This is not a guide I envisioned writing! After all, who would voluntarily put their pricey AirPods in a running washing machine? But mistakes happen, especially when the said accessory is easy to misplace and forget about!

My first reaction was to curse myself for making such a potentially expensive mistake. Then, I did the next best thing one can do in the situation – resort to my peers and Google to help me salvage the situation.

Have you also put your airpod in a washing machine and are now wondering whether it can survive the ordeal? If you take quick action, your AirPods can withstand a trip to the laundry!

To ensure that you don’t go through the tedious task of trying to find out different aspects of the problem, here is a quick guide about how to deal with AirPods that have been in the washing machine.

Can AirPods Survive The Washing Machine

But first, the detailed answer! Can AirPods survive the washer?

First, let’s take a detailed look at answering the elephant in the room – can airpods survive the washing machine?

It turns out that AirPods can survive the force of a washing machine for approximately 60 minutes. This is mainly because the wireless electronic can survive a fall of over 10 feet! This feature also makes them withstand the centrifugal force of a given washer.

Note that this does not mean that AirPods are waterproof! This is a common misconception since AirPods markets itself as sweat and water-resistant.

However, water resistance ensures that the electronics can bear the water damage and shocks of being in a washing machine if you let them dry properly before use. And since mostly AirPods are left within pockets, they provide slight protection against the forces and water.

So, your AirPods pro can survive a spin in the washer.

The next survivability concern: What about the AirPods cases?

Airpod cases, just like the sets, can survive the washing machine if the adventure is short and is not followed by the immediate attempt to charge the electronic.

The case’s hard plastic might offer additional protection to the AirPods within it, thereby reducing the chances of damaging the AirPods!

Airpods already in the washing machine? Initial steps to take

There is no going back once your AirPods are in the washing machine. The mistake has been made. But, as soon as you realize what you have done, don’t miss a beat and stop the washing machine. Take your precious AirPods out.

I know that the first instinct is to check if the electronics are still working. But, there is nothing worse you can do right after washing them. Whatever you do, don’t turn off the AirPods or charge them. This will be the final nail in the coffin!

Instead, dry it off in various ways. Even if you think it is completely dry, don’t turn it on for at least 24 hours.

It’s wet! Steps to drying the AirPods

All that is left to do is take the right measures to salvage the situation. Here is what you should do to dry your AirPods if you accidentally wash your AirPods.

Wipe it off

Get a microfiber cleaning fabric and thoroughly yet gently wipe the Airpods and the case (if you have washed them both). The trick here is to soak as much water off of the AirPods as possible. You can use a paper towel too if you can’t find a microfiber cloth.

It’s time for a swab

After drying the AirPods using a cloth or paper towel, the next step is to use a cotton swab to reach all the small nooks and crannies of the electronic that would have otherwise been unreachable.

Use a hair dryer (carefully)

Now, to further dry off the AirPods, use a hairdryer. However, make sure not to set the setting at too hot since high temperatures can cause damage to the electronics. A good test is to check if the air is too hot for your bare skin. If yes, it is not the right temperature for your delicate AirPods.

The crucial thing to do is set the dryer at the lowest temperature possible. And hold it at a distance from the AirPods so that the electronic receives is somewhat cool.

It’s sun time!

After artificial methods of drying the AirPods, now let nature do its part. Find a sunny spot within your house and spread the AirPods and the case out. Again, keep monitoring them to make sure they don’t get too hot.

Got some rice?

Let’s say your AirPods are somewhat wet after all of these measures; try the ultimate trick of putting them in a bowl of rice. But, don’t do so if the AirPods are too wet. Only try this trick if nothing else works.

Airpods in the dryer: Is survival possible?

Did you completely forget about your precious AirPods and only discover them after they had their spin in both the washer and the dryer? This situation is surely a little more difficult than just the washing machine.

But, various reports suggest the AirPods can survive one spin of the dryer as well. But, while some airpod users have mentioned how their AirPods were fine after the entire ordeal, others have mentioned how they went through hardware damage.

Since the probability of the AirPods falling off of pocket tends to increase with every laundry step. And the less protected they are, the higher the chance of damage. So, there can’t be a clear-cut verdict on their survival. It might all depend on your luck.

The ultimate fix: what to do if your AirPods don’t survive the washer?

Can AirPods Survive The Washing Machine

There is one clear sign that your AirPods are now a lost cause – no light when you put the AirPods in the case to be charged.

What do you do next, you may wonder?

If you already have AppleCare, then you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead, AppleCare+ will offer coverage for the accidental damage. As per its policy, it offers two incident coverage for a service fee of $29.

However, if you don’t have AppleCare already, you will have to take your damaged AirPods to any local Apple store in an attempt to get them replaced. Only do this if it is under warranty. It will be quite expensive without a warranty, so getting a new set of AirPods will be cheaper, especially if the case still works.

If you still have the warranty of the electronic, you can replace them easily at the expense of an accidental damage fee. However, maybe skip the part about how you put your AirPods in the washer. If you tell them, you probably won’t be covered under warranty.


It is quite common to leave your electronics in your pockets and put them through the washer. While you are definitely not alone in your misfortunes, the steps that come after it are quite a hassle.

So, I would always advise everyone to double-check their clothing items before throwing them in the washing machine.

But, in the worst-case scenario that the mistake has already been made, now you know what to do to try to reverse it. May the force be with you!

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