The creative invention of swigs has now filled the lives of many coffees, tea, milkshake, and juice lovers with an abundance of joy.

The very definition of a swig means to be able to consume any drink in large quantities and also be able to travel with it without any leakage. IS SWIG CUP DISHWASHER SAFE?


You’re probably wondering, are your ‘ life-saving coffee swig cups even dishwasher safe?’ The answer to this question is yes.

If your swig cup has a silicone base, then yes, it is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by hand without damaging your swig cup. However, there is more to effectively cleaning your swig cups, for which we will recommend that you keep on reading!


Swig’s creator Nicole Tanner created swigs for the purpose of being able to consume your favorite drinks in large quantities without the worry of leakage.

These unique cups are assembled in a way so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the bottle in the dishwasher or even washing it by hand because any method can do the job.

Since swig cups and mugs were created for people with busy work life, it is highly likely that they will clean their swig cups using the dishwasher, which is precisely why these cups were made to be dishwasher safe.

  • Swig cups are BPA free which allows for the bottle to be washed under high temperatures without being deformed.
  • Additionally, they are slip-free and noise-free because of their silicone base, which means that under the high pressure of the water sprays in the dishwashing machine, the swig cups will not fall out of their place.
  • Many bottles and cups incur scratches during the dishwashing process, which is why swigs were made with a material to remain scratch-free. The powder-coated finish allows effective cleaning without the cups slipping and getting any scratches on them, increasing the product’s consumption life.
  • Unlike other mugs, swig cup’s components are easy disassembled; for example, the lid can be separated from the slider, and the silicone base can be removed as well to clean out any dirt particles stuck in the base.

Because of these reasons, swig cups are meant to be dishwasher safe for people who are always on the go and do not have time to hand wash their swig mugs.


Swig cups were made to ensure that the user can use the product without having to go through the hassle of cleaning it, which is why all the components of your swig cups can easily be separated for cleaning.

Here are a few steps we would encourage you should follow:

  • Flip the lid of your swig cup and place it on a flat surface
  • Then, take a spoon and use its blunt end to put pressure on the slider, so it pops out from the lid.
  • You can also remove the silicone base, but it’s wise to keep it on so that your cup doesn’t slip or slide during the dishwashing process.
  • Put the washing machine on medium to high heat so that all the bacteria is cleaned out and no residue is left behind.
  • Since sliders and lids are smaller, placing them in a dishwashing basket will ensure more excellent safety of your swig mugs.
  • Add the dishwasher soap pod into the machine and let your machine work its magic.
  • Once your swig mug’s components are clean, place them upside down on a dry cloth so they can dry out for further use.

These steps are crucial if you wish to use your swig cups and mugs without having to worry about them not being cleaned out properly.

The disassembling trick is key to thorough cleaning because if you’re someone like me who drinks mango milkshakes all the time, then particles can get stuck between the lid and the slider. Disassembling them guarantees no particles, residual fruits, or other food items are left behind (including coffee stains).



Even if you don’t own a dishwasher, swig mugs were designed to withstand all cleaning methods so that you can use them according to your convenience. If you don’t own a dishwasher, then here’s what you should do:

  • Before filling your sink with water, rinse out the swig mugs and cups so that any stubborn residue is taken off and so that it’s easier to clean it afterward
  • After this, fill your sink with enough water to cover all the swig mugs and cups you own. If you own only one, then fill water accordingly so as not to waste water.
  • Pour in dishwashing soap so that the water is nicely lathered and your swig cups are ready for cleaning.
  • Use a brush to get into those crevices where a sponge cannot go
  • After this, place all the components of the swig mugs or cups onto a drying rack or a cloth and let them air dry.

This method is convenient and equally effective even if you don’t own a dishwashing machine.


What does swig mean?

According to the owner of swigs, the word means to consume something in large quantities, which is why the creator named its brand swig to indicate that consumers can drink their favorite beverages in a large cup that also travels friendly.

Who owns a swig?

The creative mind behind swigs is Nicole Tanner, who created the brand out of her love for diet coke. She wanted to consume all sodas in large quantities, which is why she created swigs as a way of doing so.

The purpose was simple, to allow people to consume their favorite drinks without refilling again and consume them according to their convenience.

Some unique drink recipes to make

Life’s A Peach: Add peach syrup, soda water, and some peace slices to make a tasty drink to beat the heat!

What A Berry: Add raspberry puree and some chunks of cherries and water to make an incredible detox drink. Also, make sure to remain hydrated.

We hope you found this article helpful and that washing your swig cups and mugs in the dishwasher is easy for you after you’ve learned the disassembling trick! Keep Swigging!


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