Do you want a good performing washing machine but don’t have a huge budget? If you are an average user and don’t willing to invest lots of dollars in just a washing machine, you can go for Costway portable mini compact twin tub washing machine spin dryer. It is a semi-automatic washing machine that is ready to stop your frequent going to the laundry shop. This Costway features handsome laundry capacity in a compact size. Besides, its practical design saves space and supports your busy life.

Costway portable mini compact twin tub washing machine spin dryer

No wide space is needed for setting up this Costway unit. To give you the best performance this tub is made with stainless steel. It resists rust and chipping along with long durability and quality performance. Apart from that this Costway is unique from other brands by features. Now check derails features and conveniences of this washer.

Costway Mini Washer is Designed For

This Costway twin tub washing machine comes with a space-saving design. This washer can hold 12 lbs in wash cycle and 8 lbs in the spin-dry cycle. That means you can use this unit for a family that consists of 5 to members. Buying this unit means you don’t need to buy an extra dryer. Because this washer features a separate spin-dry tub. Its spin cycle removes maximum water. You just need to hang clothes using a drying rack in the sun. Besides, this washer can be a perfect solution for your compact living. You can also use this Costway mini for dorms, RVs, and vacation homes.

Compact and Design

To get the maximum benefits when you travel, this washer has been given a lightweight shape. That’s why you can easily handle this machine. Its lid is in black and the sidewall is in gray color. That means it adjusts with the other appliances easily. The dimension of this washer is 24.8 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 28.5 inches in height. That means you need very little space to set it up.

Ease of Installation

Unlike full-size washer, this Costway comes with a preinstalled mode. So, you no need to pay for extra plumbing cost. You just need to connect inlet water hose and drain water hose. Then connect with the power supply and your machine is ready to work.

Programs and Controls

Though touch and electric controls are part of smartness knob control is much better for a busy man. For easy control, this Costway mini washing machine is equipped with 3 control knobs. There is separate timer control for wash and spin tub. So, you have the option to use both wash and spin tub at a time or separately. Its washtub operates for 15 minutes for washing and spin tub runs for 5 minutes for spin dry. Moreover, you can set time according to the number of clothes that saves energy and time.

Key Features

  • Top load twin tub compact design.
  • Easy to operate and powerful.
  • Separate timer for wash and spin tub.
  • 12 lbs wash and 8 lbs spin capacity.
  • Gravity drain saves your energy bill.
  • Suitable for limited space.
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Two tub practical design
  • Energy saver
  • Effective performance
  • No built in drain pump. Rather drains by gravity that saves your bill.


At present time is very valuable to every person. But washing clothes manually consumes a huge time that is outdated also. This is why a washing machine is needed to save your precious time. There are many worst quality washing machines that are not capable of providing quality performance. But you must need a washer with good performance. In this situation, Costway portable washing machine with spin dryer is suitable for you. It is durable and can provide excellent washing and spinning performance. Apart from that, there is no strong complaint against this washing machine.

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