You can consider Samsung as one of the biggest manufacturers in the field of home appliances. Like other appliances, their dishwasher’s performance is praiseworthy. You can use Samsung dishwasher years after years with the least maintenance. A newbie can also use it for having a user-friendly interface. If this machine faces any error, it blinks lights and shows notifications on the display. Samsung dishwasher blinking lights doesn’t mean that it is facing problems all the time. Rather, blinking lights is a part of regular use.

If blinking continues and your dishwasher doesn’t work properly then you can only consider it as a problem. So, how to solve this blinking problem? Actually, there is nothing to worry when your machine blinks. You just need to correct something like adjusting the temperature of water supply, installing the drain hose properly or replacing minor parts, etc. Below I have discussed the most common reasons for blinking and their possible solutions.

Samsung dishwasher blinking lights
Iamge: Samsung Dishwasher

Solve Heating Element Problem

Your dishwasher needs a certain water temperature to work. Heating element heats up water until it reaches a certain temperature. When water doesn’t reach a certain temperature after passing a certain period of time, it starts blinking. Your machine fails to heat up water when the heating element is burned out. To solve this problem, check the heating element with a multimeter for continuity. If there is no continuity, you must replace it to solve blinking issue.

Solve Heating Element Assembly Problem

Heating element needs an accurate assembly to work smoothly. If heating element fails to heat up water, check heating element assembly. It can be damaged electrically or physically. If you find any electric misconception, solve it. If it is physically damaged, replace it.

Check Error Codes

When your dishwasher blinks, it shows an error code on the display. Check the error code in the user manual. Consult the wiring diagram sheet and solve the issue that the error code shows.

Replace Drain Pump

Drain pump drains out dirty water with the power of an impeller through the drain hose. If it faces problems and not performing smoothly, a light on the control panel starts flashing. Take a multimeter and test the drain pump for continuity. Drain pump is not repairable. So, if there is no continuity, you must replace it.

Replace Touchpad

To identify touchpad problem, you must have a working display. If display works smoothly, press all the touchpad buttons. If some of the buttons are working smoothly but others not, it indicates that the touchpad is defective. If your dishwasher’s model allows you to buy touchpad separately from the control panel, replace it. If there is no chance of purchasing touchpad individually, replace both touchpad and control panel.

Replace Touchpad and Control Panel

Ensure that your dishwasher’s display is working fine. Now, press all of the buttons from the control panel. If you find that some buttons aren’t responding accurately, probably the touchpand and control panel both are defective. Some Samsung dishwasher model allows you to buy and replace touchpad separately from the control panel and others don’t allow. If your dishwasher’s model allows you to buy touchpad or control panel individually, replace the touchpad firstly. If the blinking problem continues, replace the control panel also.

Samsung dishwasher blinking lights is not a big issue. If you follow my above-mentioned tips, you can solve this problem easily. No need to spend a dollar for the repairman, you just need to purchase necessary parts. If the lights blinking indicates something major, it is a wise decision to send it to a repair shop. You can also claim a repair to the customer service if your dishwasher is in the warranty period.

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