We know LG is one of the biggest players in home appliances series. Like their other appliances, LG washing machines also get positive customers’ feedbacks. However, their washers may also face different kinds of issues like others. But resetting programs may help you to skip most of them. That is why you must know how to reset LG washing machine.

How to reset LG washing machine
LG washing machine’s control panel

OK, no problem.  For your easy solution, I have stated resetting tips for you.

Step 1

TURN OFF the power of your LG washer.

Step 2

UNPLUG your washer from the power outlet or TURN OFF the circuit breaker for this unit.

Step 3

Now press the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds in power disabled mode.

Step 4

Finally, PLUG-IN the washer back to the power outlet or TURN ON the circuit breaker for this unit. Now your LG washer is fully reset.

Note: If the problem returns, follow the above steps again until it works.

This is the universal and very much practical resetting process for LG washers.  If this process doesn’t work for you, try to reset your washer following the instructions of your specific model provided by LG Support. Apart from that, you can also ask help over the phone mentioning your specific model.

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