A top load washer is not only affordable but also clean clothes successfully. You can complete your everyday laundry by using an average washing machine. But when you have lots of laundry loads, it is really boring to load a washer again and again. But you can easily cope with this situation by using a large capacity washer. There are lots of washers available in the market. But you only need the best large capacity top load washer that is capable of handling your huge laundry loads.

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer
Image: Large Capacity Top Load Washer

There are various brands and models of washing machine. You may be attracted by their appearances. But believe, there are lots of counterfeits washers along with branded washers who claim them as the best. Buying a fake washing machine means the total waste of money. So, it is really a tough task to find the best one.

5 Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer Reviews

Purchasing a big appliance like a washing machine is a matter of budget. We can feel your tension. That’s why we have listed 5 trending top loaders in the below for your kind consideration.

1. Best Overal: Samsung WA50R5400AV 5.0 cu. ft. Black Stainless Top Load Washer

Samsung WA50R5400AV 5.0 cu. ft. Black Stainless Top Load Washer with Super Speed

Samsung WA50R5400AV top load washer features a 5 cubic feet capacity along with a polished user interface and a modern look. This unit has rounded edges and easy to open and soft close lid. You will find a responsive selection dial which is also easy to use. Its touch screen is also responsive that provides smooth control functions. Super Speed feature is capable of cutting down your laundry time without sacrificing cleaning performance. It provides a successful laundry within 36 minutes by using advanced cleaning technologies. Besides, this machine features an EZ Access Tub that is shallower without sacrificing capacity. So, you can reach the bottom and remove clothes without hassle.

Apart from that, its Deep Fill feature adds extra water when your clothes are thoroughly soaked. Samsung WA50R5400AV is WiFi enabled. You can control your washing machine by using an app from your Smartphone. You will also get push up notifications on the app when the cycle is completed or when it faces problems. The amazing thing is that it uses VRT Plus™ Technology that reduces noise and vibration for quiet operation. That means you can do your laundry without disturbing others. There is Self Clean technology that eliminates dirt and bacteria that can form in any washer tub.

Key Features

  • 5.0 cubic feet drum means you can load more dirty clothes at a time.
  • ENERGY STAR® certified means less energy consumption without sacrificing performance or functionality.
  • VRT Plus™ Technology reduces noise and vibration for quiet operation.
  • Super Speed cycle provides a complete wash in just 36 minutes without sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • Child Lock feature prevents children from changing cycle settings during a wash cycle.

2. Best Large Capacity: LG WT1901CW 5.0 Cu. Ft. Top Load White Washer

LG WT1901CW 5.0 Cu. Ft. Top Load White Washer with Huge Capacity

LG is a large capacity top load washer that can hold up to 5 cubic feet laundry at a time. This washing machine offers an easy to use front control feature. There are 5 temperature settings and 12 wash cycles for an effective wash. Besides, this unit is powered with a motor that has a maximum spin of 950 RPM. That means this washer is ready to provide you better control with more comfort. Unlike other top load washers, this machine features an innovative cold wash feature. It uses cold water and washing motions to enter into deep of the fabrics and loosen the dirt.

LG WT1901CW’s wash drum is powered with a direct-drive motor. It reduces noise and vibrations by balancing the load automatically. Apart from that, this washer is Energy Star certified. That means it consumes less energy. It is a Wi-Fi Enabled washer. By using LG Smart Laundry App you can control your washing machine by a smartphone. You can also monitor wash cycles and know how much time is left to finish a cycle. If the cycle is complete or the machine has problems you will get push notifications on your phone. Moreover, you can download new special cycles which are not included by default.

Key Features

  • 5.0 cu.ft. Super Capacity can handle the laundry load of a week at a time.
  • Energy Star qualified washer means it saves your bill.
  • TrueBalancePlus Anti-Vibration System helps the washer to work almost in silent.
  • Smart innovative Cold Wash Option is capable of loosing dirt and soil from fabrics.
  • Stainless Steel drum increases the durability along with effective performance.

