You are supposed to get quiet and efficient laundry from a washing machine. A washing machine cleans clothes by its mechanical power. With the time growing your washer face problems like other machines. Among the problems, loosing and wobbling wash drum is one of them. If the drum is loose, it not only make noise but also provides the worst performance. To get rid of this problem, you must know how to tighten washing machine drum. Though loose wash drum is a rare problem, you should know the reasons behind this problem and their effective solutions.

how to tighten washing machine drum
Washing Machine Drum Tightening

Below, I have discussed the reasons behind washing machine loose drum and their fixing or tightening methods.

Replace Rear Drum with Bearing

To make inner tub spinning smoothly, the rear drum is equipped with bearing or bearings. A worn out or broken bearing results in loud noise and reduces washer’s performance. So, replace bearing to solve loose drum issue. There are some washer brands and models who allow you to purchase and change rear drum bearing separately. Removing a broken bearing and pressing a new one is a tough task. That’s why I suggest you change both rear drum with bearing if the manufacturer offers them together. Remember that replacing a tub and bearing is so tough and only can be done by an experienced technician. Apart from that, it is also costly.

Replace Tub & Bearing

Tub bearing is placed in the middle of the outer tub. If the tub bearing is worn out or broken wash drum becomes loose and fails to perform its job. Replacing a tub bearing is a complicated task that needs disassembling most of the parts of washer. If the tub bearing is defective, it is better to replace both the outer tub and bearing if you have chance to buy them together.

The above mentioned washing machine drum tightening methods are not only practical but also recommended by repairmen. These are applicable for both top loaders and front loaders. So, if your washing machine faces drum loose banging, just follow them and fix your machine without spending dollars for a repairman. You only need to spend dollars on purchasing parts.

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