We have researched and spent time to build this best speed queen washing machine reviews 2021. Probably, you know that Speed Queen is a commercial-grade washing machine brand and designed to provide service for years. Besides, you can troubleshoot these washers without being an expert.

In this case, Speed Queen has popularity in most of the countries of the world. It reduces the usage of water and saves your energy bill. Besides, you will get washing service for decades from it.

Speed Queen Washing Machine Reviews
Image: Speed Queen Washing Machine

Having a washing machine is not a matter of fashion. Rather, it is a mandatory appliance in your apartment. In modern times you really deserve it. But when it is the question to the landlord of the house owner, it is very hard to select the perfect commercial washer. Because it is a matter to reduce the usage of water and save electricity costs.

5 Speed Queen Washing Machine Reviews

Here we have made a review of 5 best Speed Queen washers according to the consumers’ opinion. Hope, you will get a guideline to take the best one. So, let’s check…

Speed Queen TR3000WN

Speed Queen TR3000WN review

First of all, we have listed TR3000WN in number one of our Speed Queen reviews. It’s an agitator top load washer. For long-lasting performance and superior results, this washer is made with durable premium material. Also, this washer is designed to offer commercial-grade functionality. This washer comes with 3.2 cubic feet washing capacity. It is a high-quality washer that belongs time-remaining indicator, start and delay timer and also cycle ending signal. You will get some notable options like extra rinse, warm wash, softening, soak, pre-wash and bleach in it.

This top load washer features an elegant washing system. Its auto-fill systems ensure that each load uses sufficient water for the perfect wash. Besides, the agitator and tub work jointly to do a gentle wash that removes the least water from clothes. Speed Queen TR3000WN comes with four heavy-duty wash cycle options. It has auto-balancing technology that is beyond expectations. Just like other’s model front load washers, it works completely noise-free.

Speed Queen TR3000WN Features

  • Time-remaining indicator, start and delay timer and cycle ending signal are available.
  • Extra rinse, warm wash, softening, soak, pre-wash and bleach options are included in it.
  • Durable stainless steel tub ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Heavy duty suspension ensure less vibration and noise.
  • Three temperature selections are available.
  • Auto Balancing System is beyond expectations.

Speed Queen TR5000WN

Speed Queen TR5000WN washer review

This Speed Queen is 3.2 cu. ft. capacity top load washing machine. You will get a Perfect Wash system, solid mount suspension system and durable stainless steel tub in it. TR5000WN delivers the best wash as well as takes care of your clothes. Its auto-fill system ensures sufficient water for an effective wash. Again, its tub and agitator work together to create a gentle wash. This washer comes with Porcelain Coated Steel Outer Tub that won’t chip, crack or corrode and it lasts longer than plastic.

For less vibration, it features a full steel base with heavy-duty springs that longer machine life. It traditional full-size agitator helps to move water through clothes and creates gentles wash. Its heavy-duty, all-metal pulley and drive system will lead this machine for years of worry-free operation. For commercial-grade wash performance, this machine is powered by 1 Horse Power motor. Finally, your investment on this machine will lead you a tension free life.

Speed Queen TR5000WN Features

  • Designed, tested and built to deliver 25 years of commercial-grade performance.
  • Unique auto-fill system ensures that every load uses enough water for an effective wash.
  • Tub and agitator working together create a gentle wash.
  • Spin Only and Hand Wash cycle is available in it.
  • Cold Wash is included in it.
  • Powered by 1 Horsepower motor.

Speed Queen TR7000WN

Speed Queen TR7000WN Washing machine review

It is a 26 Inch Top Load Washer with 3.2 cubic feet washing capacity. This Speed Queen TR7000WN is designed, built and tested to deliver commercial-grade performance. There are 8 wash cycles in it. Its three temperature control settings ensure no damage to your clothes when you select them properly. Actually, this machine is designed and manufactured to last 25 years. It can keep steps with extreme moisture, temperature, vibration and power surges.

TR7000WN comes with an auto fill system. Its powerful agitator guarantees that every clothes get enough water to do an effective wash. This is machine the tub and agitator work in combined to provide a gentle wash. They also move enough water through clothes to provide the consumer with a premium wash as well as a level of fabric care. It is one of the best trending Speed Queen washers on the market that gives you the best warranty. Finally, its 7-year warranty covers all parts and in-home labor (conditions apply).

Speed Queen TR7000WN Features

  • Manufacturer designed this machine to last 25 years.
  • It’s designed with Stainless Steel that gives you a premium feel.
  • Extreme moisture, temperature, vibration and power surges can do no damage.
  • It comes with an auto-fill system that ensures enough water for clothes.
  • Tub and agitator work jointly to give you a premium wash.
  • Like other top loader washing machine, it works without creating noise.


SPEED QUEEN commercial washer

It is known as Speed Queen’s coin-operated top-load commercial washer. It reduces the usage of water and energy costs of building owners and property managers. SWNSX2SP115TW02 gives the property owner the advantage of energy conservation, equipment breakdowns, and vandalism. This washer comes with a durable stainless steel wash tub that provides a long-lasting usage. Its durable porcelain enamel tops and lids resist corrosion and scratching and also ensures long-last performance.

