Bosch has always stepped up its game when it comes to dishwashers, the only thing you need to do is find the one that is perfect for you. You have a lot of options to choose from, so which one do you really need? We’ll help you out by comparing the Bosch 500 series and the Bosch 800 series, so let’s dive in!

When it comes to the cream and the top of the line brands in the dishwasher industry, Bosch certainly has some bragging rights with its top class dishwashers. The 300 series was a hit, and the 500 series and the 800 series are a further upgrade on the dishwasher.

The company was started way back in the late 19th century, and is all German technology, so you know it is going to be cutting edge. These dishwashers have gained immense success because of their superior performance and build quality.

A comparison between the Bosch 500 vs. Bosch 800 Dishwasher

FeaturesBosch 500Bosch 800
The TubWhole Stainless SteelWhole Stainless Steel
The Wash CyclesThere are 5 cyclesThere are 6 cycles
The Noise Level44 dBA39 to 42 dBA
The Unique FeaturesAuto Air DrynRacking Easy GlideCrystal DrynMy Way RacknHome Wifi Connection
The ControlsThere are string buttonsThere are Signature Controls
The WarrantyA 1 to 2.5 year WarrantyA 1 to 10 year Warranty
Home Connect AppNo AppThere is an App
The Capacity1616
The Price$999.99$1,149.00

Now that we have drawn a table, we can clearly see there is a difference amongst the two, but how do we differentiate which one is the right one for you? Well don’t worry, we have taken the liberty of doing an indepth research and review of these dishwashers, to save you the hassle of doing so. Let’s individually go through the dishwashers and see which one is the best one for you!

The Bosch (SHP865ZD5N) 500 Dishwasher Series

Bosch (SHX878ZD5N) 800 Crystal Dry Dishwasher

There are quite a few upgrades from the Bosch 300 Dishwasher series, let’s talk about them in depth below:

  • The exterior is beautifully designed and finished, and the company has used a fullsize stainless steel in building and finishing this beautiful machine. Giving it a signature and prestigious look, aesthetically appealing the user and making kitchens stand out with it’s new and shiny appearance.
  • There is a 16-plate placing capacity, which means you can get done with the dishes much faster than you will with other dishwashers. More room for dishes means lesser spins needed to get through a heap of dirty dishes, saving you time and precious money.
  • There is an Auto Air option which allows the dishes to be aired automatically without you having to manually adjust and set the settings. Talk about innovation and technology which eases our lives!
  • Another really cool thing about this machine is that you can place the Silverware Basket anywhere, right after you split it into two pieces. Moreover, the great thing about this basket is that it is flexible, which makes it very easy to use according to the needs and requirements of that time.
  • Gone are the days where there would be plain and simple timers. Those times are now replaced by new and attractive looking LED timers. These LED timers display the amount of time remaining per wash, and digitizing all other options too. Pretty futuristic, isn’t it?
  • If you are looking for ease and comfort when it comes to space inside the dishwasher, well look no further, because this version, the 500 series comes with a whopping 30% more area for you to load the dishes and on top of that, there is more flexibility as well, and that is because of the third rack which can fold downwards.
  • Not only the finish looks futuristic and unique, but when the dishwasher is in operation and use, it has Info Light Floor Beams which turn on, and that means that the dishwasher is doing what it does best; cleaning your dishes!
  • There used to be problems in old dishwashers, where there would be a leak and you wouldn’t find out until it was too late. But with this dishwasher, there is an inbuilt Aqua Stop Leak Protection, which works around the clock 24/7. God forbid if there is a leak, the dishwasher will stop and it will alert you of a possible leak.
  • We don’t know how they do it, but they never cease to amaze us, the reason being the upper racks of the dishwasher are using a new technology called the ‘Rack Matic’ which allows the racks to be capable of changing rack positions up to 9 places and ways! How cool is that, and not only that, but it can also be adjusted to 3 heights!
  • There are 5 spin and wash options for you to choose from, coupled with 5 wash cycles to make sure the dirty dishes go in, and come out sparkling clean.
  • The efficiency and working of this dishwasher is unmatched, as it can clean the dirty dishes in an hour as the dishwasher uses Speed60 technology.
  • Old dishwashers did not have the ability to use the detergent efficiently, and it was wasted too. Not with this dishwasher, as it uses Optimum Detergent dissolving within the detergent tray, which makes it cost effective and saves you money on buying detergent as well.
  • The washing is further aided by an automated washing temperature and all of this is digitized and sensed by the load size sensor. You don’t have to worry about what temperature the wash should be at, the machine does that for you.
  • When all the cleaning and washing is done, the machine has a top of the line drying system with the Extra Dry Option, giving the user better dried dishes.
  • If you worry about tough stains that won’t come off, you don’t have to worry with this machine because it has an Extra Scrub Option allowing you the peace of mind while the machine does the grind!
  • The machine is built to save energy wherever possible and that is ensured by the Energy Star ratings.
  •  There is a self-latching door coupled with a 24-hour delay start timer as well, with a sound of 44dBA.

