Do you want a washing machine that will give you a long time service within your budget? Then you can choose Giantex portable washing machine without worrying about anything else. They are durable, energy efficient and built with premium materials. Besides, you will get a long time service with the least maintenance. There are lots of positive reviews and good ratings about this machine on Amazon.

No problem with your area. You may live in a tiny apartment or in a big. But Giantex washer is made to be fit for all kinds of apartments. Their looks are amazing. Surely, they will increase the beauty of your apartment’s interior.

Giantex portable washing machine

Top 5 Giantex Portable Washing Machine Reviews

For your easy selection, our research team has spent lots of hours on different market places and brought out exact customers’ feedbacks. According to our research team, here I have reviewed the most rated and discussed Giantex washers. You can select twin tub, automatic or semi-automatic washers from the Giantex series.

1. Giantex EP21684 Twin Tub

Giantex EP21684 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer

EP21684 is a compact washer that comes with a twin tub design in blue and white color. Its one tub is for washing whose capacity is 11 lbs and the other part is for spin drying whose capacity is 6.6 lbs. You may need to spin 2 times after completing wash cycles. It takes 15 minutes for a wash and 5 minutes for a spin cycle.

For its lightweight and compact design, you can easily store this machine. It is easy for transport. So, it’s not a problem, if you change your apartment frequently. It comes with a 300W powerful motor for washing and 110W powerful motor for spinning. This washer is capable of cleaning your tough to toughest dirt. It’s an energy saver as it drains by gravity. Besides, you can use separate timer control settings for wash and spin cycle.

Key Features

  • Perfect for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RVs camping and more.
  • You can set up this washer in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Separate timer control setting for wash and spin cycle.
  • Lightweight, compact and twin tub design.
  • Not only an energy server but also easy to operate.
  • Easy to operate
  • 2 in 1 design
  • Separate timer control
  • Easy to transport
  • Drainage hose isn’t long enough

2. Giantex EP23936PI Full-Automatic Washer

Giantex Full Automatic Washing Machine

To give you the highest benefits of washing, Giantex has introduced this EP23936PI automatic washer. For the best cleaning performance, you will get 6 programs and 3 water level settings along with 10lbs washing and spinning capacity. You can select programs according to your clothes. So, there is no problem with your different types of clothes. Just select the desired program and leave for another household work. It will do laundry by itself. A barrel light is in the inner tub that will protect human eyes and skin. Besides, you can operate this machine when the room light is turned off.

You will get this EP23936PI in a compact and lightweight design. So, you are going to get an easy movement facility. This machine may vibrate when the laundries are not placed evenly in the tub. But don’t worry! Its built-in imbalance adjustment function will automatically adjust the imbalance if vibration crosses a certain level. Moreover, this machine comes with adjustable bottom feet. So, you set it according to your needs.

Key Features

  • 10 lbs washing/spinning capacity, 6 programs and 3 water level for deep cleaning performance.
  • Designed with stainless steel tub that won’t chip, rust or snag your clothing.
  • Automatic imbalance adjustment function to adjust the balance of your laundry.
  • Built in drain pump and comparatively long drainage tube for draining out the dirty water.
  • Automatically cut off power supply if the washing is finished or you don’t press START or PUSE in 10 minutes after pressing power.
  • Alarm for wrong operation
  • Adjustable bottom feet
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 360°forward reverse cleaning
  • None

3. Giantex EP22761 Portable Full-Automatic

Giantex Compact Full-Automatic Laundry 8 lbs Load Capacity Washing Machine Washer/Spinner W/Drain Pump

EP22761 is another washer that Giantex introduced in its fully automated series. This machine needs a small space to store. So, it may be a good solution for your compact living. There are 5 wash programs and 3 water level settings for the best cleaning. You can select different programs for different types of clothes. You need to set the programs and then you can engage yourself in doing other household stuff. So, it is a time saver too.

This Giantex washing machine comes with an aluminum pump and drainage tube which allows you to drain out dirty water easily. It is a straight forward machine. No installation is needed. Its weight is only 37.4 pounds. That means it will give you a hassle-free transit. Besides, you can use this washer in RV camping.

Key Features

  • Full automated washer with 5 wash programs and 3 water level settings.
  • 8 lbs washing/spinning capacity to meet your laundry needs.
  • Just select programs and leave for other household stuff.
  • A built in pump and long drainage tube helps to drain out the dirty water without any hassle.
  • Perfect for apartment, dormitory for RV camping.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Needs small space to store
  • 5 wash programs and 3 water level settings
  • Built in aluminum drain pump
  • None

4. Giantex EP22757 Portable Washer with Gravity Drain

Giantex portable washer

Giantex EP22757 washer is designed with two separate tubs for washing and spinning. You can use two tubs separately or both tubs at a time. This machine comes with 9 lbs washing and 7 lbs spinning capacity. For easy operation, there are three switches on the control panels. They are wash timer, wash selector and spin timer. Different clothes need a different wash and spin time. But its separate timer control system not only do deep cleaning but also protect your clothes from damage.

