Your instant pot is probably one of the most precious things in your kitchen. Who wouldn’t love a pot that reduces your oil intake, takes less time in cooking, and saves energy?

Instant pots have made being in the kitchen fun and easy, but cooking can become your worst nightmare if you don’t know how to maintain the appliance. To maintain your instant pot and keep it in tip-top shape, you must ensure that the appliance is cleaned effectively and handled carefully.

But you can’t just throw your instant pot in the sink and begin scrubbing it away.

This begs the question, “is instant pot dishwasher safe?” Luckily, most instant pots are dishwasher safe.

Hold on; don’t toss your instant pot in the dishwasher straight away! While an instant pot is dishwasher safe, some parts are not, so you must be careful when cleaning the appliance in a dishwasher.

Is Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe?

Cleaning an instant pot the right way is essential because if you damage it in the process, you might have just thrown away your most valuable kitchen appliance. Cleaning instant pots manually can be a hassle, so most people look toward dishwashers. They may also hate doing the dishes, which is a valid reason.

But is an instant pot dishwasher safe, or do you have to resort to sponges?

Fortunately, instant pots are generally dishwasher safe, which means if you have one, you can leave the job up to your dishwasher. But while a dishwasher is built to wash out stains from the toughest nooks and crannies, remember that not all parts of an instant pot are dishwasher safe, so you won’t be able to put the whole instant pot in the dishwashing appliance.

Parts of an Instant Pot

An instant pot typically contains the following parts:

Exterior Parts

The exterior parts of your instant pot will include a:

  • Cover with cover handles
  • Lid with external valves and anti-block shield
  •  Gasket
  • Cooker base (heating unit with control panels)
  • Scoop shelf (a spoon/spatula holder that may not be present in all models of an instant pot)

Interior Parts

The interior parts of your instant pot will include a:

  • Instant pot bowl
  • Inner pot
  • Instant Pot ring
  • Instant pot liner
  • Instant pot steamer

Why Can’t I Wash the Instant Pot in the Dishwasher as a Whole?

Before placing an instant pot in the dishwasher and starting the wash cycle, you must pull apart its components. Taking apart the parts of an instant pot is a step you shouldn’t skip because some parts of the instant pot are not waterproof and must not be washed manually either.

Separating the parts of your instant pot are just the dishwasher version of separating your whites from the darks as you do with your laundry. If you don’t separate the components of an instant pot, you’re damaging your appliance.

If you’re worried about damaging your instant pot while cleaning, here is a guide to help you out:

Can You Put an Instant Pot Lid in the Dishwasher?

Can You Put an Instant Pot Lid in the Dishwasher?

Yes, among the few components of an instant pot that are dishwasher safe is its lid.

The lid of an instant pot can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but you still have to be extremely careful with the cleaning. Unless you follow a specific method, you may damage the lid.

How To Clean Instant Pot Lid in a Dishwasher?

To clean the instant pot lid in the dishwasher, you have to separate its parts. An instant pot’s lid differs from the lid on a standard pressure cooker, so you can’t clean one like the other. Here are steps you should take to clean the Instant Pot Lid in the dishwasher:

1 – Remove its Components

Your instant dishwasher’s lid will typically have an anti-block shield, a float valve, exhaust valve, steam release knobs, and a cover handle.

Not all of the lid’s parts mentioned earlier are dishwasher friendly.

You must consult your model because some model lids are entirely dishwasher safe, while others are not.

To clean an instant pot lid in the dishwasher, you must separate the lid from the valves and the knobs.

Sometimes, you don’t have to take this step, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Is Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe? (Which Part)

Float Valve

According to the brand of your instant pot, the float valve may not be dishwasher safe. Even if you think it is, the float valve may block the lid from being cleaned properly, so it is better not to take the risk.

You’ll have to fish around for a silicone cap to remove the float valve. The silicone cap creates an opening through which the float valve can be removed.

Clean the float valve manually and ensure it is adequately dried before re-assembling.

Anti-Block Shield

The anti-block shield of your dishwasher ensures that no food particles get stuck in the steam release of the instant pot. If your anti-block shield is damaged, your instant pot may have trouble performing its functions.

Look on the inner side of the lid, and you’ll find a metal ring. This is your anti-block shield. To remove the anti-block shield, pry it apart carefully from the edge of the lid.

The anti-block shield will quickly come out.

Please do not use sharp objects as they can damage the shield and the lid.

Pressure/Steam Release Knobs

Not all pressure release knobs are removable, but if yours is, don’t wash it in the dishwasher. Yes, the pressure release knob is dishwasher safe, but you don’t have to give it a thorough wash to clean it. A simple wipe with a soft sponge will clean the pressure release knobs.

2 – Place the Lid Inside the Dishwasher

After you’ve removed the parts of an instant pot’s lid, you can safely place the lid inside the dishwasher.

