Generally, you can use Samsung dishwasher without any problem. But if you are a random user and not much experienced in using a dishwasher, you may face a few problems. No power is one of them. You may be frustrated when you find your dishwasher is not getting power when you have lots of dishes to clean. Don’t worry! It is a common problem and you can fix your Samsung dishwasher no power problem by yourself. Below, I have mentioned the most common reasons behind not getting power of your dishwasher. Just follow the solutions and fix your dishwasher without spending a dollar.

Samsung dishwasher no power
Image: Samsung dishwasher Source: Samsung

Touch Power on the Dishwasher

Generally, every Samsung dishwasher comes with a power button. You need to press it before selecting or starting any cycle. The touchpad can not recognize wet or soapy hands. So, you must confirm that your hands are dry before pressing the touch button on the control panel.

Again, a dirty or grime covered button fails to recognize touches. So, if you find the touch button is dirty or covered with grime, simply wipe it with a delicate cloth and try again.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Your home electric circuit breaker can also be responsible for not passing power to your dishwasher. So, check the circuit breaker whether it is alright or tripped. If it is tripped, reset it. If tripping isn’t solved, call an electrician and replace it.

Check the Switch Near the Dishwasher

Generally, every electric outlet is connected with a switch. If the switch is off, your dishwasher won’t get power. So, verify and switch on if it is off.

Check Electricity

Your dishwasher won’t get power if its power cord fits snugly into the outlet. If you use an extension with its power cord, remove it. Plug dishwasher’s power cord with the electric outlet directly. If it doesn’t get power, check the outlet with the other electric appliances whether it is live or not. Again, check the fuse of your home electric line and replace it if necessary. If there is no electricity in your home electric line, contact your local electric authority.

Check Inlet Water Hose & Control Panel

Your dishwasher may face a power problem if its water inlet hose becomes kinked, crushed or filter becomes clogged. You need to shut off water inlet valve firstly. Then clean the filters, straighten the hose or replace it if necessary. Depending on dishwasher model, you will find a control lock on the control panel. If you face a power outage, unlock the control lock or reboot it.

Check Internal Wiring to Solve Samsung Dishwasher Power Problem

You should check your dishwasher’s internal wiring if it is not getting power. Unplug your machine from the wall electric outlet. Then remove the front panel. Examine the wiring connection. If your dishwasher is old, its wire connections may have burnt out. So, replace them if necessary. Check the door switch also. If you find the door switch is malfunctioning, replace it. Always try to use authentic parts and accessories.

Check Door Motor Functionalities

You must close dishwasher’s door before starting a cycle. If you need to open the door in the middle of a cycle, push the cycle and press Start/Resume to restart. Dirty door gaskets/seals prevent door to be closed properly. So, if you find problems with door closing, clean them properly. If door gaskets/seals are cracked or damaged, replace them with a new one. Your dishwasher’s motor will be pushed and restart between different wash cycles automatically. If it doesn’t restart automatically, it is overloaded. In this case, allow at least 30 minutes for the motor to be reset and then try to restart cycle again. If the motor is damaged, call a repairman.

Final Words

Samsung dishwasher not getting power is not a major issue. You need to pay a handsome amount of money if you want your dishwasher to be repaired by a technician. But you can save this money by following my above mentioned solutions. You just need to buy parts and necessary accessories. If the above mentioned solutions don’t work for you, you should contact a reputed technician. Apart from that, you can also claim a return/exchange from the manufacturer if you have recently purchased this unit.

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