3. Best Value: Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Loader

Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer with 3.2 cu. ft. Capacity

Speed Queen TR3000WN is a top load washer that is built with premium materials for long-lasting performance. This Speed Queen washer is built to provide a commercial grade experience of 25 years. Its 3.2 cu. ft. wash load capacity is capable of handling the laundry loads of a medium family. This unit features a unique auto fill system that ensures adequate water for every wash load. Its agitator and tub works combinedly to perform an effective wash. At the same time they work best to removes the toughest dirt. Besides, this TR300WN machine is equipped with durable springs for noise free operation.

There are four wash options that include Heavy Duty, Normal Eco, Perm Press, and Delicate. You can use its Perm free cycle for press items and synthetics. Moreover, the cycles use a spray rinse system that reduces extra water consumption. The most amazing thing is that this TR300 washer featured with auto-balancing technology. It detects uneven balance and automatically adjusts it which results in less noise. Apart from that, this Speed Queen unit comes with the best warranty. You can claim a warranty for 3 years that includes all parts and in-home labor.

Key Features

  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel tub ensures the best performance.
  • Equipped with heavy-duty suspension that ensures less vibration and less noise.
  • Auto balancing system adjusts the uneven load and reduces noise.
  • Eco Cycles save your energy and water bill.
  • 4 wash and 3 temperature selections are for an effective wash.

4. Best Design: GE GTW720BSNWS 4.8 Cu.Ft. White Electric Washer

GE GTW720BSNWS 5.0 Cu.Ft. White Electric Washer

GE GTW720BSNWS is a smart washing machine that comes with giant cleaning performance. This unit features lots of useful things. GE has a 4.8-cubic-foot large capacity to meet your highest laundry loads. Besides, this machine features no agitator. So, you can load more on this machine than the agitator top load washers. To give you the highest laundry performance this GE machine is equipped with soft-close hinges, multiple rinse options, and a special spot in the dispenser for detergent pods. Besides, GE GTW720BSNWS provides multiple rinse options. Its Extra Rinse and Deep Rinse wash away the fabric softener and additives clearly.

Warm Rise is special to this GE unit that is a good solution for them who fears about cold and unappealing clothes. Because it adds a splash of warm water at the end of a cycle. Don’t afraid of hard stain. Because there is a Stain Removal Guide under the dial. By using this guide you can clean stain and dirt from tomato, wine, blood, grass and more. Most amazing thing is that, this GE machine offers a year warranty that covers the entire unit along with 10-year motor warranty.

Key Features

  • Innovative Dynamic Balancing Technology reduces vibration and helps the washer to work in quiet.
  • Stain Removal Guide helps to remove hard stain and dirt from your fabrics.
  • Multiple rinse cycles are helpful for an effective wash.
  • Speed Wash provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items.
  • 12 unique wash cycles to meet the requirement of your laundry.

5. Best Fabric Care: Fisher Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 27″ Top Load Washer

Fisher Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1

This Fisher & Paykel is one of the largest capacity washers. It is an energy saving machine. So, using this machine means you save your energy bill too. This Fisher & Paykel is equipped with various gorgeous interfaces. One of them is six flexible wash cycles that makes your laundry super easy.  It features a super easy touch control panel that lets you control this machine easily. Its 22lb capacity saves you precious time and money. This huge capacity also allows to wash king size comforters or blankets. The most amazing thing is that it works effectively in both small and large laundry loads.

This WA3927G1 model has unique pumping technology. It ensures that every clothes get enough water and detergent. It helps to remove stains from clothes clearly. Apart from that, this Fisher & Paykel top loader works almost in silent. So, you can set this machine besides your living room. There are 6 wash cycles that includes Regular, Heavy, Delicate, Easy Iron, Allergy and Quick. For better usability, durability and vibration free operation this WashSmart has been designed with powder coated metal lid, stainless steel wash basket and formed cabinet and base plate. Its flexible finned agitator not only ensure less tangling but also provides great clothes care.

Key Features

  • Energy efficient machine helps you to save your electricity bill.
  • Smart touch control enables you to control your washer more easily.
  • 22lbs capacity can hold your king-size comforter or blanket.
  • Eco-active wash ensures enough and detergent for every clothes.
  • Provides durable and vibration free operation.

