Kenmore dishwasher comes with various programs and features. A user can easily select one from the control panel for an effective wash. If he wants to change a setting while the machine is set in a program, he needs to reset it. So, a user must know how to reset Kenmore dishwasher. Manufacturer throws user manual along with the unit when ships a product. You will find everything you must know to run the machine. If you have already lost it, don’t worry! Here you are going to get 5 different kinds of potential reset methods. Just try one and follow step by step.

How to Reset Kenmore Dishwasher
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Perform a Hard Reset

This is the most common and simple method that you can apply to all models of Kenmore dishwasher. Just unplug your dishwasher from the electric outlet panel, wait for minimum 30 seconds and plug it back to reset your Kenmore. It is called hard reset. This type of reset compels your dishwasher’s control board to shut down all settings and makes your machine ready for the next cycle.

Do a Heated Dry Reset

When hard reset doesn’t work for you then play in different way. Generally, a Kenmore dishwasher is equipped with a heated dry reset or outer button reset sequence.

If your dishwasher comes with a heated dry button and normal wash button, you can perform a heated dry reset easily. Just press the heated dry button once and then press normal wash button. Repeat this sequence. Open and shut your dishwasher within a second after pressing every button. This process allows your machine to reset.

Do a Select Cycle Reset

On various models of Kenmore dishwashers, a select cycle button is available instead of normal wash button. Well, you can do a select cycle reset using heated dry button and select cycle button. You can apply this trick to Kenmore 13802 model.

In this process, you need to work with particular 3 buttons. Press select cycle, options and then heated dry button. Repeat the process: select cycle, options and then heated dry. Finally, do it one more time: select cycle, options and heated dry. Now, you will notice that all lights are on. Just press the cancel/drain button to start a short test.

Always press the buttons according to the sequence as mentioned. Never press a button more than once in a sequence and don’t press the last one bypassing the second one. Before running a test cycle, confirm that the door is closed and latch shut properly.

Perform a Pots and Pans Reset

Are you tired with heated dry and normal wash but no result? Here is pots and pans reset for you. You dishwasher is supposed to have four cycle options in the control panel. Firstly, press pots and pans then press normal wash and finally press one-hour wash. Now repeat this process twice.

If you notice lights up then you are on the right track. Keep the door close and latch shut while pressing the buttons. You dishwasher will start a short test cycle and will be ready to accept next command.

Kenmore Dishwasher Reset

Do an Outer Button Reset

If your Kenmore dishwasher doesn’t come with heated dry button then you have only 3 buttons in the control panel.

To reset your Kenmore dishwasher press the two outer buttons at a time and hold them at least for 3 seconds. Then close and latch shut your machine. At this point, a short test cycle will start.

If you have followed the methods above, you have already reset your machine. Congratulations…! If you have failed there is nothing to worry! Press any three buttons from the control panel in a sequence three times. It will force your dishwasher to be reset.

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