled properly, your washer can be unbalanced and can create weird noises. So, check your washer level from side to side and front to back. You have to confirm that all four legs are in firm contact with the solid floor. A carpeted surface or pedestal can increase problems. So, always avoid them to keep your washer balance.

Level Your Washer

A top loading washer is capable of adjusting the level atomically. Just tip the washer forward and place it back on the floor. Your washer will be back in balance. If your washer doesn’t back automatically, take a wrench and adjust front legs according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Check for Overloading

Do you fill your washer with clothes to the top? Overweight can make your washer off balance. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when you fill clothes. You can also check your washer by running it with a small load. If it doesn’t become off balance then you are overloading your machine.

Look for Articles Caught Below the Tub

A small piece of clothes or a button can make your washer off balance. So, check the tub or between the inner tub and the agitator. Clean anything that you find. If you don’t find anything, remove the front panel or top panel and the agitator. Remove anything that is being caught or debris clearly.

Tighten Loose Drum

With the time growing your washer’s drum becomes loose and off balance with banging noises. It mainly happens for worn out or broken bearing or bearings. Disassemble your washer and look for worn out or broken drum bearings and replace them.

Tight Washer's Drum

Keep Large Items Out or Clean them in Paris

Top loading washing machine is not ideal for large items, especially for blankets or comforters. Rather, it can unbalance your machine. If you need to clean your large item then load them in pairs and distribute evenly. It reduces the possibility of your washer being unbalanced.

Replace Internal Damaged Parts

Broken parts like belts, bolts, screws or bearings can unbalance your machine. So, replacing these parts can solve unbalancing issue. If you have prior appliance repair experience, you can repair your washer by yourself without spending a single dollar for a repairman.

As you are here in this line, you know how to balance a top-loading washing machine drum. So, never be panic when your machine creates bagging sound and shows unbalancing syndrome. Just follow the tips and balance your washer.

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