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Puzzled with getting the right dishwasher tub? Well, why wouldn’t you.

When you visit the store, you see a mind-numbing number of dishwasher varieties. For a person that’s finicky, it can be a nightmare to choose the right one. And the one on a budget would be tempted to go for something that costs the least.

Well, the reason why there’s so much price variation between dishwasher’s prices is because of their tubs. There are two primary kinds. Stainless steel and plastic.

The differences between them are huge. While the price of a plastic tub is significantly lesser than that of stainless steel, the decision isn’t always based on price. We are here to expand upon the subject matter. So that you have a better judgment of what you buy.

Let’s explore the dishwasher tubs: Stainless Steel vs Plastic Dishwasher Tub and see which one is the right fit for you!

The multiple characteristics of each option

There are multiple facets to making the decision for your dishwasher tub. Here we shall lay out the different characteristics of plastic and steel. Read them carefully and see what option fits your needs the best.

Let’s dive into it right away:


Of course, when you invest money into something, you’d want that thing to last you long. Especially something like a dishwasher tub where in an ideal world you buy it once and never have to change it.

Well, in this area, both options are in almost equal standing. Plastic and stainless steel both are long-lasting options. However, steel can rust with continuous usage over time. You’ll have to maintain it the right way to increase its health.

But more often than not, rust is the inevitable fate for steel products.


If you don’t want unnecessary noise piercing your ears, then invest in a stainless steel dishwasher tub.

Plastic dishwasher tubs are noisy. This can be the tipping point for many as they don’t like the dishes and cutlery clattering excessively.

Putting it simply, a plastic dishwasher tub is a coarse way of handling dishes, while stainless steel is a lifestyle upgrade.

Heat resistance

Well, the point of a dishwasher is to clean the dishes thoroughly.

Plastic isn’t the optimal choice in this regard. It’s just enough to get the job done. But if you are a cleanliness freak who isn’t just satisfied with just the stains gone and even want to kill the microbes, then stainless steel is well suited for you.

The thing is, plastic cannot stand high temperatures. The reason is obvious that it’s simply not a plastic property to bear the heat. Stainless steel can easily handle high temperatures, which gives better and more effective cleanliness. This probably answers the question is stainless steel dishwasher safe?

Energy efficiency

Plastic is low on the energy efficiency side.

Stainless steel takes the edge here. If you are someone who doesn’t want to waste a lot of money on the electricity bills billed by your dishwasher, plastic is a bad option for you.


Your dishwasher will gather food particles and dirt here and there. Plus, over time, it will display hard water stains and calcium deposits.

With plastic, it takes longer for the problem to grow enough for it to become visible. With stainless steel, the stains are quick to show.

You’ll need to clean both regularly. Because their existence isn’t good. With stainless steel, you’ll become aware sooner and can take action fast.

There are some remedies to handle these stains, like a quick hot water swish in the machine using baking soda and vinegar.


Plastic is cheap. You can easily get a plastic tub for half the price of a stainless steel tub. Sometimes even for a lesser price.

Stainless steel tubs can easily cross the $1000 mark. But their price is justified by the better usability that they offer.

Stainless steel dishwasher tub

The reasons why you tilt towards stainless steel dishwasher tub are many. As you’ve seen above that, besides the price point, there’s nothing much for a plastic tub to offer.

You can’t even clean the dishes at high temperatures. Because if you do, you’ll need a replacement fast which means there was no point in saving the money initially.

Plastic dishwashers only appeal to that market segment that’s on a tight budget. But remember, a dishwasher isn’t an expense. It’s an investment rather. You buy it once in a few years, so it’s better to buy something that’s an obviously better choice- stainless steel.

Let’s circle back to the benefits of a stainless steel dishwasher tub:

Benefits of Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub

There are several benefits of investing in a stainless steel dishwasher.

Need low Energy

What you invest is recovered here. Stainless steel tubs consume less Energy which means that you actually make a smart move choosing them.

Low Maintenance

You buy a dishwasher for convenience. Maintaining a stainless steel tub is so convenient you’ll thank God that you chose it.

