A crock pot is an electric appliance that lets you prepare soups, stews, and other meals. It’s a versatile cooking appliance that’s not only efficient but also easy to use.

If you’ve recently purchased a crock pot you might have certain questions like “Can crock pots go in the dishwasher?” 

For starters, you cannot put the entire crock pot in the dishwasher. A crock pot has multiple parts, and not all of them are dishwasher safe.

To wash the crock pot in a dishwasher, you’ll have to take it apart and separate the dishwasher-safe parts. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to its look after, it may not be that simple. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Happens When You Put A Crock Crockpot In The Dishwasher?

A crock pot should never be placed directly in a dishwasher. If you placed your crock pot in the dishwasher without disassembling it there are two things that can go wrong. Here’s an insight into this. 

It May Result In A Potential Electric Hazard:

Since a crockpot is an electric appliance, it has a number of electric components. These components may not seem exposed but they can get wet if you place them in the dishwasher. 

In that case, it will damage the internals of your crockpot and water may not get drained entirely from it. So, the next time you try to use it, electrocution will also be a hazard. In fact, it may even end up blowing the internal circuitry of the crockpot. 

This is precisely why you need to take it apart and only wash the dishwasher-safe parts.

It May Cause Wear And Tear In The Inner Container And Lid:

Not all crock pots have the same build quality or construction. If you frequently wash the inner container and lid in the dishwasher, it may be exposed to a higher risk of wear and tear and will affect the performance of your crock pot. 

So, when you’re purchasing a crock pot, make sure it has a sturdy build quality and can safely withstand being in the dishwasher.

If you’re not sure about the build quality of the crock pot you’re considering, you can go through the instructions manual to see if it’s dishwasher safe. 

Is it good to put Crockpot in the Dishwasher?

The answer to this question depends on your approach to cleaning the crock pot. Is it good to put the entire crockpot in the dishwasher? No. Is it good to put the dishwasher-safe parts of the crockpot in the dishwasher? Yes. 

The lid and the bowl part of the crock pot can safely be washed in the dishwasher, whereas the other parts of the crock pot are not dishwasher safe. 

Although these parts may be safe to go in the dishwasher, you still have to observe any indications or signs of physical damage caused by the dishwasher.

To avoid risking your pot’s life, you should occasionally wash it by hand, rather than washing it in the dishwasher every time you use it. 

What parts of the crockpot can go in the dishwasher?

A crock pot has multiple parts that form one single structure. It comprises of a stoneware/bowl, a lid, and a base inside the crock pot that contains all of the electric circuitry. Now, the question is, what parts of the crock pot can go in the dishwasher? 

Here are the parts that can safely go in the dishwasher. 


The lid of a crock pot can safely be washed in a dishwasher. However, you need to make sure that you do not put it in the dishwasher while it is hot. If you do that, you will be damaging the lid of your crock pot and it will shorten its lifespan. 


If your crock pot features a removable bowl/stoneware, you can simply put it in the dishwasher. The bowl or the stoneware of the crock pot is extremely sturdy and can withstand high pressures. 

Since not all crock pots are of the same structure or build quality, you need to go through the instructions manual to assess what parts of your crock pot can go in the dishwasher. 

What Parts Of A Crock Pot Should Never Go In The Dishwasher?

Generally, a crock pot may sometimes be equipped with accessories that may or may not be dishwasher safe. Just to be on the safer side, read the following instructions to avoid any accidents. 

Avoid washing the heating base of the crock pot

The heating base is the main part of your crock pot and is directly connected to the electric circuitry. Washing it in the dishwasher will lead to malfunctions and may even lead to short circuits. 

To clean the heating base, you need to clean it by hand. A good way to do this would be to get a cloth, slightly damp it and add some dish soap.Scrub the entire base and wipe it off with a dry cloth. 

Examine the accessories of the crock pot and see if they are dishwasher safe

In most cases, the accessories equipped in a crock pot are not safe to be washed in a dishwasher. These include temperature regulators, temperature monitoring screens, stirrers, and other extras.

None of these accessories are dishwasher friendly and you will have to clean them by hand. 

A good rule of thumb is to go through the user manual of your crock pot and see what the manufacturer has advised regarding this.

4 Easy Steps To Safely Clean Crock Pots in the Dishwasher:

Can Crock Pots Go In The Dishwasher

If you’re thinking of washing your crock pot in the dishwasher, here’s a safe approach for it. 

Let the crock pot cool down

If you have just used the crock pot, you should let it cool down before preparing it for the dishwasher.

