Are you tired of cleaning lots of dishes and cutlery everyday? Actually, it’s boring and time killing too. Just close your eyes! Imagine all your dishes and cutlery are being cleaned thoroughly with a machine. Isn’t it a matter of surprise? Yes, it is really possible. You can make your dream true by getting a dishwasher. Before a few years ago, a dishwasher was too costly. But in 2021, you can manage cheap portable dishwashers under $200. They are not only cheap but also effective and come with the necessary features also. Buying a portable dishwasher means you can shift it from one place to another without any hassle.

cheap portable dishwashers under $200

Besides, you will be benefited if you live in a small apartment or you have a small space in your room. There are lots of big homeowners who like a compact device that provides excellent results. So, you can also choose a portable one. In Amazon, you will get various dishwashers in your budget. There are some problematic dishwashers too.

5 Cheap Portable Dishwashers Under $200 Reviews

I don’t want you to suffer from so-called dishwashers. Just consider an amount of 200 plus dollars to take the best one. I have filtered and made a shortlist of effective dishwashers. You can pick one from the list.

1. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher

hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher

hOmeLabs is a renowned appliances maker. This hOmeLabs countertop dishwasher comes with stainless steel interior. You get this unit in a compact size. So, it fits easily on any countertop. You can put dishes on dish basket and spoon, knives and forks on cutlery section. Don’t worry about your mugs and glasses. In this machine, you also get a special place for them. Place your dirty dishes, bowls, and cutlery in a specific place and let your washer to do the rest.

For different types of dishes, this dishwasher featured with 6 different wash cycles. You can use heavy, normal, ECO, glass, speed, and rinse according to the needs. Besides, a delay option is included in this machine. Simply press the delay switch to pause a cycle. Apart from that, it uses 1.14 to 3.10 gallons of water per load. Unlike other dishwashers, you don’t need to connect hot water hook-up with it. Because this unit has a built-in water heater.

You get both male/female thread connector with the dishwasher when you buy. A compatible faucet adapter and an inlet hose are also included. So, you have no tension with the water connection. Apart from that, a rinse aid dispenser helps your dish and cutlery to dry without any watermarks.

Key Features

  • 6 wash cycle options that include heavy, normal, ECO, glass, speed, and rinse.
  • A convenient and small dishwasher certified with Energy Star.
  • Simple to use control panel with LED display.
  • Easily fits on a tabletop and need less space.
  • Rinse aid dispenser helps articles to dry without leaving marks.
  • Space saving design
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Pre-installed dishwasher
  • Built in water heater
  • Little expensive but worth every penny

2. SPT SD-2225DW Countertop Dishwasher

SPT SD-2225DW portable dishwasher

SPT SD-2225DW is a trending countertop dishwasher. There are 6 wash cycles which include Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed and Rinse. You can select options easily for your dirty to mildly dirty dishes from the control panel. Have you used a dishwasher before? If not, no problem. Because this SPT SD-2225DW comes with a user manual. This manual contains information about different cycles and operating tips. Even, your child is capable of operating this machine flawlessly.

SPT SD-2225DW features an easy to use control panel where you get a knob to set the wash cycle. Besides, a delay button is present in this machine. You can use this switch for delay washing. It’s ready to give to convenience two, four, six or eight hours. This machine features an LED display. It shows the current running state and the remaining time. Similarly, water supply warning indicator and rinse aid warning indicator are available in this machine. There are different places for small to medium dishes and a separate place for cutlery.

This dishwasher operates comparatively in quiet than most other machines in the market. It is in a compact size and lightweight design. So, you can set this unit on a countertop. Apart from that, this machine comes with a universal adapter that ensures quick and easy connection to most kitchen faucets. Furthermore, it is a preinstalled dishwasher. That means, no plumbing, no extra cost.

Key Features

  • Compact size that is ideal for an apartment or RV.
  • Simple to use control panel with a detail user manual.
  • Delays start conveniences two, four, six or eight hours.
  • Electronic controls panel with LED display.
  • Water supply warning indicator and rinse aid warning indicator for best user experience.
  • Universal faucet adapter
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • 6 wash cycles
  • Delay start
  • None

3. EdgeStar DWP62SV Portable Countertop Dishwasher

EdgeStar DWP62SV cheap dishwashers under $200

EdgeStar DWP62SV is a hot selling dishwasher in Amazon. It has made dishwashing more relaxing. You can set all usual sizes of plates. This EdgeStar portable dishwasher can hold plates of 10.5 diameters. For this reason, EdgeStar model dishwasher has huge popularity in home appliance market in a short time. Apart from this, there are different places for cutlery and mugs. To meet your different types of dining accessories, this machine features 6 standard place setting capacities. Similar to the 1st product in our list, this product also comes with a stainless steel interior. You will get this EdgeStar countertop in 3 different colors which include black, white and silver. So, you get options to buy this unit matching with other kitchen appliances.