Cleaner Dishes

Plastic can’t handle high temperatures. Stainless steel can. This is why you get better and cleaner dishes once the machine stops.

Quieter Performance

A plastic dishwasher is noisy. And nobody likes to wear earbuds while the dishes are clean.

Premium Design

It’s a lifestyle upgrade. Other than the price point, there are hardly any benefits that plastic tubs offer.


Also, plastic contributes to nature’s deterioration. Which makes stainless steel a far more eco-friendly option.

Limitations of stainless steel tub material

The benefits of stainless steel tubs are many. But there are a few downsides too. However, they aren’t big enough to downplay the benefits that stainless steel tubs offer. Anyways, here they are:

Requires frequent cleaning

Yes, you’ll have to clean the dishwasher frequently because food stains and calcium deposits become visible fast.

But they are present in plastic tubs as well. It’s just that they don’t accentuate that fast. Though the problem remains, and you’ll be eating in dirty dishes just because you don’t see those patches sooner.

Initial Cost

Again, the initial cost of stainless steel dishwasher is almost 50% higher than plastic. But you get the money back over time because of the efficiency that stainless steel offers.

Plastic Tub Dishwasher

Reading the article so far, you may think are dishwashers with plastic tubs any good? Well, there are a few positives of a plastic tub as well. Let’s have a look at them below:

Benefits of Plastic Tub Dishwasher Tubs

Benefits of Plastic Tub Dishwasher Tubs

A few benefits of getting a plastic dishwasher tub:

Lower Price Point

It’s perfect for those on a budget.

Long Life

Plastic lasts a little more than stainless steel. But it doesn’t deliver performance because it deteriorates fast at high temperatures.

Fresh Appearance

Even after months and years, plastic will look new. But remember, you aren’t purchasing a dishwasher to impress others. You are getting it for cleaner dishes!

Why I should avoid Plastic Tub Dishwashers

Honestly, the one primary reason should be that it doesn’t offer as effective cleaning as a stainless steel dishwasher.

The purpose of buying this machine is to have clean dishes. If you can’t run your machine at high temperatures, then what’s the point of getting one.

Other than that, it’s inefficient when compared to its competition. Which means that what you save initially, you’ll pay in electricity bills.

Plus, it’s super noisy. It’d be fine if you had to do the dishes once in a lifetime. But, even if you do the dishes no more than twice a week, the noise can be unbearable.

There are other reasons to avoid the plastic tub dishwashers as well, but the 3 listed above are the most significant to help you make the decision.

Which one is better Stainless steel or Plastic Dishwasher Tub?

It seems like the stainless steel tub dishwasher is a clear winner. Let’s see why:

Cleans better

The purpose of a dishwasher is to clean the dishes to the best possible. One with the stainless steel tub does it and one with the plastic tub doesn’t; you make the call.

Saves Energy

Agreed, that you pay more initially with stainless steel. But you save it in your bill, which makes the plastic tub option almost redundant.

It works quietly

No clattering and irritation. You work in peace, and so does your stainless steel dishwasher, which makes it a clear winner against the plastic.

Why is Stainless Steel Preferred?

Let’s summarise and see why the stainless steel tub trumps over the plastic tub:

  • Durability
  • Superior dying
  • More efficient

If you are looking for the right dishwasher, then the one with a stainless steel tub is easily your best bet. It’s better value for money for sure. Above are the reasons that make stainless steel a better option. Plus, lesser noise is the icing on the cake for sure!

Conclusion: Which tub is better for a dishwasher?

Plastic tub is cheaper. But that’s pretty much the only solid benefit it offers. In fact, it’s just cheaper initially because you end up paying higher bills. Thus, you don’t really save anything.

The list of benefits that the stainless steel tub offers for your dishwasher is many. This makes stainless steel the easy choice.

Summing up everything in one line- if you want better cleaning and an efficiently working machine that doesn’t kill your eardrums, go for a stainless steel tub for your dishwasher.

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