There’s no one fixed answer to this. Yes, MAM bottles can be cleaned in a dishwasher but that will impact reduce the life of the product. Even if everything works fine, the bottle can easily get discolored fast because of the abrasive treatment in the dishwasher.

Plus, you’ll have to dismantle the bottles even when you have to wash them in a dishwasher. It’s best that you wash them under tap water, but occasional trips to the dishwasher won’t do any harm.

Are mam bottles dishwasher safe?

Cleaning a MAM bottle manually can seem laborious, but it’s best if you clean the bottles that way. While the dishwasher may not deform the bottle’s shape or size, it can surely lead to discoloration faster than usual.

Plus, the best way to wash a MAM bottle is to disassemble it before washing it. So, to keep the bottle fresh and make it last longer, you should ideally wash it under a tap. If you occasionally feel lazy to do the cleaning task, then tossing the bottle in the dishwasher can be okay.

But don’t make it a habit.

Can Mam Pacifiers Go In The Dishwasher?

No. MAM pacifiers aren’t dishwasher safe.

These pacifiers are made with a soft material that can easily damage in the dishwasher. It’s better to wash them gently with tap water. It is recommended that you sterilize the pacifiers thoroughly to keep your babies safe from bacteria and microorganisms.

But, washing the pacifiers in the dishwasher is something to avoid at all costs.

Are MAM Self Sterilising Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, you can clean MAM self-sterilizing bottles in a dishwasher; however, continuously doing so can discolor the bottles fast.

It won’t look nice if your couple of months old bottle looks like it’s years in age. The best is to wash the MAM bottles with clean and warm water. These bottles are self-sterilising, so it’s pretty easy to manage them.

Are MAM Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

However, even they need regular cleaning. You can never be too careful about the babies. Those little joyballs have sensitive stomachs, and carelessness can soon get them in trouble.

MAM self-sterilizing bottles are made to keep your babies safe from harmful microorganisms and bacteria. But you’ll have to wash them regularly. It may seem convenient to put it in a dishwasher and get it washed with the batch of other utensils, but that will suck the life out of the bottle.

The best cleaning method for MAM self-sterilising bottles is to run them through warm soapy water.

How do you clean MAM bottles?

Cleaning MAM bottles is an easy process.

The best recommendation is the clean the bottle with warm, soapy water. Gently doing so will give you the best results and prolong the life of your bottles.

It may seem tempting to put the bottles in a dishwasher and just wash them with other utensils. However, that’s the wrong practice. Doing so a couple of times a month may not be an issue, but regularly doing so isn’t recommended.

The reason is simple, these bottles are made of several parts, and the dishwasher’s abrasive treatment and cleaners can discolor the parts soon. Your bottles will start to look old and worn out fast.

Cleaning your MAM bottles with warm and soapy water will keep them fresh and functional for longer periods. Cleaning the bottles is simple. Just disassemble the bottles and have them parted out. Then run them through the water one by one.

You can even have a tub of warm water with proportionate soap amounts and put all the parts in it all at once. All this is way better than procrastinating and putting the bottle in a dishwasher.

Do You Have To Take MAM Bottles Apart To Wash?

Yes. MAM bottles are made with several parts to provide the best self-sterilization process. However, you’ll need to clean them regularly to get the best results.

Also, these bottles are made for babies, which means that you can’t be negligent with the cleaning process. Avoiding cleaning these bottles will actually defeat the purpose of you buying a self-sterilizing bottle. It’s true that these bottles are way safer to use compared to regular feeding bottles.

But, self-sterilizing is not a substitute for cleaning. It is best advised that you regularly clean the bottles. You will have to dismantle the bottle for the best cleaning results. Take away each part and wash it separately. Washing these bottles is very easy.

But, if you don’t wash it for longer periods, stubborn milk stains may be hard to get rid of. Even then, a little longer contact with warm water shall set things straight for you.

So, yes, you need to take MAM bottles apart to achieve thorough cleaning results.

Are MAM Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Key Takeaways: Are MAM Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

MAM bottles are made with top-level quality to ensure that the baby’s health stays at its best.

However, self-sterilizing should not be mistaken for self-cleaning. The bottle cannot clean itself, and you’ll have to regularly clean it.

A lot of people may feel that it’s comfortable to just watch these bottles with other household stuff that goes in the dishwasher. But that’s wrong. Doing so will only leave you with bottles that fade color fast.

The best way to wash MAM bottles is to dismantle the bottle and wash each part under warm and soapy water. That’s how you achieve the best results. Once that’s done, wait for the bottle to be cool and dry so that it becomes ready to use.

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