Is it time to purchase or time to upgrade your washing machine? Ok, No problem. If you like top load washer, you have two options in your hands. One is agitator washer and the other is without agitator. Both types of washers clean your clothes effectively. But the second one is very popular among consumers. Because you can load your clothes on them easily. You can get these types of machines in various models with different prices. But you only need the best top load washing machine without agitator that is capable of cleaning your clothes effectively.

Best Top Load Washing Machine Without Agitator

There are some people who believe that agitator washers clean better than without agitator or impeller washers. But the latest model washers both agitator and without agitator clean your clothes equally but in different processes. Usually, agitator machines are big in size. But for a small apartment, it may not be suitable. Rather, you should choose a washer that has no agitator for your apartment.

5 Top Load Washer Without Agitator Reviews

You may choose a washing machine randomly. But it is a wise decision to research the quality before purchasing one. Here is a list of 5 trending washers that you can keep in your choice list.

1. Panda PAN6320W Compact Top Load Cloth Washer

Panda PAN6320W

You may know Panda washing machine is a renowned brand. Especially, this Panda PAN6320W is a single tub full automatic powerful washer that features no agitator. Its space-saving but effective design makes your laundry easy and simple. You can use this unit in apartments, RVs, vacation homes, dorms and second washer for your house. As a curtsey, Panda provides rollers/casters that increase mobility. To meet your daily laundry load Panda PAN6320W features 1.34 cu. ft. load capacity. This portable top load upper drainage washing machine offers 10 washing programs and 8 water level selections for effective laundry.

Moreover, its stainless steel drum is not only durable but also resists rust and chipping. A quick connect adapter kit comes with the unit that helps you to connect washer directly to the faucet. Besides, this machine operates in quiet. It is an energy saver too. You can even set it beside your bedroom. Though this machine features a comparatively higher laundry load, you get it in a compact and lightweight design. So, you can move easily it.

Key Features

  • Lightweight effective washer is suitable for condos and apartments.
  • Quick connect adapter kit and hoses help to connect the washer directly to your faucet.
  • Run washing, rinsing and spinning functions in cycle automatically or run then separately.
  • 2 built-in rollers/casters make it highly moveable.
  • Features electronic control with LED display.
  • Space-saving design
  • Built-in rollers/casters
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Quick connect adapter kit
  • None

2. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Top Load Washing Machine

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub

This Kuppet comes with dual-function design. Its washing tub is capable of handling up to 18lbs load and spin tub is capable of handling up to 8lbs loads. That means you are getting both wash and dry facility in just a single machine. It wash cycle runs for 15 minutes and spin cycle runs for 5 minutes in a single load. You can wash hard jeans to delicates in this machine. For easy drainage, this automatic unit has a built-in drain pump and longer drainage tube.

For easy operation, this machine features knob control. There are separate timer control settings for both wash and spin tub. Its lid is made with a transparent material that lets you watch the cycles. Besides, this Kuppet unit features a compact design. So, it is suitable for families who don’t have enough space in their apartment. Moreover, you can use this lightweight machine in dorms and RVs too.

Key Features

  • Large capacity dual function design saves your precious time.
  • Built-in drain pump and longer drain hose ensure easy drainage.
  • Separate timer control for wash and spin tub.
  • Powered by 1300RPM powerful motor that provides excellent performance.
  • Compact and lightweight design gives convenience while traveling.
  • Easy operation
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Large capacity
  • Stainless steel snap ring
  • None

3. SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Compact Twin Tub Top Load Washer

SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Compact Twin Tub

This SUPER DEAL washer is not only super by its name but also super by its performance. This two tub design top loader is constructed with a high-density of plastic body. It is powered by an upgraded motor that is built to last for years. You can use its one tub for washing and other tub for spinning out excess water. There are separate timer controls for both tubs. Its lightweight design makes it easy while you transport. Besides, space-saving design allows you to fit it in bathroom or closet.

Super Deal unit uses less energy, less water and less detergent. This multi-tasking washer can be perfect for your trip. You can even load larger garments like pairs of jeans or bed sheets. Its compact appearance allows you to move it easily. Besides, its True Rinse Technology provides the best quality rinses. Moreover, a smart drain pump can drain out the dirty water. Its honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 11lbs at a time.

Key Features

  • Constructed with high-density plastic body, aluminum pump & upgraded motor to last for years
  • Space-saving appearance allows you to set in a bathroom or closet.
  • Suitable for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RVs, camping trips or any other limited space.
  • Energy-efficient operation saves your utility bills.
  • True Rinse Technology provides the best rinsing results ever.
  • Smart Drain Pump
  • Lightweight design
  • Energy efficient
  • Separate timer control
  • None

4. Danby DWM030WDB-6 0.9 Cu.Ft. Top load Washer without Agitator

Danby DWM030WDB-6 0.9 Cu.Ft. Top load Washer without Agitator

Like other Danby appliances, this Danby top load washing machine is also a long-lasting one. For its compact size, this washer is suitable for apartments, homes and small space living. Its stainless steel washtub can meet 6.6 lbs wash load. Danby offers 5 convenient wash cycles that include heavy, normal, gentle, rapid and soak. Besides, its auto-balancing system adjusts your uneven load and reduces vibration. Its stainless steel wash drum is made to last for years that resist rusts.