There are 7 wash cycles which made this product different from most of the models. These wash cycles are more than enough to fulfill your kitchen requirements. Apart from that, a built-in rinse agent dispenser ensures spot-free dish drying. Moreover, its internal water heater combines with spraying arms kill germs and bacteria that go with your dishes. Its internal heater is capable of rising water temperature up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. So, using EdgeStar dishwasher means you get the maximum hygienic and sparkling clean dishes.

A quick connect faucet adapter and five-foot hose makes it simple to hook-up with any faucet. Without any permanent installation, this EdgeStar model dishwasher fits under most cabinetry. Besides, this machine uses 2.85 gallons of water in normal mode. It uses 200-kilowatt hours of energy per year which is approximately 61% less than the same type of dishwashers. Overall, this EdgeStar DWP62SV is energy efficient, portable and user friendly.

Key Features

  • 6 standard place setting including dish rack, cup shelf and cutlery basket.
  • Uses 61% less energy than similar type dishwashers.
  • Hold dishes up to 10.5″ in diameter.
  • A quick-connect adapter fits most of the kitchen faucets.
  • Internal water heater creates a maximum 149 degrees temperature to ensure hygienic clean.
  • 6 standard place setting capacity
  • Not only energy-efficient but also consumes less water
  • Powerful spray arm for deep cleaning
  • Quick connect adapter
  • If quick connect adapter fails to fit with faucet, you many need to buy universal adapter.

4. Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher

Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher

A portable dishwasher with a standard plate holding capacity can keep you free from much effort. That’s why I have listed Danby dishwasher that is compact in size but cleans your articles with the best effort. It comes with a big internal interior. So, you can clean many items at a time without refilling again and again. That’s why DDW621WDB saves your water and electricity bills. For too oily or sticky plates, use intensive wash mode. It gives you parking, smooth and hygienic results.

Like other dishwashers, this Danby product features 6 wash cycles and 6 place settings. Its interior consists of a silverware basket where you can place your different types of cutlery like forks, spoon, knives, etc. Besides, this unit has a sensor to turn off the water supply when there is enough water. But I suggest you turn off the inlet water when needs. It will increase the life span of this dishwasher.

You can think it as a costly product as I have described many features. But believe me, it won’t cut your pocket. Danby is a preinstalled dishwasher. That means you no need to call for a plumber. Besides, it is very easy to operate. Plus, using a delay feature, you can schedule it for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. Overall, Danby is an effective dishwasher that works in quiet.

Key Features

  • Space-saving design, perfect for a small kitchen’s apartment.
  • 6 wash cycles that include intensive, normal, economy, rapid, glass and soak.
  • Delay start option schedules for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.
  • Operates in the below of the noise level.
  • It comes with a quick connect adapter that is compatible with your kitchen faucets.
  • Silverware basket inside
  • Fits on most countertops
  • Portable and compact
  • Quick connect adapter
  • Using an extension cord means to void the warranty. So, be careful.

5. SoloRock 6 Settings Countertop Dishwasher

SoloRock 6 Settings Countertop

SoloRock dishwasher comes with many useful features including stainless steel interior. This unit can hold a good amount of plates and cutlery. Separate place for mugs and glasses. This dishwasher saves water and energy that ultimately saves your money. There are 6 wash cycle settings for good results. You can use them according to the needs of your dirty dishes.

SoloRock features a top display where clock and other various icons are displayed. Besides, this unit comes with a quick connector which is compatible with most of the faucets. So, you don’t need to think about the water connection faucets of your kitchen. Apart from that, both inlet and drain hoses are long enough. In addition, SoloRock dishwasher is perfect for small apartments, RVs, and dorms.

Amazing thing is that you get excellent results in cold water even. Overall, you can purchase this awesome, effective dishwashing machine under $200.

Key Features

  • Small size countertop dishwasher suitable for small pace.
  • 6 wash cycle for a successful wash.
  • Stylish white exterior with a stainless steel interior.
  • Quick connect adapter that connects with most of the faucet.
  • Budget friendly dishwashers with useful features.
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Energy efficiency certification
  • Long inlet and drain hose
  • Countertop dishwashers
  • This nice dishwasher doesn’t feature a built in heater.

Our Final Advice For Buying Cheap Portable Dishwashers Under $200

Buying a new dishwasher or upgrading an existing model is one of the easiest tasks. Follow the bellow points to select the dishwashers of you.

1. Sizes of Dishwashers

There are two types of dishwasher. One is standard and the other is compact size. A standard size dishwasher is 24 inches and a compact size dishwasher is 18 inches wide. Select a dishwasher according to your dish size and kitchen space.

2. Types of Dishwashers

There are three types of dishwashers. They are built-in, portable and dishdrawers.


