If you want to make a list of top branded commercial washers, you have to place Speed Queen washer in the top three. It has huge sales in developed countries. Actually, Speed Queen has changed the way of cloth washing. This washer comes with a big wash drum and cleans clothes with the power of agitator. It is placed centrally instead of installing a single washer for a single apartment. Speed Queen has different types of wash cycles and water level settings. So, it is capable of washing delicates to king-size comforters with care. If you are a new user, you may face a few problems in program and cycle settings. But you no need to be worried when you select a program wrongly or you need to add more clothes. A simple reset can solve your problem. So, you should know how to reset speed queen commercial washer.

How to reset speed queen commercial washer
Image: Speed Queen Washer

Latest Speed Queen machine comes with a dedicated reset button in the control panel. You can reset them by pressing the button. But what will you do when your unit doesn’t have a built-in button to reset? It will create a problem when your need to reset your machine.

Quick Resetting Formula for Speed Queen Commercial Washer

There is nothing to care about whether your washing machine has a dedicated reset button or not. As a knowledge sharing series of cloth washing machine and dishwasher, I am going to tell you the best method to reset your speed queen washer. Just follow the steps below.

  • Turn Off the Switch of your washing machine.
  • Unplug it from the electric outlet panel.
  • Wait a few minutes. But I suggest you wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Plug your Speed Queen machine back to the electric outlet panel.
  • Turn On the switch of your machine. Now your washer is retested successfully. You can add more clothes to the washtub or change programs as necessary.

Final Words

The above-mentioned reset process of Speed Queen commercial washer is not only practical but also recommended by the manufacturer. It works both for top loading and front loading. Apart from that, you can also bypass various function related problems by resting your machine. If you fail to reset your Speed Queen, I suggest you follow the owner’s manual or directly call the manufacturer’s helpline for further assistance.

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