SWNSX2SP115TW02 features an automatic balancing suspension. It provides the industry’s best out-of-balance handling, completing wash cycles with no interruption. For superior wash ability, this machine comes with a curved four-vane polypropylene agitator that provides 210° agitation stroke. Its coin slide control is easy to use and comes with features for optimal coin-vented laundry room operations. In fine, it’s a little bit costly than the above-mentioned washers. But investing in it will lead you a hassle-free life.

Speed Queen SWNSX2SP115TW02 Features

  • Built with durable stainless steel washtub.
  • Extract speed of 710 RPMs spins clothes out drier.
  • Automatic Balancing Suspension provides the industry’s best out-of-balance handling, completing wash cycles without interruption.
  • Durable porcelain enamel tops and lids resist corrosion and scratching.
  • Features water and energy-efficient designs, quality internal components and high-security systems, multi-housing owners can depend on Speed Queen.
  • Features Normal Hot, Normal Warm, Normal Cold, Delicate, Perm Press Cold, and Perm Press Warm wash cycles.


SPEED QUEEN Home Style Digital Top Load Washer (LWNE22SP115TW01)

SPEED QUEEN LWNE22SP115TW01 26 Inch Commercial Top-Load Washer. It comes with 3.22 cu. ft. Capacity. To ensure an extended life this washer is built with heavy-duty components. It comes with stainless steel washtub, all-metal transmission, and a commercial-grade cabinet finish. Its stainless steel tub is ready to give you a long-lasting and dependable performance. Moreover, this washer features an auto-filling system that will significantly save your water and energy costs.

This speed queen washer has an electronic homestyle control system that is not only durable but also also easy to operate. It comes with a time-remaining display, six preset cycle buttons, and cycle adjustability. Its advanced suspension system eliminates the possibility of an unbalanced load. A curved four-vane agitator delivers an industry-best 210° wash stroke that produces unparalleled cleaning results. After all, investing in this washing machine will not dissatisfy you.

Speed Queen LWNE22SP115TW01 Features

  • 3.22 cu. ft. capacity, commercial-grade top load washer.
  • Features extra-large capacity stainless steel tub that ensures long-lasting, dependable performance.
  • Its advanced suspension system eliminates the possibility of an unbalanced load.
  • A curved four-vane agitator delivers an industry-best 210° wash stroke that produces unparalleled cleaning results.
  • Autofill system ensures water to move through clothes and also saves water and energy costs.
  • Electronic Homestyle control is durable and easy to operate with intuitive selection buttons.

Buying Guide for Speed Queen Washing Machines

Speed Queen is reliable commercial brand washer. You can pick one from them without any hesitation. But there are some factors that you should keep in mind when you are going to buy a washer. Let’s check-


Speed Queen washers feature different capacity. Determine how much load you need to put at a time. If you want to avoid frequent washing with smaller machine than you should choice large capacity one. Again, if you belongs to a joint family or you want to set up a central washer then it is wise decision to choose a big capacity washer.


Large capacity washer means large size. So, it needs a handsome space to set up. That’s why you should measure your space before buying one. Then order a unit that won’t cross the limit of your space.


Speed Queen equipped their washers with the latest features.  Stainless steel tub, heavy-duty suspension, auto-balancing system, delay timer and pause options are common in most other washers in Speed Queen. The more features you want the more you need to pay. So, decide which features are mandatory for you and which are not.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What company makes Speed Queen washers?

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC is the mother company of Speed Queen branded washers. Its headquarter is located in Tipon, Wisconsin, USA. This appliance manufacturer has introduced Speed Queen as commercial laundry equipment as of 2004.

Are Speed Queen washers quiet?

Speed Queen top load washer comes with an inverter drive with a pulley system to move the washtub. While cycles run, a powerful and quiet motion like an ocean wave is created that removes dirt and stains from fabrics. So, there is no chance to get hampered your home environment by this washer.

Are Speed Queen washers worth the extra money?

Definitely, Speed Queen washers are well worth of money. If you are bored with your front load washers that creates mold and mildew, this brand will relax you from them. Apart from that, Speed Queen is the only washing machine brand that is ready to provide you a commercial-grade performance. According to the manufacturer, these washers are built to last at least 25 years. So, investment in Speed Queen is not a waste of money.

How to get speed queen commercial washer manual/programming manual?

Speed queen commercial washer always comes with a manual. If you have already lost your washer’s manual, go to Speed Queen’s Manual Download page, search writing the model number and download it.

Where should I put the detergent in a Speed Queen commercial washer?

You should put the detergent on the bottom of the washtub before putting clothes. Don’t put the detergent on the top of the agitator. It is only for fabric softener.


Speed queen washing machine reviews is the result of long term research of our team. You can consider it a perfect guideline in terms of buying a washing machine.

People like Speed Queen Washers for their durability and long term customer service. Actually, this brand has won the satisfaction of customers. Before buying any other washing machine don’t forget to check the products we have listed above.


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