Spode dishes are some of the priciest ones available in the market. They are lovely and naturally, you’d want to care for them in all the possible ways.

Your presence here makes it evident that you care about your Spode crockery. Here, we shall clarify your doubts about cleaning your Spode dishes and tell you the best ways to do so.

Cleaning dishes with any method other than dishwashing can seem like a daunting task. But, not all dishes are dishwasher friendly. Spode, for instance, is delicate glassware that stays in the best condition when washed with hands.

The company itself says that it’s not meant to go inside the dishwasher. Several people say that it’s safe to wash Spode in a dishwasher but that’s a risk. You should follow what the company suggests is best for the product.

Is Spode Dishwasher Safe?

Sure, you may occasionally wash the Spode in a dishwasher if you are too lazy. The company has given some instructions for that as well. But, overdoing that can leave you with faded Spode and you even run the risk of breaking your crockery.

So, let’s get into the article further and explore the relationship between Spode dishes and a dishwasher.

Are Spode Dishes Dishwasher Safe?

According to the official guidelines by the company, it’s not safe to put your Spode dishes in a dishwasher.

The harsh heating mechanism can ruin your glassware and reduce its life.

Spode Dishes are delicate. Most people don’t even use them regularly and save them for special occasions like Christmas or when they are to welcome guests.

The best way to wash the Spode, as recommended by the company, is to hand wash them. That may take a little more time and energy but will keep your precious Spode crockery safe and functional for a long time.

Regularly washing the Spode dishes in a dishwasher can have several negative impacts. It can fade the dishes fast and there’s even a high chance that the dishes can break. If you absolutely have to wash them in the dishwasher then here’s what the company instructs:

  • Only use liquid detergents. Powder detergents are abrasive and can damage your Spode Dishes
  • Don’t use products with citrus or lemon as it can make your dishes fade very fast.

Why take such risks with your precious Spode dishes?

Can Spode Christmas Dishes Go In the Dishwasher

Is Spode Dishwasher Safe

No. Spode Christmas dishes are best when they are away from a dishwasher. It’s made with delicate glassware that can’t survive the harsh heating mechanism of the dishwasher.

Spode Christmas dishes are some of the sweetest designed crockeries available in the market. It makes dinner experiences delightful and will surely leave your guests impressed if you use it for them. But, if your Christmas dishes have faded designs, they won’t look good.

It’s best that you avoid putting your Spode Christmas dishes in a dishwasher. They are way expensive to take their washing routine lightly. And if you are one that will use them occasionally only then cleaning them with hands won’t really be an issue.

There will be platforms that claim that Spode Christmas dishes are safe to go into a dishwasher. But the company discourages that. And has given specific instructions to follow when cleaning Spode products in a dishwasher.

Spode itself says that their dishes aren’t dishwasher friendly. So, following untrustworthy platforms can leave you with faded or broken plates and a broken heart. It is best to follow what the company says.

But, if you absolutely have to wash your Spode Christmas in a dishwasher, then it is best that you keep it on the top shelf. That’s the farthest place from the heating mechanism and your crockery shall be exposed to the least heat.

Plus, the company advises that you don’t use powder detergents or anything with lemon/citrus in it when washing your Spode Christmas dishes in a dishwasher.  

However, that still isn’t advisable and there’s still a high risk that you’ll spoil your precious Christmas design Spode by washing them in a dishwasher. Hand cleaning them is the best bet!

Are Spode Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

No. Spode discourages dishwashing their products and suggests that the best way to wash their products is by hand.

That is if you go by what the company says. But there are several other platforms where you’ll see them saying that it is safe to wash your Spode items in a dishwasher. For example, if you see Spode mugs on Amazon, the instructions there say that it is safe to wash them in a dishwasher.

However, that doesn’t comply with the instructions given by the company. But, those who don’t want to hand wash their Spode mugs and would still prefer to wash them in a dishwasher can follow the instructions down below:

  • Wash them with liquid detergents only. Powder detergents are harsh on Spode mugs and can ruin them fast.
  • Avoid all and any products that come with citrus or lemon. Those chemicals can wear off the Spode mugs fast.
  • If you wash your Spode with silverware, there are chances that it may leave stains on your Spode. Use non-abrasive cleaners like Zud or Barkeeper’s Friend to clean off those stains.

Is Spode Blue Italian Dishwasher Safe?

Is Spode Dishwasher Safe

Spode suggests that the best way to wash your Spode Blue Italian is to hand wash them.

The company discourages dishwashing your Spode Blue Italian in a dishwasher. That’s because it’s delicate glassware that can take damage fast in the abrasive dishwashing environment.

We understand that it’s so convenient to toss your Blue Italian in the dishwasher and avoid the hassles of hand washing them. However, that can shorten the life of your Blue Italian.

But if you absolutely want to go down the dishwashing path, then the company suggests the following:

  • Don’t use lemon or citrus products in the dishwasher when washing any Spode product including Blue Italian.
  • Only use liquid cleaners. Powder cleaners are a BIG NO!
  • Don’t use heavy-duty detergents or steel wool pads.

Final Words | Is Spode Dishwasher Safe?

Spode crockeries and dishes are expensive.

Mishandling them can shorten their life. But, if you treat them with care, they can last you for more than a decade.

If you want them to stay with you for a long time, it’s best that you follow the company’s instructions. Only hand wash them. And if you are using a dishwasher, make sure you follow the instructions provided above.

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