Are you searching for a guide on how to wash hey dude shoes in washing machine? OR Can you clean them in the washing machine? It is not only feasible but too easy and suitable.

Well, we organized an entire piece that covers all the details you need to wash your hey dudes’ shoes.

A person who is not familiar with washing Hey Dude Shoes in washing machines can learn here how to wash them in a very simple way.

A washing machine is a source of pleasure for many people because of its advantages. The washing machine is a very necessary tool in our lives. This article will help you how to wash Hey dude shoes in washing machine without any complications!

Can You Wash Hey Dudes In The Washing Machine? 

The reply to this question is yes, and you can wash them in the washing machine. The process is easy; you just need to follow some instructions and tips. These help you in the process of washing and give you better and long-lasting results.

Hey Dude shoes are known as the biggest selling shoe brand. This brand gives you a variety of selling options. They sell men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes and they also have other products for sale.

Hey Dude’s shoes are known for their stylish and sensual designs, but do they really clean as well as they say? This post aims to answer the question by comparing washing machines. Hey Dude company states that their shows can be washed in the washing machine.

Most shoes can be safely washed in the washer besides suede, leather, and wool materials. Traditional cleaning methods can damage and ruin leather shoes and other materials like suede, wool, or fur. 

These shoes are best cleaned in the washing machine, which uses gentle cleaning that removes dirt and stains from the surface of the shoe, quickly leaving it clean and shiny. 

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In The Washing Machine(Step By Step)

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In Washing Machine (3)

Nowadays, many people are searching for “How to wash hey dude shoes in washing machine.” However, you can do that but take some safeguards while washing your shoes.

For protection, use a towel or cushion to prevent your hey dude shoes from striking the walls of the washing machine. Shoe wash bags can also be used for this purpose.

Hey dude, shoes are one of those whom you can wash in the washing machine. The company states that you can wash them in the washing machine if they are dirty with Mudd, then before cleaning, dry them.

 After that, remove the insole laces and pop them into a cold wash on a non-spin cycle of the machine.

Hey Dude, Shoes Washing Procedure Step by Step Guide

If you have the proper materials and use them with careful care, you can clean Hey Dude Shoes very well in the machine. This is a  great tool that will repay your efforts with handsome dividends. Here are the steps to wash Hey Dude Shoes in the washing machine.

1. Remove Laces And Insoles

Laces and insoles should be removed from shoes to avoid any accidents. So firstly, remove them although they are machine washable. The company says that Hey Dude shoes are machine washable and that they can be washed by hand.

They can be tangled in the machine, so take them out and wash them separately for better results. If you require special washing, then apply the instructions of the company.

2. Wash Your Insoles

After slipping on some mud, you may have a little rock that is stuck in between the thread of your shoe sole. Or an ooze might get on your foot. Using cold water washing, you can easily remove these problems.

Wash your insoles with cold water to remove mud, greases, and odors trapped between the threads. Little rocks or stones will also come off fast after a thorough rinse. 

3. Clean Your Laces

Cleaning your laces is no longer a problem. Clean your laces with a soft, wet cloth after every wear. Don’t soak them for a longer period because this can lose their elasticity. If needed, then clean them after a week.

4. Liquid Detergent

There are many kinds of detergent. Some are made for commercial use, while others are made for households.

The liquid detergent market is growing rapidly and has the potential to give great results. A small amount of this is used because powder detergent can induce irritation.

5. Make A Washing Solution 

The detergent powder is expensive and a waste of time. So, we think it will be useful to add liquid detergent to the washing machine. Half fill your machine with cold water. Then mix the liquid detergent and cold water. After the mixture, put your shoes in the machine.

6. Wash On Delicate/Light

Select it on a delicate cycle and use cold water because hot water washing is not good for shoes. It can cause shrinking or warping.

7. Drying  

When drying, don’t use a dryer or heat air because laces and insoles are air-dried just! So don’t place your hey dude in the dryer.

8. Air-Dry 

Today we have a better alternative: the open air! Leave your shoes in the open air but don’t expose them to the sun directly. Direct exposure can be harmful. So, dry your Hey dude in the open place, and this will help you to keep your shoes in good condition.

It’s done; now you can keep your Hey Dude shoes clean and fresh all the time.


Cleaning guidelines are the suggestion. If you rinse them in the washing machine, then they are not eligible for returns or warranty policy.

Suggestions On How to Reduce Shoe Smell

Shoe odor can cause many problems for people who are not used to it. For example, if a shoe has an unpleasant odor, people usually do not want to wear them even after doing so. 