Disassemble it to separate the dishwasher safe parts

A crockpot has only a few parts that you can clean in the dishwasher. Make sure you separate them from the parts that contain electrical units to avoid any potential hazards after washing them.


Before you go ahead and place the lid, and the stoneware in the dishwasher, make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

This will prevent food from drying off on it, and remove the stuck particles from the crock pot. This will ensure your crock pot is properly cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Place the crock pot in the dishwasher

Make sure you put it away from the detergent dispenser. This will prevent the detergent from being blocked by the body of the crock pot and will allow it to be cleaned thoroughly. 

Run the dishwasher

Let it run its course and when it’s done, take out the crock pot parts and let them dry off before reassembling it. 

What Kinds Of Crockpots Are Not Dishwasher Safe?

When it comes to crock pots, there are hundreds of different models available. Each has a different construction and build quality. There are some crock pots that feature a non-removable bowl and a lid that is attached to the body of the crock pot. 

Such crock pots are not safe to go in the dishwasher and you will have to clean them by hand. Washing such crock pots in the dishwasher will damage the crock pot and as a result, it will be of no use to you. 

Additionally, the construction of your stoneware/bowl also determines whether your crock pot is dishwasher safe or not. There are two materials that bowls are made of, ceramic and stainless steel. 

So, before you go ahead and put the bowl in the dishwasher, you need to see what it is made of. In the case of ceramic and steel bowls with no non-stick coating, you can safely wash it in the dishwasher. 

On the other hand, if your crock pot has a non-stick coating, it’s strongly advised to not wash it in the dishwasher. It will damage the external coating of the bowls and will not be able to prevent the food from sticking to its shell. 

Is my Hamilton Beach crock pot dishwasher safe?

Hamilton Beach Crock Pots are one of the most commonly purchased pots. Fortunately, it has an extremely durable build and is entirely safe for microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers.

All you need to do is avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures such as putting it in the dishwasher while it is hot. 

Additionally, you also need to make sure that you do not wash the cord or the heating filament part of your Hamilton crock pot. If you need to clean it, all you have to do is get a damp cloth, add a little dish soap and clean it by hand. 

Once you’re done scrubbing and cleaning it, you need to dry it with a soft cloth to avoid any scratches. Ta-da! 

Is It Worth Washing Your Crock Pot In The Dishwasher?

Your crock pot is dishwasher safe, but is it worth cleaning in the dishwasher? If it’s once or twice a week, yes, it’s absolutely worth it. However, if you regularly clean it in the dishwasher, you should know that even the sturdiest build quality crock pots can wear and tear over time. 

To avoid any potential damage to the crock pot, you need to hand wash your crock pot whenever you can. This will lower the chances of physical wear and tear in the crock pot and ensure its longevity. 

Is It Better to Put a Crockpot in the Dishwasher, or Clean It by Hand?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. These determine whether it’s better to put a crockpot in the dishwasher or to simply wash it by hand.  

These factors include:

The size of the crock pot

A larger crock pot will take up more space in the dishwasher and depending on where you place it in the dishwasher, it may end up blocking the soap from dispensing across the entire tray. 

As a result, you will end up with a dirty crock pot even after washing it, and apart from this, you will also have to do more cycles of the dishwasher since a large crock pot will take up most of the space. 

The level of dirt or the amount of food leftovers stuck on the pot

A dishwasher will have trouble cleaning a dirty crock pot that has stuck up leftovers in the bowl. It will not be able to clean the entire pot and you will have to wash it by hand despite letting it run in the dishwasher.

As a result, you will end up cleaning the crock pot twice which makes washing it in the dishwasher not worth it. 

Based on the above factors, we can conclude that you should not wash your crock pot in the dishwasher all the time. You’ll be better off taking a balanced approach towards washing the crock pot by hand and in the dishwasher. 

Can Crock Pots Go In The Dishwasher

Final Thoughts:

Can crock pots go in the dishwasher? Yes, but, you will have to disassemble and remove all of its parts before you can wash it in the dishwasher. So, as long as it has a removable lid, stoneware/bowl, and removable accessories you’ll have no trouble running it in the dishwasher. 

Since a crock pot is an electric appliance and has electric circuits equipped in it you cannot simply toss it in the dishwasher to clean it. Exposing the electronics to water will end up malfunctioning the crock pot and may end its life.

A good rule of thumb is to remove the lid, and the bowl of the crock pot and wash them separately in a dishwasher. If the bowl is dirty, you will have to manually rinse it and afterward, clean it in a dishwasher. 

When it comes to the heating base and other accessories in your crock pot, they can be washed by hand. Once your dishwasher is done washing, you need to let the parts dry off and then reassemble them in the crock pot.

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