Speed Queen is one of the biggest players in the field of washing machine manufacturing. They produce commercial grade washing machines. Their machines run years after years with the least maintenance. If you want to purchase a large capacity washing machine with good performance, this Speed Queen TR5000WN review is for you.

TR5000WN washer is made with thick and durable materials. Its wash drum offers 3.2 cu. ft. capacity that ensures the highest cleanliness with full tub wash and rinse options. You can use this top loader machine for delicates to queen size comforters. Its traditional look may not attract you but you will be satisfied with its overall performance.

Speed Queen TR5000wn Review

Top Features of Speed Queen TR5000WN

TR5000WN has multiple unique features that can change your your idea about washing. It can save your time and money. Let’s check the features that it can provide.

Perfect Wash

This Speed Queen unit comes with a kind of system that is ready to provide you the best wash available and it also cares your clothes. It’s auto fill system always ensures enough water for every cycle for effective wash.

Speed Queen’s agitator and wash drum work combinedly to produce a gentle wash action that creates a flow of maximum water through the clothes. This type of wash action provides a professional-grade wash with the highest level of fabric care.

Besides, there are 6 wash cycles and 4 temperature settings to meet your all kinds of fabrics.

Though it is not a dryer, you can use its spin cycle to remove extra water from the wet items. You just need to hang them for few minutes in the sun to dry after spinning.

Electronic Control System

It is one of the amazing features of TR5000WN that can change your washing experience. You can control this washing giant with its knobs. It has time remaining display that notifies the remaining time of the running cycle. So, no more guesswork! Just experience the real-time washing with this unit.

Solid Mount Heavy Suspension System

High vibration not only damage washing machine’s internal parts but also shorten the machine’s life. So, it’s necessary to have high suspension system for every washing machine.

That’s why Speed Queen has built this machine with a full steel base with heavy duty springs. It creates less vibration and ensures balance performance. At the same time it guarantees longer machine life.

Traditional Full-Size Agitator

TR5000WN is equipped with a traditional pole agitator. Next generation technology has been implemented on this machine. To provide you the best cleaning experience, its agitator creates a series of long and short strokes that are specific for each cycle and fabric types. Unlike other branded agitator washers, this washing machine is fully gentle on your fabrics.

Extreme Testing

The manufacturer wants to confirm the ability of every single washer. That’s why every Speed Queen machine goes through rigorous testing to ensure the best quality. Their testing shows that every Speed Queen washer can sustain more than 10,400 cycles – more than 25 years. That is 2 or 3 times longer than other brands in the market.

Variable Speed Motor

This Speed Queen 26 Inch Top Load washer is powered with 1 HP powerful motor to provide the best commercial grade performance.

No Lid Lock

Generally washing machine comes with a lid lock. It has both advantages and disadvantages. But there is no lid lock on this TR5000WN. So, you can stop any cycle by opening the lock at any time.


Speed Queen provides a warranty of 10 years. This warranty is transferable. So, if you handover or sell this machine to someone, he will avail of the rest warranty. That means warranty counts from the first installation of the machine.


  • 10 Years warranty
  • No lid lock
  • Full size agitator washer
  • Durable stainless steel body


  • Very much expensive

Final Verdict

Speed queen washer TR5000wn review has covered everything that you should know before purchasing TR5000wn. This unit is suitable for medium to large apartments. If you actually need a large capacity washer, you can keep this unit on your choice list. Otherwise, you have to pay more for electricity and water. Now, it’s your own decision.

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