Buying Guide for Large Capacity Top Load Washer

Though top load washing machines are comparatively cheaper than front loaders but they offer awesome cleaning performance. The most important thing is that top loaders are more durable and dependable. Besides they are lightweight too. A large capacity washer costs lots of dollars. So, you must purchase one that is capable of providing the best performance along with a large holding capacity. To get the maximum conveniences to form a top loader you should consider the following features.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be an expert to use a user-friendly machine. Even a newbie or a child is capable of operating this type of machine. If you buy a machine that is not user friendly, you may face problems with functions or interface. So, it is a wise decision to look for a top loader that features easy interface and easy control features. Apart from that, you can’t deserve maximum conveniences form a modern washer if you don’t understand their functions. That’s why you should consider a washing machine that offers easy to use features in 2021.


I know capacity is your first consideration. Large capacity means large capacity. So, don’t be fooled with so-called reviewers’ reviews that compel you to buy lower capacity. You get a top loader from 5kg to 18kg capacity. A large capacity is a great solution for large capacity wash load. Decide which capacity meets the most for you. Besides, if you see you have chances to grow your family within 4 to 5 years, I suggest you pick a larger one. But remember, you need to pay according to your washing machine’s capacity.

Washing Cycle

A top load washing machine comes with high washing speed to clean your dirty clothes quickly. Besides, modern top loaders equipped with different wash cycles to meet your different types of clothes.

Energy efficiency

A large washing machine generally consumes huge energy. But most of the modern and branded top load washing machines are Energy Star Certified. These washers are equipped with a water sensor. They not only use less energy and but also use less water.

Noise level

Not all washing machine works in silent. If your laundry room is closer to your bedroom, you must need a washer that works almost in silent. A saliently working machine may cost a little bit more. On the other hand, if you have options to set your washer far from the bedroom, it’s OK to select a washer that creates a little bit of noise or vibration.

Selectable spin speed

Some top load washing machines allow you to select spin speed. So, you get options to extract water from your clothes more quickly and more effectively. Your clothes need a few minutes to dry when you hang them on a drying rack. Besides, selectable spin allows you to wash clothes in a comfortable way.

Size of the washer

You must consider this factor for your next washer. Firstly, select the place where you want to set your washer. Secondly, measure its dimension. Finally, purchase a unit that won’t cross your place’s dimensions. If you buy a large size washer but you don’t have enough space to set it then it will create a big problem.

Child lock

Do you have a little child in your house? If yes, you should choose a washer that features Child Lock. By using this feature you can lock the buttons of the control panel of the washing machines. So, your selected wash cycle can’t be changed by your child accidentally while he/she is playing beside the machine.

Automatic dispenser

It is one of the best features that modern washing machines should have. Because automatic dispenser prevents wasting of detergents and clothes softener. That means, it can figure out how much detergent and clothes softener is needed to complete a specific wash cycle. Isn’t it really amazing?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is considered a large capacity washer?

The average space of a large capacity washer ranges from 4.2-4.9 cubic feet. It can hold 20 pounds or more. To further put that into perspective, you need at least 3.5 cubic feet capacity of space to wash a queen size comforter.

Are top load washers more reliable?

Actually the repair rates for both top load and front load machines are similar. There are some people who believe that top load washers are far more reliable. But my opinion is that it totally depends on the brands that you choose. Overall, they are 3% more reliable.

What size washer do I need to wash king size comforter?

Generally, a washing machine of 3.5 cubic feet capacity is enough to hold an average size of comforter. So, if you have a king-size comforter, it is better for you to buy a washer that has at least 4 cubic feet capacity.

Are washing machines supposed to be loud?

The noise or vibration of a washing machine varies from brand to brand. On average, a washing machine supposed to be worked below in the noise level. But a washing machine may sound loud if the load becomes uneven. The amazing thing is that, modern machines have an uneven load detector and they reduce sound by adjusting the uneven load. Again, a washing machine may sound loud if the spinning part becomes worn out or loose.

Is it worth paying more for a washing machine?

According to experts, it is really worth paying more for a washing machine. Because you can deserve good performance from a pricier model. The pricier models also need the least maintenances with a longer life cycle.

Final Verdict

You know top load washers are comparatively cheaper. But when it is for the best large capacity top load washers, you need to pay lots of dollars. We don’t want to let you suffer from bad washers. That’s why, our team has spent hundreds of hours and collected exact customer feedback to make this review. Definitely, it will help you to narrow your choice list. But the final purchase decision is yours.

Please, leave a comment in the bellow which one you like or purchased.

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