Welcome to you in our Panda XPB45 review. This Panda Twin Tub Washing Machine is made by one of the top branded washing machine manufacturer Panda. It is one of the best top loader washing machines that are perfect for apartments. It’s is the larger size washing machine whose washing capacity is 10lbs.

There other two versions of this machine. One is Panda XPB70 (Largest Size) whose washing capacity is 15.4lbs and the other is PAN719SG (Largest Size, Built-in Pump) whose washing capacity is 19lbs.

Panda XPB45 is a twin tub washer. It has two parts. One is for washing and the other is for spinning. Its spinner dryer capacity is 6.6lbs. That is half of the washing capacity. So, you may need to spin twice. Plastic innovative all in one design ease washing. In addition, one can use maximum 45℃ hot water.

Panda XPB45 washing machine review

The Product is Designed For

This Panda twin tub washing machine can fulfill the needs of 3 to 6 persons in a family. Obviously, this washing machine is perfect for apartments and dormitories. This washing machine is also suitable for such kind of people who need to change their residence frequently.

Stylish & Space Saving Design

Panda XPB45 has a compact design that allows it to be installed in such kind of residential areas that is limited by space.

Ease of Installation

Panda XPB45 uses 110V-120V/60Hz voltage frequency. Its inlet hose length is 43 inch and drains hose length is 54 inch. Possibly, these will fulfill your requirements. If you need more length of inlet or drain hose you may replace with large one. In addition, you will get a manual book with this for easy installation.

Gentle and Effective Washing

For gentle and effective washing this washer uses 280W washing power. Its spinner power is 140W with 1300 RPM. It’s built-in pump ensures easier draining and or cleaning after uses.

Features At a Glance

  • Lightweight and compact design, weight is only 38.6 pounds.
  • Washer dimension is 16 x 27 x 31.1 inches.
  • Washing capacity is 10lbs.
  • Spinner dryer capacity is 6.6lbs.
  • Perfect for apartments dormitories.
  • Built in pump ensures easier draining.
  • Small and compact
  • Built-in pump
  • Suitable for 3-6 people
  • None


This panda XPB45 is cost worthy. You will find lots of positive reviews about this washer. So, why you will hesitate to take this one? Plus, you will get a 1 year after service from the manufacturer.

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