This Panda Pan50Sw is a fully automatic washing washer. It is made by Panda, one of the leading washing machine manufacturer in the world market. Obviously, it’s a third generation machine and comes in white color. This is a top loading washing machine. Panda Pan50sw creates a low noise that is below 72 lbs. Lid and Stainless steel tub are included in it.

Obviously, this will give you the highest stability. It gives six fully automatic wash cycles. They are normal, quick cotton, jeans, anti-wrinkle and air dry. Its washing capacity is mentioned in its title which is 11.0 lbs.

In addition, you will get touchpad control and LED indicator lights in it. Moreover, you may select delay time for washing. So, this will effect in your costing. There are two rollers in it for its easy movement.

Panda Pan50sw Panda Fully Automatic Washer review

The Product is Designed For

Panda PAN50SW is a Small Compact Portable Washing Machine.  It’s also a fully Automatic washer of 11lbs. PAN50SW is designed for a couple who have few children or may have few family members. It can load 11.0lbs. So, it’s not a just small one that you are thinking.

Compact and Design

This panda washing machine is compact in size. It is not only a small giant but also wonderful and perfect for your apartment. It’s an apartment size machine. So, the person who lives in a small apartment has few family members may like this one.

Ease of Installation

The installation of this washing machine is very easy. You will get detail installation in the product features’ manual.

Simple Programmable Digital Control

This fully automatic washing machine has a simple controlling system. Touchpad makes you happier in control. Moreover, LED indicator light gives you cycle status and also alert you after completing wash cycles. Delay start is also available in it. So, you can select the time when the machine will start.

Features at a Glance

  • It works quietly with a noise level below 72 lbs.
  • LED indicator lights, Touchpad control and Delay time.
  • Viewing lid and stainless steel tub.
  • Two rollers for easy movement.
  • 6 Wash cycles and fully automatic.
  • Product weight is 63.8 pounds.
  • Product dimension is  20.7 x 20.3 x 36.3 inches
  • Portable and Compact
  • Limited noise
  • Viewing lid
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Water level is not high enough.


Panda PAN50SW is one of the most leading washing machines in the market. It is no more available now. But Panda has released its upgraded version Panda PAN50SWR1. Its performance is even better than that and also more energy efficient.

So, what’s your opinion about this Panda PAN50SWR1? Please, make a comment below.


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