Your washing machine is supposed to work creating a low noise. If suddenly it changes sound, it means something wrong is happening with the machine. At this time, you will notice that your washer is shaking violently and changing its position. Actually, it happens when your washer becomes uneven. That’s why it is important to level your machine to get a smooth performance. Do you know how to level a washing machine?

It is not a rocket science. If you don’t know, there is nothing to worry when your machine shows off bumpy syndrome. Below I am going to show the tips and tricks on it.

Use Bubble Level or Mobile App

A simple tool can help you the most. Bring a carpenter’s bubble level or install a leveling app on your mobile. Place this bubble level or mobile on your washing machine from side to side and then front to back. If bubble or the mobile app shows that the machine isn’t level, just adjust the level with care.

Use Bubble Level or Mobile App to Level Your Washing Machine

Loosen Front Leg’s Lock Nut

Front legs are supposed to have screw that goes up and down. Loose the lock nut and adjust the front legs as required.

Adjust Front Legs Accurately

If you set your washing machine close to the floor, it has the least chance to vibrate. That’s why adjust the screw of all legs according to the carpenter’s bubble levels or mobile app.

Adjust Rear Legs to Level Your Washing Machine

Recent washing machines come with self-leveling legs. If your washer has this type of leveling legs, ask a person to lift off the forward part by three or four inches from the floor. When you place back it to the floor, the legs shall be automatically adjusted. Now check your machine and it should sit from front to back accurately. There are some manufacturers who develop washers with adjustable legs in the rear like the front. If you have the same type of washer, you must adjust rear legs manually until your washer becomes level.

How to level a washing machine

Tighten Lock Nuts

Have you made all adjustments? Now, check your washer’s level again from side to side and front to back. Tighten the lock nut well and ensure that they won’t rotate over time. You should also lean your washer to determine that it doesn’t rock back and forth.

Check for Damp or Uneven Floor

To test your washing machine in a massive vibration, run a heavy cycle. If your washing machine is still shaking or vibrating, check all the adjustable legs and level if they aren’t. Also, tight all the screws. Apart from that, damp or uneven floor results in washer walking. So, always keep the floor clean, dry and even.

Run a Heavy Cycle to Check to Confirm that It is not Shaking or Walking

Check Your Washer Regularly

Washing machine spins at high speed to do its jobs. Due to an unbalanced load, your washer may vibrate excessively and releases its level. Modern sophisticated washers are featured with an auto-balancing system. But if you have one that is comparatively older, you need to balance the load manually to reduce vibration.

The above mentioned methods are practical and you can easily level your washing machine by following them. If your washer still releases sound and shakes violently even after doing all possible solutions, it means your washer is facing problems mechanically. Only an expert repairman can solve this problem. You must not disassemble your appliance with your primary knowledge. Otherwise, it may increase problems. So, schedule a repairman and get the problem solved.

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