Are Swell Bottles Dishwasher Safe? Swell Bottles, as the name suggests, are reusable water bottles. Since the water bottles are intended to be used repeatedly, they may get dirty from the inside and the outside as well. This dirt build-up adds a certain odor and taste to your drinking water if you do not clean it regularly.

Due to this, you need to wash them thoroughly to get rid of the taste. Now you might wonder if it is safe for your Swell bottles to go in the dishwasher or if you should simply wash it by hand. Here’s a detailed insight into this to answer your questions. 

Can Swell Bottles Go In The Dishwasher?

Unfortunately, no. Swell bottles should not go in the dishwasher. These bottles are not dishwasher safe and only need to be rinsed, and hand washed with either a simple daily cleaning method or a thorough cleaning, based on the level of dirt build-up.

In case the taste and odor are too severe in your Swell bottle, you should wash it with bleach and vinegar as it removes the residual particles, odor, and taste entirely. However, if it isn’t too severe, a simple rinse with cold water can also clean your bottle.

However, the same job can be done in a dishwasher, right? Why Are Swell Bottles Not Dishwasher Safe? Let’s find out.

Why Are Swell Bottles Not Dishwasher Safe?

It might be clear that Swell bottles are not dishwasher safe. But what actually happens if you put swell bottles in the dishwasher? There are two things that can go wrong when you run your Swell bottle in a dishwasher.

  • A dishwasher typically pressure washes your utensils with harsh detergents that may affect your bottle’s build quality. This is because a dishwasher is used to wash multiple utensils together. It might chip off the bottle’s outer layer of paint and also lead to scratches on the bottle.

  • Swell water bottles have a vacuum inside, which helps keep the water temperature constant for a long time. Simply put, it helps make sure your hot water stays hot and cold water stays cold. When you wash the swell bottle in the dishwasher, it will likely damage the vacuum. As a result, it will not be able to retain temperatures in the bottle.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it is not wise to run your Swell bottle through the dishwasher.

Why Should You Hand Wash Swell Bottles?

Hand washing your Swell Bottle is the only way you should be cleaning it. Washing them by hand will allow you to clean the bottle more efficiently. At the same time, it will also lower the chances of paint chipping off from the outer layer of your bottle.

In addition to this, washing your bottle by hand will also eliminate the risk of damaging the vacuum of your bottle. Thus, a hand wash of your Swell bottle will increase the life of your bottle, which otherwise is significantly shortened when run through a dishwasher.

How To Clean Swell Water Bottles?

How To Clean Swell Water Bottles

Cleaning a water bottle may seem like a simple job, but unfortunately, it isn’t. The inside of a bottle may be hard to reach by hand –thus making this task a little complicated. However, there are specific steps that you can follow to make sure that your bottle is clean and odor-free.

For starters, you will need the following tools:

  • Cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid.
  • Bottle brush
  • Baking soda (alternative cleaning agent)
  • Vinegar (alternative cleaning agent)
  • Paper towels

Daily Cleaning

For daily cleaning, here are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Before washing your Swell water bottle, you need to drain it completely. Once you have drained your water bottle, you need to dry it. You can do this by simply leaving the lid of the bottle open for a short duration and letting it air dry. 
  2. Get a good cleaning product after your Swell water bottle is completely dried. You need to make sure that the cleaning product or agent you’re using is safe for the bottle, your skin, and the environment. You can either get a cleaning product from your local store or simply use baking soda or vinegar instead.
  3. Next, run your bottle through a little water, shake it to soften, and remove any residual particles from it.
  4. Afterward, add a little cleaning product or agent to the bottle, and add some warm water so that you end up with soapy water.
  5. Grab a bottle brush to clean the inside walls and the base part of the bottle. After cleaning the insides, clean the lid of the bottle as well.
  6. Rinse it thoroughly and either let it air dry or grab a paper towel to dry it. This will help remove any leftover bacteria from it.

For Thorough Cleaning

If your Swell bottle has been sitting for a couple of days, you need to few more steps to the daily cleaning process. Here’s what you should do:

  1.  Grab your Swell bottle and add 1 teaspoon of bleach to it. Fill it with cool water and let the bottle sit overnight. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a paper towel on the morning after.
  2. If you do not have access to bleach, you can add vinegar to the bottle (up to the mid level). Add cool water, mix it, and let it sit overnight. Repeat the rinsing step and let it dry afterward, either by letting it air dry or using paper towels. Keep in mind that you need to leave the lid open when you intend to air dry your Swell bottle.

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