There is no doubt that Speed Queen is a reliable home appliance brand. They produce top grade washing machines which include both top loader and front loader. Generally, Speed Queen washers should last at least 10 years or more. They are designed to work without any problem. That’s why their washers usually get positive reviews. If Speed Queen washer problems are noticed, you can fix them easily by yourself without spending any service fee.

Speed Queen washer problems

Speed Queen Washer Problems & Solution

You do not need to be a specialist to troubleshoot a Speed Queen. In the below, I have listed common problems with the best solutions.

Washer Won’t Start

  • Your washer won’t start if the lid is opened. Close the lid and set the timer. Push the power to an electrical outlet. Don’t use an extension cord or adapter.
  • Does your washer smell an electrical burning odor? Does your washer push after it starts? Probably the motor overload protector is engaged. Give your washer two or three minutes to turn back on. Reset the household breaker and try back again.
  • If the problem still goes on, check whether the lid switch is OK or not. Replace the switch if it creates a problem or it burned out.

Fills Slowly or Won’t fill at all

  • If your Speed Queen washer is not filling, turn on both hot and cold water faucets. Look for debris that blocks the hose or filter screens and clean them properly. If possible straighten the inlet water hose.
  • Close washer’s lid properly. Check the water inlet valve. Replace it with a new one if it leaks or doesn’t work accurately.
  • Check your home water pressure. If home water pressure is too low, your washer may not fill. At least 20 psi water pressure is required to work inlet valve properly. So, ensure enough water pressure.

Speed Queen Washer Won’t Spin

  • You consider lid switch assembly for this situation. It prevents from spinning when the lid is open. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the lid switch. If it doesn’t have continuity, replace it with a new one.
  • Check the drive belt whether it is broken or loose on the pulleys. Replace it with a new one, if you find it broken or loose.
  • Motor control board provides the necessary power to the motor. If the control board is defective, your washer won’t spin properly. Check the motor control board for burned components. If the board is defective, the motor won’t get the power to spin. Again, if the control board doesn’t pass the power to the motor, change it.

Washer Vibrating or Shaking

  • Shock absorbers reduce the vibration of the washtub. If the shock absorbers are broken or worn out, your washer will vibrate. So, check and replace it if requires.
  • Counterbalance springs are vital parts of a washer that reduce vibrating or shaking. If a spring breaks, your washer will be unbalanced. So, inspect for broken counterbalance springs and replace them.
  • Suspension springs absorb the movements of washtub. If a suspension spring breaks, your washer will cause vibration and shaking. So, check whether suspension spring is OK or not. If necessary, change it.

Washer Won’t Agitate

  • Replacing the agitator kit will solve your problems. The kit contains components that are risky to wear out or fail. If any part is damaged, you need to replace the kit.
  • Have you inspected the drive block? It connects washer transmission to the agitator. If the drive block is worn out, the transmission shaft will move back and forth but the agitator won’t move or move slightly. So, check the drive block for any damage. Replace it if needs.
  • If the drive belt is broken or loose on the pulleys your washer may face problems to agitate. Inspect the drive belt and change if it requires.

Washer leaking problem

  • The drain pump pumps water out through the drain hose. If the bearings in the drain pump worn out, drain pump is cracked or damaged then your washer will leak water. Drain pump is not repairable. So, replace it.
  • If the tub seal is torn, it let the water leak. Again, if the tub seal leaks, water leaks through the tub seal into the bearings. This causes the failure of bearings. In this case, replace both tub seal and bearings. It is a complicated task and needs to disassemble most of the washer.
  • If the door boot is torn, it causes leak from the seal. Replace it if requires.

Speed Queen washer Draining problem

  • Sometimes, small articles of clothing enter the drain pump and prohibit washer from draining properly. Look for obstacles in the drain pump and remove it. If there is no obstacle in the drain pump but it is noisy during the draining cycle, replace it with a new one.
  • Sometimes, small objects like socks or towels can log the hose and pump by entering into the drain system. Just remove the hose from the pump and clean the obstructions.
  • If the drain hose is kinked, twisted, or bent, your washer won’t drain properly. ‍So, straighten it out.

Washer overflows

  • Turn off the power of your washer while it fills water. If you notice your washer is filling water without getting power, it indicates that the problem goes with the water inlet valve. So, replace the defective water inlet valve.
  • Pressure switch turns off the power when your washer reaches a certain water level. When pressure switch fails, the inlet valve continues to fill water that causes overflow. That means the pressure switch needs to be replaced. But before replacing pressure switch ensure that the air tube is out of debris and not leaking.
  • Sometimes low pressure from house water supply causes your washer overflow. It requires minimum water pressure of 20 psi to shut off the water inlet valve properly. So, check your house water supply pressure whether it is sufficient or not. If it isn’t getting sufficient pressure, try to increase it.

Washer door or lid won’t lock

  • Door lock needs to be shut before your washer starts operation. If the door lock switch is defective, the door won’t latch accurately. It may be failed electrically or mechanically. So, inspect each of the door lock switches with a multimeter to determine whether it is failed with electrically or mechanically. If you find any problems, replace it.
  • Door latch might be the culprit also. Check whether the door latch is damaged or not. If it is damaged, replacing is the best solution.
  • If the main control board is defective the door won’t lock. But it is a rare case. That’s why check all components of the lock mechanism before replacing the main control board. If there is no defective part, replace it.

Washer stops mid cycle

  • Washer starts its operation when the door lock is shut properly. If there is a problem with door lock or it is not latched shut, the door switch prevents washer to operates or stop mid-cycle.
  • Water inlet valve lets water to enter the washtub. If it fails, washer waits for water to enter into the tub that causes stop mid-cycle.
  • It’s a common problem that may be caused by timer. Before changing timer inspect all other commonly defective parts. Use a multimeter to test the timer’s continuity and replace it if requires.


Are Speed Queen washers still good?

Speed Queen washers are built with premium materials that resist rust eating. The cleaning performance is better than most other brands. Their after-sales service is amazing. Apart from that you can troubleshoot problems by yourself. Overall, Speed Queen washers are still good and always will be.

Are Speed Queen washing machine parts available?

Speed Queen is a big brand in the laundry market. They not only produce full machine but also sell their washing machine’s accessories and parts. So, there is no tension about Speed Queen washer’s parts.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned solutions are very much practical. If you need any parts to solve the problems of Speed Queen washers, always collect them from the manufacturer authorized dealer or shops. Never use so called cheap parts from local sellers. If the problems are major, I suggest you not to try at home. It will be better to send your washer to the service shop to repair it. If the warranty is still, contact with the Speed Queen’s customer service.


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