This Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine Fully Automatic 6.6lbs Washer. Mar30 is made by Midea. Obviously, this is a hot selling washer. It can easily fulfill the requirements of a small family.

This washer has a 0.9 CF washing capacity. So, this washer is perfect to fulfill your normal requirements. The transparent lid has made this washer a unique one. Its stainless tub is ready to give you the highest performance.

Media Mar30

The Product is Designed For

This Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine Fully Automatic 6.6lbs Washer Mar30 has been designed for a single family. Surely, this washer is suitable for a limited space like apartments and dormitories. You may also choose this one if you need to change your residence often.

Compact and Portable Design

Mar30 made by Midea has a compact and portable design. The weight of this washer 22.1 pounds. That has made it highly portable and you can carry it anywhere you want.

Ease of Installation

This is an ultra-compact portable washing machine. It dimension is 18.2 x 17.6 x 31.5 inches. You can install it your kitchen. In addition, you will get a manual with the washing machine where you will get a detailed guideline of washing.

Gentle and Effective Washing

For gentle and effective washing this Mar30 has 5 washing cycles and 3 water level (they are hot/cold, warm/cold and cold/cold). Moreover, this 3 water level setting give versatility and water savings. In addition, this smart washer is mounted on two wheels. As a result, it can be easily rolled to the sink for quick water hook-up.

Features At a Glance

  • Ultra-compact and portable washer.
  • Weight is only 22.1 pounds.
  • Washing capacity is 6.6lbs.
  • 5 Washing cycles and 3 water level settings.
  • Ultra-compact
  • 5 Washing cycles
  • 3 Water level
  • Mounted on 2 wheels
  • No roller


Media Mar30 is durable and comes with a moderate washing capacity. If you belong to a single family with one or two children then this washer can be your perfect choice.

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