Moreover, Danby features a wash complete buzzer, delay start program and rinse program. This compact size washer is easy to install and store. It works on 900 RPM spin speed and 160 RPM wash speed. For easy operation, this unit features Touchpad control with an LED display. Overall, this machine is super easy to use. Even your child can operate it.

Key Features

  • 5 Convenient washing options include heavy, normal, gentle, rapid and soak.
  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity can meet your average laundry load.
  • Auto-balancing function reduces vibration.
  • Long-lasting Stainless steel drum resists rusts.
  • Delay start option helps to wash clothes according to your schedule.
  • Compact size
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Delay start program
  • Auto balancing system
  • None

5. ROVSUN ZOKOP 16.6LBS Portable Washing Machine

ROVSUN ZOKOP 16.6LBS capacity

ROVSUN is a nice design blue and white color two tub washing machine. Though it is in compact design but able to fit a decent sized load of clothing. It has 10lbs wash and 6.6lbs spin-dry capability. You can wash hard jeans to super delicates like underwear, T-shirt or socks, etc. You will be amazed by its super performing cleaning activity. ROVSUN ZOKOP is powered by a high performing 1300RPM motor. You just need to put your laundry load, fill water, set the timer and start.

ROVSUN agitator less washer runs 15 minutes while spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes in each load. This compact washer is suitable for campers or travelers. Apart from that this eco-friendly washer uses less energy, less water and less detergent. That means it is a money saver too. You can fit this unit in the kitchen or closet. Overall, this lightweight washer gives the highest convenience in transport.

Key Features

  • Suitable for apartments, dorms, college rooms, RVs or camping.
  • Powered by high performing 1300RPM motor.
  • Separate timer controls for wash and spin cycles.
  • Eco-friendly design that needs comparatively lower running cost
  • Lightweight design gives facilities when you transport.
  • Suitable design
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy operation
  • Energy saver
  • Volume level is average

Buying Guide for Washing Machines Without Agitator

Though you are going to buy a washing machine to reduce your laundry hassle, you can’t invest on so-called washers randomly. Rather, an intellectual investment keeps you tension free. To pick the best one, just flow the steps in the below.

Washer Types

Top load washer comes in two types. One is single tub washer and the other is two tub washer. Single tub washers have more laundry space than a two tub washer. You have to do wash and spin in just a single tub.

Again, on a two tub washer, you have options to wash and spin dry in separate tubs with separate timer control.  So, determine which one fits you.

Washer Capacity

It’s an important factor that you should consider before buying a washing machine. Determine how much laundry loads do you need to put at a time and select one which meets the most. If you have chances to grow your family in the next 3 to 5 years, it is a wise decision to pick a large capacity one.

Washer Size

If you have enough space in your kitchen or apartment you can purchase one that is big in size. It is a wise decision to measure the dimension of your next washing machine and determine that you have space to set it.


Latest washing machines come with various features like delay timer, safety door lock, auto balance adjustment sensor, child lock, various wash mode, etc. The more functions a washer have, the more you need to spend to buy. A washer filled with many functions may result in extra energy costs. But all of the functions are not mandatory for average users. So, choose a washer that has only the necessary functions.


Always try to pick a portable top loader that has built-in rollers/casters. It helps in easy movement. A heavyweight unit can create a hassle when you change your residence.


Why top load washers are better?

Top load washing machines consume less energy but performance is better. They are compact and portable than front loaders. So, you can move them easily.

Do top load washers clean better?

Top load washers can be in two types. One is impeller and the other is agitator type. Both types of washers clean better. Besides, there are some high-efficiency top loaders that clean clothes more than better.

How long do top load washers last?

The average life span of top loaders is 11 years. But at this time they may need maintenances. If you take care your washer regularly, it may last years after years.

Which cleans better front or top loader?

Usually, front load washers are expensive. But they provide quality clean and use less energy. They also come with different types of wash cycles and soil levels to meet all types of clothes. On the other hand, top load washers are not only cheap in price but also clean better. They are energy efficient and built with various necessary features that are helpful for an effective wash. Besides, they are compact and easy to move.

Do top loaders get mold?

Not only top-loaders but also front loaders mold. Its main reason is moisture that helps bacteria to grow. If you want your machine to be free from mold, clean and dry it regularly.


Top loading washing machines without agitators are easy to use. There are various brands, models and sizes of this type washers. Some are portable that you can move around easily. Besides, you can use them for homes, dorms, RVs, and any other place where the space is limited.

You can compare our recommended list with the latest models. But I am sure, there are no trending agitator less washers which are not on this list. If the capacity of my listed washers cannot fulfill your requirement you can go for larger front load washer available in the market.

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