The lid does not need a rigorous wash, so only place the lid on the top rack of the dishwasher where the water pressure is low.

3 – Dry Before Re-assembling

Gently dry off each part of the lid of your instant pot and assemble carefully. Leaving parts wet or assembling the instant pot without drying off its parts causes the water droplets to trap in the inner pot, which may lead to a mildly unpleasant smell.

Is Instant Pot’s Air Fryer Basket Dishwasher Safe?

If you’re confused about how to clean the air fryer basket of your instant pot, take a look at which model of instant pot you have. For most instant pots, the air fryer basket is dishwasher safe.

However, some models of instant pots may not have dishwasher safe air fryer baskets.

For example, the air fryer basket in the Instant Pot Vortex Plus is hand-wash only.

The manual that came with your instant pot will be able to tell you whether your instant pot’s air fryer basket is dishwasher safe or not.

Cleaning in the Dishwasher

For the instant pots whose air fryer baskets are dishwasher friendly, carefully place them on the rack where they won’t have to go through a thorough wash.

The air fryer basket is made of light mesh, which can easily be damaged by force.

Cleaning Manually

If your instant pot does not have an air fryer basket that is dishwasher safe, clean it with a soft sponge with a mild scrub.

Harsh scrubs can damage or dent the mesh basket.

Is Instant Pot’s Gasket Dishwasher Safe?

The gasket is an anti-leakage part of an instant pot.

Do not confuse the gasket with the pot ring; rings are a type of circular gasket, but each instant pot model may use a different gasket or ring. In simpler words, the gasket will outline the cover on the inside and is dishwasher safe.

You can clean the gasket by carefully taking it out and placing it in the dishwasher.

If you can’t separate the gasket, don’t force it apart as it could damage the cover. Place the gasket with the cover in the dishwasher.

Is Instant Pot’s Inner Pot Dishwasher Safe?

The inner pot of an instant pot is primarily stainless steel, so at least you won’t have to worry about long-lasting stains. That being said, you’ll still need to clean the inner pot.

If you’re asking whether the instant pot’s inner pot is dishwasher safe, you’ll be glad to know it is. The stainless-steel inner pot is probably the safest part of an instant pot to put in the dishwasher.

To clean the inner pot, take it out carefully, give it a dry wipe and a small rinse, and then place it on the lower rack of the dishwasher.

Is The Instant Pot Cover Dishwasher Safe?

The covers on most instant pots are dishwasher safe.

However, it is generally recommended that you not wash the cover of an instant pot in the dishwasher. This is because the cover can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and does not require a powerful wash.

If you are keen on washing the instant pot cover in the dishwasher, seek your instant pot’s manual.

If your manual has no instructions about washing the instant pot cover in the dishwasher, it’s probably not safe.

Are Instant Pot Accessories Dishwasher Safe?

You can buy accessories with the purchase of your instant pot. The instant pot’s accessories include the lid, stainless steel inner pots, steamers, racks, bake sets, rings, and pans.

For the most part, most instant pot accessories are dishwasher safe.

The lid, the stainless-steel pots, and the steamers can easily be placed in the dishwasher without concern.

The rings may not be dishwasher safe, but they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or a sponge.

The pots and pans you may get with your instant pot are mostly dishwasher safe unless advised otherwise. The steamers and racks are also dishwasher safe.

Some of the accessories you get may be made of silicon, and while some silicone utensils and accessories are dishwasher safe, it is best to clean them yourself.

Can Instant Pot Bowls Go in the Dishwasher?

The instant pot bowl is used for pot-in-pot cooking.

Bowls have to be able to bear extreme pressure and temperature, which is why they’re mostly made of stainless steel, just like the instant pot’s inner pot. Some bowls may be made of other temperature-resistant materials like glass or aluminum.

Depending on the type of material, you might have to reconsider washing the bowl in the dishwasher.

For stainless steel bowls, you’re safe to use the dishwasher. Just give it a simple rinse before you place it inside. For bowls made of aluminum or ceramic, you can place them in the dishwasher but ensure they’re washed on the bottom rack.

Can Instant Pot Liner Go in the Dishwasher?

Instant pot liners absorb most of the oil and water you’re using to cook, so you don’t have to wash your instant pot as frequently as you would without a liner.

Whether your liner is dishwasher safe or not depends on whether or not it is reusable. If your liner is disposable, you’re tossing it away after use.

Reusable liners are mostly made of silicon and are dishwasher friendly. Please don’t put them on the lower rack because the silicon’s shape may change or be harmed by the pressure.

Can Instant Pot Ring Go in the Dishwasher?

The ring (also called the sealing ring) seals the instant pot properly, so no steam escapes and the food cooks properly. The sealing ring in an instant pot is placed within a groove between the lid and the inner pot. It is either made out of rubber or silicon.

Your instant pot ring is dishwasher safe, but how you wash it is up to you. You can wash it by hand with a sponge, or you can place it in the dishwasher.

