Maytag is one of the trusted brands in the name of home appliance manufacturers in the world. To give you a versatile and dependable business laundry solution, Maytag has already introduced various commercial grade washers. Originally, the manufacturer has empowered you by introducing them. Maytag washer runs with a combination of mechanical and electrical power. Like other electronic devices, it can face no sense or stuck issue. In this situation, your washer fails to accept command. That is why you can’t use your unit until it returns to its sense. Just reset the machine and get your washer back in working condition.

How to Reset Maytag Commercial Washer
Image: Maytag Commercial Washer Image Sourec: Maytag

Quick Resetting Formula for Maytag Commercial Washer

A simple power ON/OFF can reset your machine. Follow our detailed guidelines on how to reset Maytag commercial washer and bring your unit back to track again.

  • Firstly, Press the Power switch Off in your washer.
  • Secondly, Unplug your washer from the wall electric outlet panel. If your washer is directly connected to the home electric line, you can alternatively lift down the home electric circuit breaker.
  • Thirdly, wait at least 1 minute. But 3 minute is recommended.
  • Fourthly, Plug your washer back to the wall electric outlet panel or lift up the home electric circuit breaker and press the Power switch On.
  • Lastly, lift and lower your washer’s lid 6 times within 12 seconds. It will reset motor. Remember to do this job within 30 seconds after pressing the power switch on.

Congratulations! You have successfully reset your Maytag commercial washer and it is ready to accept command and start a new cycle.

Final Words

Maytag washers are equipped with different types of modern technologies. You can control everything from their detailed control panel and view the command and notifications on the display. Also, you can manage your own utility bill, optimize revenue and improve throughput.

You can’t consider laundry just a profession. Rather it can be a profitable business for you. With Maytag’s innovations and cutting-edge technology, you can optimize your business with efficiency and productivity. Never stop with obstacles! Maytag is waiting for you with their world class solutions. Just claim the warranty.

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