Panda PAN30 Washer is a small compact portable Machine. This washer has unique features. Its design is awesome. It is in the hot-selling list and already gathered customer satisfaction after its launch. The manufacturer company has given it an excellent color combination using the blue light white and blue.

Obviously, this is one of the best fully automatic washing machines. This washing machine has two parts. One is for washing and the other is for spinning. In addition, you will get this panda mini washing machine in navy blue and white transparent color.

Panda PAN30 Washer

The Product is Designed For

This Panda Washing Machine is not only easy to operate but also powerful. So, it can easily fulfill one’s requirement and absolutely perfect for apartments, dormitories, RV, and travel.

Compact and Portable Design

Panda PAN30 Washer has a portable and a compact design. Its weight is only 33.1 pounds. So, it’s easy to move. This mini washer dimension is 26 x 23 x 15.3 inches. That is really awesome for you if you have a narrow place in your house.

Ease of Installation

You can easily install this Panda PAN30 Washer in your desired place. Because it’s very easy. If the inlet head doesn’t match, you may use bucket or shower head to fill the tub directly.

Gentle and Effective Washing

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Pan30 Drain By Gravity. For washing, you have to fill with water and need to set the timer. That’s enough for a single washing cycle. After completing washing cycle the machine will automatically stop. Children can easily operate. So it’s an extra facility for your family.

Features At a Glance

  • Small portable washing machine, Weight is only 28lbs.
  • Excellent combination of navy blue and white transparent color.
  • Not only easy to operate but also powerful.
  • Suitable for apartments, dormitories, RV, and travel.
  • Twin tub washer. One side for washing and another side for spinning.
  • Small, portable and twin tub
  • Excellent color combination
  • Easy to operate and powerful
  • No water pump


You know Panda is one of the top leading home appliance makers. Their washing machine is also cost worthy. They never compromise with their hard earned reputation. Without hesitation, you may choose Panda Pan30 washer. Buying this washer, you will get 1 year after service.

So, what is your opinion about this washer? Please, comment.

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