Modern washing machines are equipped with different types of sensors and safety security systems. Door or lid lock is one of the important components that prevent accidents by stopping the washing or spinning cycle when the door is opened. Door lock switch has a connection with the solenoid that completes a circuit and lets the machine to run only when the lid or door is properly closed or locked. That means you must close the door and lock it if you want to run it. In the case of broken or problematic door lock, your washer fails to understand that the door is closed and that’s why it doesn’t permit the washer to run. In this situation, how do you bypass a washing machine door lock?

How do You Bypass a Washing Machine Door Lock
Image: Washing Machine Door Lock Bypass Credit: searspartsdirect

However, door lock switch has magnetic components and I going to give you a solution to bypass it.

Step 1

Turn off your washer and unplug it from the socket. Move it from the wall and make proper space around the washer.

Step 2

Search for the retaining tabs or screws that hold the lid/door panel down. Take a screwdriver and unfasten the retaining tabs or screws. Now lift the top lid or door panel of your machine.

Step 3

Locate the lid/door lock switch on the underside of the panel basically where the lid/door fits with the body of the washer. Now place a magnet between door lock and the solenoid that will create a magnetic connection between them.

Step 4

Place the lid/door panel properly and fasten the retaining tabs or screws as necessary. Plug your washing machine with the electrical outlet. Now turn on the washer and lift the lid/door. If your washing machine runs, you have placed the magnet accurately in the proper location and successfully bypassed your washing machine’s door lock. If you see your washer is not running, reposition the magnet again until it works.

Final Words

You may also bypass the door lock by disabling the safety circuit that requires cutting of electrical wires connection. That means you need to cut the main power supply line and connect it bypassing the safety circuit. But this process will break the machine’s warranty. So, I suggest you not to follow this until your washer passes the warranty period.

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