Samsung is one of the major appliances brands in the world. Like other appliances, their dishwasher works fine for years with the least maintenance. It can keep you tension free. You can use Samsung dishwasher for light to tight dirty dishes. But it is a machine and it can fall electrically or mechanically. Samsung dishwasher touchpad not working is one of the possible problems that your dishwasher has the possibility to face. Though it is rare you should know how to solve this problem. As a common user, you may find it critical but there is a straightforward and effective solution for you.

Samsung dishwasher touchpad not working
Image: Samsung Dishwasher Source: Samsung

There are various reasons behind this problem. In this article, I am going to cover the most common reasons which are responsible for touchpad problem with their best practical solutions.

Replace Touchpad

Make sure that the display of your dishwasher is working. If it is working fine, press all of the touchpad buttons. If you find some touchpad buttons are working fine but others are not working accurately, it indicates that the touchpad is at fault. There are some Samsung dishwashers that let you replace touchpad separately from the control panel. If your dishwasher doesn’t allow to replace touchpad separately, you need to buy and replace the whole control panel to solve this problem.

Replace both Touchpad and Control Panel

First of all, confirm that the display is working fine. Now press all of the buttons. If you notice that some of the buttons are responding but others aren’t then touchpad and control panel are at fault. You need to replace them. If your machine allows you to replace touchpad or control panel separately, replace the touchpad firstly. If problem still goes, replace the control panel also. It will solve your dishwasher’s touchpad problem.

Replace Your Samsung Dishwasher’s Main Control Board to Fix Touchpad Not Working Problem

Like other appliances, main control board is the soul of every dishwasher. It controls nearly every function of your dishwasher. If the Main control board falls electrically, it won’t send signal to the touchpad control panel and touchpad. Ultimately, your machine’s touchpad will not work properly. You need to replace the main control board to solve this problem. Main control board isn’t repairable. Purchasing and replacing it may cost a big amount. So, it is better to check all other possible defective parts before replacing it. Besides, main control board is the least defective part of your dishwasher.

Final Verdict

Samsung dishwasher’s touchpad not working is not a major problem. But it can create a hassle when you have lots of dishes to clean. If you want to get this problem fixed by a repairman you need to pay a handsome amount of money. But you can save money and fix your dishwasher by following my above mentioned solutions. You just need about an hour of free time and parts. Apart from that, if you are unable in fixing this problem, it is better to seek help from the manufacturer’s customer service.

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