If you’re content with washing the instant pot liner yourself, ensure that you’re drying it thoroughly. If you’re washing the ring in the dishwasher, do not place it on the bottom rack.

Is The Instant Pot Pan Dishwasher Safe?

It isn’t necessary that you solely use the inner pot for cooking; you can also cook using the pot-in-pot method by using other heat and pressure-resistant pots and pans inside the inner pot. The bakeware and small pans you may purchase alongside your instant pot are safe to use in the appliance.

You can wash an instant pot pan in the dishwasher without any worries. Pans used within the instant pot, whether they are made of silicon, ceramic, glass, or stainless steel, can easily withstand the wash cycle of the dishwasher.

To clean the instant pot pan in the dishwasher, give it a rinse and place it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. If your pan is silicon, you may place it on the top rack to protect its shape.

If the pan has a lot of grease or sticky substances, feel free to wipe it with a soapy sponge and rinse off the first layer yourself. You can then place it in the dishwasher. However, this step is entirely up to you.

Is The Stainless-Steel Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe?

Stainless steel is one of the safest materials to wash in a dishwasher because it can withstand temperature changes and does not break under pressure. No matter what utensil you have, if it’s stainless steel, it’s dishwasher friendly.

The stainless-steel instant pot is dishwasher safe. The only parts of a stainless-steel instant part that must not be placed in a dishwasher are the control box and the cooker base. Other than these two, you can safely wash the stainless-steel instant pot in the dishwasher.

To wash a stainless-steel instant pot in the dishwasher, separate its components into dishwasher-friendly and manual wash-friendly components. Pop the dishwasher safe components like the stainless-steel inner pot, the bowl, and the pan into the dishwasher and give it a go.

If you’re feeling nervous about washing a stainless-steel instant pot in the dishwasher, you can always consult your instant pot’s manual to know the safest way to clean it. If you’re still unsatisfied, feel free to ask the company for guidance.

In general, instant pots are dishwasher safe.

What Part of Instant Pot Is Dishwasher Safe?

It is easy to understand why you may feel tempted to wash your instant pot in the dishwasher. After all, who doesn’t love an appliance that does your chores for you?

But no matter how tempted you are, remember that only some parts of the instant pot are dishwasher safe.

Which part of Instant Pot is Not Dishwasher Safe?

Some components of the dishwasher, like the cooker base, cannot be washed with soap and water because they’re not waterproof. Contact with water can damage them and cause them to fuse, which means your instant pot will stop working.

Don’t risk washing your instant pot in the dishwasher without checking if it’s safe; even a drop of water in a dishwasher-unsafe component could cost you your instant pot.

How Do I Wash Parts of an Instant Pot that Aren’t Waterproof?

The cooker base of your instant pot is not waterproof, which means you can’t wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. The cooker base of the instant pot also contains the control box, which can fuse if it comes in contact with water.

Additionally, instant pots are made out of stainless steel, which is famous for its ability to fight off the dirt. If you’re careful when placing food in the instant pot, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it as much.

But, if you’ve got a cooker base that’s not dishwasher safe and you’re clumsy, a damp cloth wipe will do the trick. To clean the dishwasher unsafe cooker base of an instant pot, dampen a cloth but squeeze out the water. Squeezing out the water is essential because even a single drop could lead the controls on your instant pot to go haywire. 

To clean the cooker base safely, press the moist cloth on the stains directly. You can also use soap, as long as it doesn’t drip into the controls. Don’t let water or soap droplets go near the connecting wire of the instant pot, as it may be dangerous for you.

Dishwasher Safe Parts of Instant Pot

The parts of an instant pot that are dishwasher safe include its lid, air fryer basket, gasket, inner pot, bowls, and pans. Some parts of a particular component, like the valve and the pressure knobs on the lid of an instant pot, may look dishwasher safe, but they’re not.

Even if you are washing a dishwasher safe part of an instant pot in your dishwasher, you might be doing it wrong. Careless washing in a dishwasher can damage your utensils, even if they’re made of stainless steel, which is why you have to be extremely careful when loading the dishes.

Wrapping Up: Is Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe?

The instant pot has an impressive record; it’s quick, efficient, safe, consumes less energy, and is easy to clean. Most instant pot parts are dishwasher safe, except for the cooker base with the control.

You can wash the instant pot in the dishwasher without a hassle, but ensure that you’re separating the components first.

If you don’t temporarily dismantle your instant pot, then putting it in the dishwasher is as good as sending it to the grave. Don’t worry, though; separating the components of the dishwasher is a very easy process and does not take much time.

Don’t forget that washing an instant pot in the dishwasher requires extra care. If you wash a component of an instant pot by placing it on the wrong rack, you can damage it even if the component was dishwasher safe. Consult the manuals for your instant pot and dishwasher to ensure you’re not making mistakes when washing it.

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