Modern washing machines are blessed with modern technology. They can give you the highest and latest facilities in your laundry. At the same time, they save your energy, detergent and water. The more features you want in a washer the more you need to spend. The modern washers built with the latest features may cost you thousands of dollars. So, it is a matter of budget too. But washers with some basic features are enough for ordinary users like you. If you don’t want to invest lots of dollars in washing machines, just go for cheap washing machines under 200 dollars.

cheap washing machines under 200 dollars

You will get lots of washing machines from different brands. But all of the brands aren’t reliable. So, it is a matter of time to find out the best one within your budget but not sacrificing the common features. We know the value of your time. At the same time, we don’t let you suffer from your next washing machine. So, our team has analysed lots of online stores, considered customers’ feedback, ratings and finally helped me to make this reviews. Below, I have listed 5 cheap but effective washing machines. You can collect these machines within your budget range.

1. Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Without crossing your budget Barton full automatic washing machine can relieve your hands. You don’t need enough space to store this machine. So, it can be the perfect solution for your compact living. It features a simple but effective control panel with an LED display that lets you control easily. You just need to set the program and the rest will be done automatically. Moreover, Barton is constructed with high density body and upgraded motor to last years after years.

You can consider Barton as a professional grade washer. Because its powerful cleaning removes the toughest stain without tangling your clothes. You can use this washer/spinner for medium or little weight laundry. Its built in drain pump completely drains dirty water. Besides, its lightweight design helps you in transport.

Key Features

  • Full automatic washer ideal for apartments, dorms, condos, motor homes, RVs, camping trips or any limited space.
  • Clear control panel features water level/spin, program/delay, time set and more.
  • Can be fit in a bathroom, closet or in a kitchen.
  • Perfect for medium or little weight laundry.
  • Built with a drain pump so you don’t need to rely on gravity.
  • Full automatic
  • Nice looking
  • Clear control panel
  • LED display
  • None

2. ZENY Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

ZENY Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine 13lbs Capacity with Spin Dryer

ZENY is mini washing washer is built to solve your daily laundry problems. Its one tub is for washing and the other tub is for spinning that spins out excess water. This machine features 8 lbs washing and 5 lbs spinning capacity. Its wash cycle runs up to 15 minutes and spin cycle runs up to 5 minutes in a single load. You can use both tubs at a time or anyone separately. Draining by gravity ZENY saves your energy bill as well.

You will get this ZENY washer in a compact design. So, there is no problem to fit it in the bathroom, closet or any narrow space. Besides, this washer is ideal for motor homes, RV’s, camping and more. ZENY washer operates almost in quiet. So, there is no problem to use it when your child sleeps.

Key Features

  • Twin tub design gives you facility of washing and spinning.
  • Separate timer control for washing and spinning.
  • Lightweight and portable design gives you the highest benefit in transport.
  • Ideal for apartments, dorms, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more.
  • Operates in quiet with no vibration.
  • Compact mini twin tub
  • Small but powerful
  • Dual performance
  • Energy saver
  • Inlet water hose too small for bathtub but you can easily replace it with a longer one.

3. Portable Washing Machine TG23

Portable Washing Machine TG23

TG23 is a ThinkGizmos branded washer that is perfect for a man who doesn’t have space to set a full sized washer. Two tub designs provide the highest facility in your laundry. Its washing tub’s capacity is 3.6 kg and spinning tub’s capacity is 2 kg. TG23 features separate timer control and its wash tub has different wash modes. This machine comes with easy to use dials on the top from where you can control everything. No plumbing is required to operate this compact washer. It only requires access to water and drain area.

This machine is super easy to use. You just need to add clothes, water, detergent and set the machine to run. After completing wash cycle, give it to spin for spinning out the excess water. Then hang clothes in the sun to dry. Besides, TG23 is constructed with an efficient motor that makes less sound than similar machines. This machine features easy to use dials on the top from where you can control everything. Finally, you have to thank the manufacturer for supplying TG23 at a cheap price especially under 200$.

Key Features

  • Lightweight washer comes with 3.6 kg washing and 2 kg spinning capacity for successful a wash.
  • Compact design helps to set it in a narrow space.
  • Perfect for campers or caravan owners.
  • Ultra portable and easy to store.
  • Built with a strong and durable plastic body.
  • Twin tub design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Separate timer
  • Super easy to use
  • None

4. COSTWAY Washing Machine

COSTWAY Washing Machine, Twin Tub 20Lbs Capacity

Costway has made this washer/spinner for an effective wash but in a simple design. It comes with a twin tub facility. To make your laundry more easy and convenient, this washer features 12 lbs washing capacity and 8 lbs spinning capacity. You can wash 2 T-shirts, two pairs of jeans, one-bed sheet and a pair of shocks at a time. Besides, you have options to run one tub separately.

You will get this washer in a mini and compact design. It saves a lot of space. So, this machine is suitable for apartments, dorms, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more. For its lightweight design, it is perfect for a family who needs to change their livings often. Finally, it won’t cut your pocket to manage this.

Key Features

  • Twin tub compact design for an effective wash.
  • Separate timer control for separate tubs.
  • Features a drainage tube that allows you to drain out dirty water.
  • Suitable for limited space like dorms, apartments, condos or camping.
  • Pre-installed washer, no plumbing required.
  • Separate timer control
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful washing and spinning motor
  • Lightweight design
  • It doesn’t stop filling water automatically. So, you need to stay by the washer to stop water filling manually.

5. ROVSUN 16.6LBS Portable Washing Machine

ROVSUN 16.6LBS Portable Washing Machine w/Twin Tub

ROVSUN is one of the trending twin tub washing machines in the market. It has already achieved huge positive feedback. This machine is mainly designed to save energy and space. Though it is compact but able to fit a decent size of loads.  You can choose this machine from three capacities. They are 10 lbs, 13.4 lbs and 16.6 lbs capacity. This machine is ideal for cleaning various clothes like a T-shirt, socks and trousers etc. ROVSUN features spin wash and spins dry. You can use wash and dehydration functions at the same time or separately. Besides, this machine is easy to operate.

You just need to load clothes, fill water, then set the timer and start washing. Its washer control runs for 15 minutes and spin control timer runs for 5 minutes for a single load. ROVSUN creates an average noise level. Its eco-friendly design uses less water and detergent that leads you to save money. This machine weighs only 27.5 pounds and the size is 24.4”L x 14.3” W x 28.7″H. So, you can put ROVSUN washer inside a camper or bring to a caravan or even a hotel room if you really want.

Key Features

  • Twin tub design and three variants of capacity to meet your daily laundry.
  • Built with stainless steel washtub for a successful wash.
  • Powerful washing and spinning motor for the perfect wash.
  • Suitable design for Apartments, Dorms, College Rooms, RV Camping etc.
  • Eco-friendly design saves water and detergent.
  • Washer and spin dryer
  • Semi-automatic washer
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Creates sounds but not more than average level.

Bottom Line

Whether you are in your apartment or in a new destination you need a washing machine. Don’t waste your time and money buying so called problematic useless washers. Our listed washing machines are energy efficient and also come with user friendly design. But you will get these cheap washing machines under 200$.

In terms of clothing, they will make your life much easier. Also, leave your clothes smelling fresh like new. So there is no reason to say that cheap means bad. However, you must find the best in the cheap.

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