Now that we have gone through all the cool and salient features of the 500 Dishwasher Series, it is time to talk about all the upgrades the 800 Dishwasher Series has over the 500.

The Bosch (SHX878ZD5N) 800 Crystal Dry Dishwasher Series

Bosch (SHX878ZD5N) 800 Crystal Dry Dishwasher

If you thought the 500 was a cool invention, wait till you get a load of this. The 800 series has all the options the 500 series has, with a couple of upgrades that come alongside it,

let’s discuss them below:

  • The same Full Size Stainless Steel finish and construction as the 500 series.
  • There is a 16-plate setting capacity in the 800 series.
  • There is a flexible silverware basket that can be folded in two pieces.
  • There is a digitized LED timer which displays the time left per wash and other controls are also digitized.
  • There is more room provided, and the third rack which can be folded downwards provides a 30% increase in loading space
  • There are Info Light Floor Beams which turn on when the machine is in use
  • There is a leak protection which works 24/7 and is called the Aqua Stop Leak Protection
  • There is a new and cool Flex Space Tine which is made especially for larger pots and dishes and pans
  • The upper rack uses the same Rack Matic technology as the 500 series allowing you to change the height to 3 positions and the racks up to 9 positions!
  • There are a whopping 6 options for you to choose from and there are 6 washing programs for you to choose from as well. They have done it better by 1 option compared to the 500 series dishwasher.
  • There is a Speed 60 technology designed to finish the dishes within an hour
  • There is optimum detergent usage in the dishwasher detergent tray, saving you money on detergents and using them efficiently.
  • There is an automatic wash temperature sensing capability which is made possible by the load size sensor.
  • There is better drying which is ensured by the Extra Dry option
  • There is Crystal Dry Technology which is new on the market and is not included in the 500 dishwasher series
  • The drying is made better and more cool because the Sanitize Option has been a life saver, as it kills all germs and bacteria on the dishes. Where was this when we needed it the most during the peak covid waves?
  • The tough and annoying stains are no longer a problem because the Extra Scrub takes care of all these nasty stains while you can lay back and relax.
  • The machine is energy star rated which means it will work efficiently while it saves electricity
  • The door is self latching and there is a 24 hour start timer installed in this machine as well

Now that we have gone through both the dishwashers, it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you. Let’s look at some Frequently Asked Questions first. Then we will conclude which one is the best one for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Bosch dishwashers from and where are they made?

The company has German origins, but Bosch is in fact manufactured mostly in the United States, North Carolina to be more specific. The company’s official benchmark series are made and manufactured in Germany.

Which Bosch Dishwasher produces the best results when it comes to drying?

The company has ensured that all machines deliver top results, be it washing, scrubbing or drying. But if you are specifically looking for a dishwasher that goes the extra mile, then we would recommend getting the 800 series with the Crystal Dry Technology.

They can dry a whole range of dishes which includes plastic. And we know plastic is impossible to wash in a dishwasher because it melts, but not in the 800 Crystal Dry series!

If I have a little kitchen, which Bosch dishwasher should I go for?

The 800 series has an 18 inch dishwasher which will get the job done, just as efficiently and perfectly as the bigger ones, so we recommend that you go for that one.

Are Bosch Dishwashers Stainless Steel? And does Bosch have them in black color?

The great thing about this dishwasher is that it comes in many different colors that you can choose from, and there is a very eye-catching black stainless steel color that is elegance and beauty personified. So yes, the dishwasher is stainless steel and is available in the black color.

Conclusion | Bosch 500 vs Bosch 800 Dishwasher

Now that we have compared both these great and top of the line inventions, it is up to you to choose the one according to your needs.

If you go for the Bosch 500 dishwasher series, know that you are investing in a great time saving and energy and detergent machine. The 500 series is relatively cheaper by a couple hundred bucks, but it is no less than the 800 series dishwasher.

The 500 series is a really cool and futuristic machine, but if you are going for the cream of the pick, then you will have to spend a little more and get the Bosch 800 dishwasher series. It does come on the pricier side, but it has a couple of really cool features that the Bosch 500 series dishwasher does not have.

It has a really cool design and futuristic look that compliments its top class performance and cleaning.

No matter what you choose, just know that you are investing money into a great machine that is designed to bring maximum comfort and peace into your life.

Technology such as this has truly made the life of mankind easier, and don’t get us wrong, both these machines come with a great warranty as well, just to give you that extra peace of mind.

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