Built-In is a common type of dishwasher that is designed to be installed under the countertop. It is hidden by the cabinetry wall. Generally, it comes with unfinished sides as its sides are hidden by the cabinetry wall. You need to wire this dishwasher to a 120-volt outlet electric line.


If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, you can consider a portable dishwasher. It is a free-standing model. You can set it on a caster. This type of dishwasher comes with an inlet hose and outlet hose. The inlet hose is used to connect the water line to your sink’s faucet. The outlet hose is used to drain out the wastewater.


Dishdrawers is the newest type of dishwasher. It is a standard size dishwasher that is divided into upper and lower racks. You can run each drawer/rack separately. Besides, this type of dishwashers is energy efficient too.

3. Style of Dishwashers

Dishwashers come in various styles and designs. You get then in white, black or stainless steel. Once you decided the style of your next dishwasher check the placement of the control panel. A front control panel is easy to monitor. On the other hand, top control panel gives your appliance a sophisticated look but creates problems when you want to control it keeping in the cabinetry. Moreover, they are difficult to monitor when its run.

There are two types of handle are found in a dishwasher. One is bar handle and recessed handle. There remain chances of snagging on clothing when you walk by the sides. But you can hang dish towels on the spots. On the other hand, you don’t get any storage benefits in recessed handles. But they give an excellent look at the front panel.

4. Interior Options

Interior materials impact on the functions. Dishwashers’ tub is made with stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel tub resists stains, odors and dry dishes more effectively than plastic ones. Stainless steel tub dishwashing machines are durable than plastic ones but need to spend much on that. On the other hand, though plastic tub dishwashers are not same durable they are affordable.

5. Features of Dishwashers

The latest dishwasher model you buy the latest features you get. Some of the important features that a dishwasher should have are automatic temperature control, child lock, delay wash, filters, heated dry and rinse aid dispenser. You need to cut your money bag to get all the features in just a single unit. But a cheap dishwasher comes with the necessary features that you need the most.

6. Price Range

It is the final and important factor that has impacts on your purchasing an appliance. Though you can purchase a portable dishwasher under $200, you can avail more features by adding some extra amount of money. So, select your price range at first.

Bottom Line

At present, we can’t think a kitchen without a dishwasher. You buy it to save your time and also to relax your hand. Don’t be attracted by the design. Choose one with the maximum functions within your budget. If you have budget flexibility, don’t go for cheap portable dishwashers under $200. Moreover, you should go for dishwashers which are ready to provide you more functions with the best design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is a cheap dishwasher?

The average price of a cheap dishwasher is in the $249 to $499 range. Generally, a budget or cheap dishwasher can do a fine job in most cases. But you often miss modern functions found in a midrange or luxurious model. So, if you have a flexible budget, try for the better one.

Do portable dishwashers work as well?

A portable dishwasher is built for apartments or any other places where space is limited. But in most of the cases, a portable dishwasher cleans more than a built-in. Apart from that, a portable dishwasher offers you a few unique features like countertop settings and lightweight design. Moreover, you can use some dishwashers as storage for food.

How long should a dishwasher last?

A dishwasher should last between 7 to 12 years. But the average life span of a dishwasher is 9 to 10 years. In the meantime, dishwasher may need services. Mainly, the life span depends on your dishwasher brands, maintenance, care and the frequency of usage.

Can I install a dishwasher myself?

You will get dishwashers in pre-installed mode. Just you need to install inlet water, outlet drain hose and energy connection by yourself. Following the user manual, you can easily do this simple installation. Besides, you don’t need to pay an extra installation charge.

Where do portable dishwashers drain?

Portable dishwashers drain into the kitchens sink using a drain pump and a hose. Besides, you can take portable dishwashers when you travel.

Is it worth fixing a dishwasher?

Worth of fixing a dishwasher depends on what problems if faces. If it faces, simple but important problems like pressure switch, door latch or seal, soap dispenser, drain pump or fill valve then it is worth fixing. Otherwise, if you think it is going to cost you almost half of buying a new one then it is better to go for a new dishwasher.

Should you run a new dishwasher empty?

Actually, you don’t need to run a new dishwasher empty. But you may run it empty on the hottest and longest cycle with no dishes or detergent to clean food particles. Apart from that, it gives a smelling fresh.

Do dishwashers use a lot of electricity?

Modern dishwashers use less electric energy. Besides, they are water savers too. Before purchasing a new dishwasher, check whether it is energy efficient or not.

Can I save electricity by unplugging?

The U.S. Department of Energy confirms that you can save about 10% electricity bill by unplugging the unnecessary appliances.

How many units of electricity does a dishwasher use?

A started dishwasher uses almost 1.5 kWh electricity on average a single load wash. Besides, includes incoming water cost. Overall, a dishwasher costs about $0.17 for a single cycle load.


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