If you have a problem with the smell of your shoes, you will have to learn how to reduce them and wear them without causing any discomfort or embarrassment.

Here are a few suggestions that you can make to lessen your feet’ smell.

  • Shoes get dirty even during the day after a long walk. They also get sticky. You can avoid these problems by wearing clean and fresh shoes on the day before your next walk. Also, clean your shoes with cold water after a long walk so that they dry completely overnight.
  • Wear socks because they’ll absorb the sweat, which is more of a problem when you’re walking around in shoes—they’ll soak the sweat rather than your shoes.
  • Air out your Hey Dude shoes suitably after every use
  • Shoes are the most important item when it comes to deodorizing. If it is not properly cleaned, shoes can smell like a mixture of stale sweat and perspiration. 

However, there are many commercial types of powders that you can buy at the market or order online. Use them after each wear.

  • We all know how vital it is to breathe. Even a small amount of breathable material can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort and performance. 

Some shoes have contained materials that are not breathable but have been made with such materials as a result of their design. So, select those shoes that are constructed from breathable materials.

  • Before wearing, make sure that your shoes and feet are dry

How To Deodorize Hey Dude With Tea Packs

You don’t have to bother about smelling bad when you go out in public because you can use tea bags to deodorize your shoes.

The most useful method to deodorize your hey dudes is to place tea packs in shoes. You can pick any flavor of the tea pack and wait for the results. Drop the tea pack into each shoe to deodorize them.

This process works wonderfully!

Advice To Maintain Your Hey Dudes Shoes Looking New

Washing your Hey Dudes shoes is easy, and it’s necessary to maintain them look new. Here are some tips:

  • Clean your shoes with a brush. This will release mud and dust.
  • Make sure to use cold water while cleaning your shoes.
  • Don’t use hot water for washing or cleaning your shoes.
  • Dry them in air dry.
  • Don’t expose them directly to the sunlight.
  • Please don’t dry in the dryer.

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What Methods Can You Use To Dry Hey Dude Shoes Without Dryer?

The best way to dry your shoes is without a dryer. Here we put together some easy ways you can use it. All the ways are safe, so you don’t need to bother.

Method 1

First of all, open all the parts of your Hey Dude and roll them in an old towel. Then dry them with the towel as much as possible. 

Method 2

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every house. The refrigerator uses a vent fan to ensure that the hot air is caught and blown out of the house. 

This hot air is the best place to dry them. This method will take time so wait until you get dryness. It can take a whole day. The vent fan is a good choice, and this works well. 

Method 3

This method is for lazy individuals that don’t want to do work but just want desired results. Fill up the basket with rice, then put your Hey Dude shoes into that basket. Rice will absorb the water from your shoes. So wait until rice absorbs the moisture.

Method 4

Fill your shoes will newspaper or other papers of that type until you completely stuff them. These papers will absorb water from the shoes. 

When the paper absorbs water, replace that paper with a new one to absorb more water. Tie the shoes with laces after putting the paper; this can boost the absorbing process.

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In Washing Machine (2)


Are hey dude shoes waterproof?

Hey Dudes are made of polyester and cotton. They are able to withstand all types of weather conditions. But they are not waterproof due to their canvas. They have been used for many years in the field of agriculture, construction, electrical engineering, mining, and more. 

Can you dry hey dude’s shoes in the dryer?

No, you cannot dry them in the dryer. The dryer is a great tool to help you maintain your clothes, but it should not be used as a second home for your shoes. Dryers are designed to dry garments. Do not use the dryer as an alternative home for your footwear. Drying your shoes in the front yard is a good way to keep them looking supple but do not put them in a plastic bag, as this will retain odors. Remember not to dry them directly from the sunlight.

Hey Dude shrink after washing?

Yes, the danger is there, but don’t stress about it. If you rinse them with cold water and liquid detergent, then there will be no danger. And washing them in delicate light mode also saves you from

Conclusion: How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In Washing Machine

It is necessary to care about your shoes because this will make them look new and also enhance the life period of your shoes, which is a great thing!

It does not matter that you wear them daily or wear them on particular occasions; just keep your shoes neat and clean. This will make them look good and last longer.

Follow the above steps and tips while washing your shoes; this will able them to look and smell good. After washing, don’t use the dryer to dry your shoes. 

Dry them in the open air and don’t put them directly in the sunlight. If you espouse them direct to the sunlight or bleach them, then this will damage them. I hope this article will help you with how to wash hey dude shoes in washing machine. It’s time for fun; let’s do it.

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