There is no question about Maytag appliance brand. Their dishwashers last years after years if proper maintenance is taken. You can use your Maytag dishwasher to clean light to tight dirt from the dishes. With time growing, it may face some minor issues like other electric appliances. Maytag dishwasher start button not working is one of them. Luckily I have some practical and working solutions for you.

Maytag dishwasher start button not working
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How to Fix Maytag Dishwasher Button Not Working Problem

Don’t be serious. Just relax and start reading the mentioned fixing tips and fix your dishwasher.

Replace Touchpad

Is your dishwasher’s display still working? If yes, it’s definitely a good sign. Now press all of the buttons from the touchpad. If you notice some of the buttons are working but others aren’t then the touchpad is at problem.

There are some Maytag dishwasher models that allow you to purchase and install touchpad separately. So, check your dishwasher’s model or contact the manufacturer’s support if it allows or not.

If you have a chance to purchase and change touchpad separately, replace the touchpad. Hope it will solve your problem.

Replace Touchpad and Control Panel

Didn’t the first solution work for you? No problem! I have another solution. First of all, confirm that the display is functioning properly. Now press the start buttons along with the other buttons one by one.

If all of the buttons are functioning properly except the start button then you can consider it as a problem of both touchpad and control panel.

So, replacement is must to fix the start button issue. Purchase touchpad and control panel from Maytag authorized retailer and replace them.

Replace Main Control Board

Main control board works like a human brain. If it fails to function properly, it fails to send signals to the other parts to operate them properly. That’s why you can blame it behind a not responding start button or for the whole touchpad.

But this main control board is the least problematic part of your dishwasher. So, you should check all other commonly defective parts before replacing it. To avoid unnecessary hassle you should diagnose your dishwasher with an experienced repairman.

Final Words

As I mentioned above, Maytag dishwasher’s touchpad not responding is not a serious issue. But it can throw you in a big problem when you have no time to clean dishes by hand. If you are not an expert in fixing appliances then you should not disassemble it.

Instead, you can call a repairman. Always use manufacturer’s recommended accessories when fixing your device. If your machine is still in the warranty period, send it to the manufacture’s service center.

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