This Giantex mini washing machine is lightweight and compact. You can easily store and carry. It is economic and practical for your daily needs. You can use this washer in camping or dorm or apartments. Besides, this machine drains by gravity. That means it’s an energy saver too.

Key Features

  • This portable washer works great for indoor use & outdoor activity.
  • Separate time control setting for washing and spinning.
  • Transparent blue color side for watching what’s happening inside the machine.
  • Suitable for washing all kinds of clothes.
  • Pre-installed washer that works almost in quiet.
  • Easy to operate
  • Separate Time Control
  • Economic and practical
  • Use less water and less power
  • None

5. Giantex EP22930 Washer Spin Dryer

Giantex EP22930 model

Do you live in a tiny apartment where space is limited? Ok, no problem. This Giantex EP22930 comes with a versatile twin tub facility that can be installed in your kitchen or another place where space is limited. Moreover, it is perfect for caravans, student flats, and small accommodation as well. It is black and white in color. So, it will easily match the other appliances in your apartment.

EP22930 has a moderate washing capacity of 8lbs and a spinning capacity of 4.5lbs. That means its spinning capacity is half of the washing and you may need to spin twice. But its spinning motor is so powerful that spins out the most of the water from your cloth. So, your clothes will get dried within the shortest time. You will get separate timer control settings for wash and spin operations. It drains by gravity. That means it’s a big energy saver too. 24lbs weight makes it lightweight and portable. So, you can carry this machine on your camping.

Key Features

  • 8lbs washing and 4.5lbs sping capacity.
  • Perfect for doing laundry in a compact environment.
  • Separate timer for washing and spinning.
  • Not only energy saver but also environment friendly.
  • Large opening lids and easy to use.
  • Suitable for limited space
  • Separate timer control
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy installation
  • It is not an automatic washer. So, you need to stop filling water manually.

Buying Guide for Giantex Washers

Giantex is a reliable appliance brand. You can rely on their washers without any confusion.  They make different types of washers. But all of the models may not be suitable for you. To pick the ideal model, you should consider the following terms.

Washer’s Type

Giantex produces two types of washing machines. One is single tub washer and the other is two tub washers. Both types of washers clean your clothes effectively but in different ways.

In a single tub washer, you need to wash and spin dry clothes in just one tub. On the other hand, you have two separate tubs for washing and spinning with separate timer settings. You have options to use one or both tubs at a time.

Apart from that, Giantex produces semi-automatic and fully automatic washers. In an automatic washer, everything will be done by washer itself. But in a semi-automatic washer, you have to do some manual tasks.

Washer’s Capacity

Some Giantex machines come with little capacity that is produced for single users. At the same time, some washers feature a large capacity that is mainly built for a large family.

First of all, select how much load you need to put at a time and then purchase one that meets your requirements.

Washer’s Features

Some Giantex machine features 8 washing cycles whereas some features 6 or less. Some washers have a built-in drain pump whereas some washers feature gravity drain. Again push-button is helpful but not a mandatory feature.

Washer’s features depend on its prices. If you are ready to spend a handsome amount then you must get a washer with valuable features.

Washer’s Dimension

If you have enough space in your apartment you have no tension to set up a washer. On the other hand, if you have limited space, you should measure the space where you want to set it. Then order one which won’t cross your space limit.


A lightweight and compact washer always helps in transport. Besides, you can move a lightweight unit by yourself without the help of others.


You must invest in a washing machine to get a long time service with minor maintenance. A good washer will help you manage your family better. So, there is no chance to take it negligently. I hope, you have already read my Giantex portable washer reviews. I have brought out the pros and cons along with other features.

Do you want to check reviews of other brand washers within your budget range? Then you check our Panda washers review.

Finally, it’s your turn to select which one meets your requirements.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Giantex a good brand?

Sure, Giantex is a good brand. It is a leading Service-centric e-retailer in North America. Giantex has already spread its business more than 10 countries in Europe and America. Besides, Giantex provides high quality products in a reasonable price.

How do you use a Giantex portable washing machine?

You don’t need to be an expart to use a Giantex washer. Because, Giantex comes with simple to use control panel. You just need to put clothes in the washtub, add detergent, set the cycle as needed and start. Finally, you will get sparkling clean clothes.

How to get Giantex portable washer parts?

As a curtsey, Giantex produces parts and other accessories of their washers. For any original parts, just go to local store or visit e-commerce site. Besides, you will get them in reasonable price.

How to get Giantex portable washer manual?

Giantex washer always comes with user manual/instructions. If you have already lost it, you can email or call their customer service directly and tell your washer’s model number to get a pdf copy.


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